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  1. Was wondering if i could complete this, is there a specific version that isn't glitched? Thanks
  2. Is there any way for me to play my EU ps now games if i subscribe to this on a NA account?
  3. Is there any glitches/trophy bugs i should know about before starting this game?
  4. I took on Merciless, but i felt like just getting to sendai jail was gonna take me too much effort. I thought that grinding metatron while listening to music/podcasts though annoying, i would have 100% certainty that i could do it
  5. Does difficulty affect the amount of bond points you get? I have been doing metatron for about an hour now, would it give me more points if i went to Normal Difficulty?
  6. Dang, is Giants and Spyro's Adventure still doable?
  7. To get the One Man Army trophy, just beat every boss stage on supreme master difficulty again