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  1. I can't say I have an embarrassing plat. I probably make it easier on myself by only getting plats in games that I enjoy playing in the first place. I also don't plat games that involve too much grinding, just not enough time, especially with my backlog.
  2. This trophy is not too bad of a grind like I intialy thought. I already have 500 kills at chapter 11.. But a lot of that has to with trial and error on crushing mode with no bonuses.
  3. Binary Domain. Yeah, I know the servers are not down yet but I can't see them being up for much longer. 100 hour MP grind? No thank you
  4. Apparently there's a glitch for the speed run trophy where you only have to play the prologue and epilogue to get it. I haven't tested it out myself so not sure if it's legit or not. I'm sure Naughty Dog will want to get it patched as soon as possible.