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  1. #35 - Murdered: Soul Suspect Moving On Collected every trophy in the game 40.31% Uncommon Enjoyment - 3/10 Difficulty - 1/10
  2. I found the gameplay to be absolutely dull, but the childhood nostalgia kept me going all the way through to plat. If you're looking for a fast and easy platinum, I'd get it.
  3. #34 - Goosebumps: The Game You Can't Scare Me! Earn every Trophy. 73.22% Common Enjoyment - 2/10 Difficulty - 4/10 (1 with speedrun guide) Obviously, not as good as the books or even the shows with horrendously bad acting, but a quick and easy platinum if you use one of the speed run guides which I recommend because I fooled around with this game for far too long
  4. Goosebumps: The Game - Platinum #34

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      Thank you! A quick and painless plat!

  5. That's nice to hear, as I think I have this game in the backlog. Believe it was a PS+ freebie a few months ago
  6. I didn't know that about LBP Karting server still being up, I still have that in the backlog. Maybe this is just the Devs ways to tell us to play there games online
  7. What do you mean? They announced a server shut down too but never actually shut it down?
  8. Nothing has been updated on their official forums, as far as I can tell. Maybe there was some outrage amongst hardcore fans upset over the server closure or they have noticed increased activities in the server and giving more people time to get the desired trophies they need.
  9. I will never use PS Now, at any price or discount as long as I have PS+. It's a quality service for what you get but would only add to the massive collection of games in my backlog.
  10. Gonna be picking up my copy at the local Wal-Mart tomorrow afternoon. Super excited to dive into this. Looks like so much fun, like can't put the game down fun
  11. Arkham Origins MP done. Thanks to all of those that helped. Feel free to message me if you need help with any of the trophies

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      All ranked challenges can be earned offline. Single player is not effected by the server shut down, only MP. He can take his time with those.



      Sweet. I'll let him know. Thanks for the info.

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  12. I just finished the multiplayer this afternoon after starting Sunday evening. It took me about 20 hours in all to get the trophies. Experience boosting is by far the easiest and quickest thing to get over with, no matter how mindlessly boring it is. Predator Paragon, Clutch, and Tales of Gotham took me over 10 hours. It's not too bad when you have a group who knows what they're doing but using the PS3 chat was pure hell. On top of that, I helped about 15 or 16 different people with these trophies. All in all, it was a good experience and I met a lot of good and helpful people from this site. But I completely recommend starting right now if you're getting these trophies, don't stress yourself out by waiting the last two days. If you need help with anything besides EXP boosting, send me a message as I will be glad to help
  13. Costume Quest is a really fun series. I recommend playing both games
  14. I'll probably try and knock them out in a weekend or two. This is one of the easiest Arkham games to plat if you can will yourself through the MP.
  15. Good way. It should take you no longer than 5 - 8 runs in any given PQ to get every skill and piece of equipment. I have gotten everything on my first try about a dozen times
  16. I honestly don't mind it, there are enough improvements over the 1st where it does not bother me one bit. For example, RNG is a joke in this game, which is perfectly fine by me!
  17. You need to be the host or play offline for the PQ to count. If you're having trouble, make the PQ that's giving you trouble open to the public. Should not be difficult to find some time patrollers who will help you out
  18. I haven't gotten very far yet, but have been owning and Z-ranking everything in sight. I knew there was bound to be a massive difficulty spike at some point. I've been spamming 20 hit combos with a super or ultimate attack behind it with a Ki/Strike based Saiyan
  19. Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for
  20. Thanks
  21. I have spent over $100 dollars on the playstation store this month, my question is when will I get my $15 dollar code and do they send it to me by e-mail or message on PSN?
  22. No, I'd prefer to show my trophy wounds instead of hiding or deleting them. I agree. Just think too many people would abuse the system, mostly the trophy hackers.
  23. No problem. A little harder to come by for me now, about 1 Dragonball every 3 or 5 PQ
  24. For the most part, it looks like it will be a lot less grindy to plat compared to Xenoverse, but who knows. I just hope the RNG is drastically improved in this game.
  25. I've got the plat in Dying Light, Dead Island, and Riptide. I enjoyed Dying Light the most, but that doesn't mean the Dead Island games are bad. If you like hacking zombies and killing them in many different ways, Dead Island is certainly for you! I'd hold off on getting them until the end of October because they will likely be on sale at some point this month