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  1. Hello! Is this the only online trophy? If it's possible to achieve I would also like to join as well, but I never played this game before. Will it work if I buy it now? This is a platinum that I really want. Love motion controls games. Message me please.
  2. After like 2 hours of trying a different route, I used this one and got it in 10 minutes. Thank you very much. This, 5-10 and 3-9 were the most difficult levels using motion sensor for me.
  3. I am also going to start my 100% journey soon. I accept all the help I can get (I never played this game before, not even the story).
  4. Hello guys! I just started this game and I am trying to go for the Platinum. Since there are no visual guides, do you have any important tips?
  5. Is it still possible to plat alone from scratch nowadays? Thinking about buying it.
  6. I am also missing those 2 trophies. I am playing the 5th contract (single player) and usually I get 100 kills in about 12 minutes (including cutscenes). So to get 10000 kills you will need about 1200 minutes (if you are fast). Converted that's 20 hours. When I finished all my trophies I was lacking around 4500 kills. I am doing 500 kills (5 rounds - around 1 hour) per day during 9 days. So to be honest, it's not that bad if you really want that plat.
  7. So I just finished all the trophies. It took me 9 hours in 2/3 days. The guide is really good. You can do almost everything in Botzone and multiplayer is still active. I even found matches during the week and was able to get the wins for the "Well-rounded" trophy by myself. I only needed help with 2 trophies in the Public Multiplayer, "Spangled" and "Get your Filthy Hands off". I found a couple of guys and we helped each other. It took me literally 1 minute to get both trophies. It's easy when you boost it. After doing almost 100 matches in Botzone I can tell you that Spangled is impossible to do there, unless Sony adds a Warzone for the Botzone...but the other one might be possible. However, I only saw a bot interrogating someone twice, and they were on my team. I tried my best to create a scenario for the opposite bots to interrogate someone from my team but trust me, it's not worth the effort and its probably one chance in 1000. Other than that, don't be scared to start this game, it's really good and very possible to plat in 2022. Hope this helps someone.
  8. Hello everyone. I am interested in buying this game but 1st I would like to know if it needs an online pass for the PS Vita. If it doesn't I can buy a physical version in my country. Other than that, what's up with the Wall Brawl trophy? I see that a lot of people are talking about it and seems buggy. Can anyone explain me how hard it is? Thank you.
  9. Hello everyone! I got my platinum recently and I decided to do my 1st voice guide for the hardest level of the game, just in case it helps someone. Here it is: https://youtu.be/7KViZrai-18 Feel free to ask anything. I will help if I can.
  10. Hello everyone. I got a Vita recently and I am thinking about starting this game, but before that I would like to know how hard it is to get the multiplayer/online trophies nowadays. There are probably more topics about this, but I would like to read opinions from people that finished this recently. So, as the guide in this website says, there are ONLY 10 trophies that require ONLINE connection. Those trophies are: Deflector - Perform a Brutal Melee counter gesture in Multiplayer; Supply Chain - Collect the contents from 10 VAN-Guard capsules in Multiplayer; Anti-Air - Shoot down 10 enemy VAN-Guard drones in Multiplayer; Noob - Complete a Multiplayer game round; Centurion - Complete 100 Multiplayer game rounds; Spangled - Recover after being tranquilised by an enemy in Multiplayer; Well-rounded - Win at least one round of all Multiplayer modes; Redeemer - Rescue an injured teammate in Multiplayer; Get Your Filthy Hands Off - Kill an enemy while they are interrogating a teammate in Multiplayer; Killing Machine - Achieve a 10 kill streak in Multiplayer. Also, if I read it correctly, some of these trophies can be done SOLO in the BOTZONE. These trophies are: Deflector, Supply Chain, Anti-Air, Redeemer and Killing Machine. Centurion can also be grinded in the Botzone, but it requires 1 match in the actual multiplayer after that to pop. That basically leaves 3 trophies that require real players. Spangled, Well-rounded and Get Your Filthy Hands Off. Are they easy to do? How is the matchmaking in Europe for the 3 multiplayer rounds? Are they all still possible to join fast? Do you have any other tips before I start this? Thank you for reading!
  11. What are the best players to do this? I want to make sure I have the right one before even trying to do this achievement. It seems really hard and I am still starting at FIFA.
  12. Hello everyone! I am from Portugal and I already changed my online settings to "No" but I can't find a match. Sometimes it says that I found a Co-Op Partner but that's it. Then I always receive a notification saying that he left or that the captain ended the match.
  13. Hello! I would like to know if this game has online pass so I can buy the physical version that is way more cheaper.
  14. Does this mean that if I get a physical copy I can play online?
  15. Hello everyone. I am interested in buying NFS Most Wanted for the PS Vita and getting the Platinum. However, I have a few questions before doing that. If someone can help me answering them I would appreciate it! - Are the servers still good? I am scared that they will randomly fail or close without warning. - Can the online trophies be done before starting the offline part? So I can find someone as soon as I get the game to do that part as fast as possible. - Why is the game so expensive? 50 euros in 2022 for a Vita game? - If I get the physical version (because it costs 10 euros in my location) can I play online? If not, can I buy the online pass?