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  1. Yes, I did see that - though I've never used any other PS Store but the preset. Maybe if I remember to check the other stores for when this one is going for a low price, I might bother to suss out how to get it!
  2. Picked up the other three games in the series for 99 pence each - bit of a shame this one isn't available due to what would appear to be a very clunky - to say the least - bit of writing.
  3. Apologies to resurrect a long-dead thread, but just to add that this trophy only popped for me after I completed a hidden object scene in the bonus scenes with the circus, and even then when I did the whole thing in double quick time, pretty much as the OP stated - just in case anybody else was wondering why they had't gotten the Platinum!
  4. Have the online servers for this game been shut down? Just wondering if it's going to be possible to get the three relevant trophies. I'm assuming the online aspect is dead now, though, which would be a tad annoying but so it goes. edit: it seems adding in a second controller works to enable you to play an "online" game even if it's there no other players/AI drivers - easy way to get the "Show Off" trophy too.
  5. I've unlocked all but the "play nine online games" trophy, which I'll grind out at some point, using the "two controllers" trick. More wondering whether I'll ever get good enough to get the "Expert" mode trophies, to be honest!
  6. After some work, I thought I'd nearly cracked this and had 99 and out of 100 collectables but finding the last one grew too frustrating and I checked a guide - seems I'm missing (I think) one of the route maps in Penn Station, but neither of the two supposed to be there are. Quite how I have 99 when I'm not not aware of finding either of these is a mystery - anyone else had this problem or am I being dense? edit: turns out the version in TSW2 is different to the original and the maps in Penn have been removed. Found one eventually in Hempstead to get the trophy, so problem sorted!
  7. Bought this game on a whim last week, as I miss playing pool in real life (as terrible as I am at it). Agree with a lot of the sentiments re absurd skill levels of AI opponents even towards the end stages of Amateur level. I maybe should have gone with Pool Nation, as I did enjoy Snooker Nation 2019 but found the absolute bare-bones format of that a bit boring and figured the Pool version would be the same. I like the look of Snooker 2019, but any sports game that doesn't allow you to create your own player is seriously lacking.
  8. Got lucky when playing this today that somebody put up the baseball stadium gig when there were eight players, though it took a lot longer than you would expect to get all eight cars in the stadium. Does seem quiet whenever I'm online, though.