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  1. Are you sure about that? Sony repealed most of the things in that closure announcement
  2. It’s kinda funny how it’s the very first thing on their support page but they’re also trying to keep it quiet Totally agree, though. The silencing is further support for the fact that this was a (glorious) accident
  3. Honestly, this weekend is probably a great time to try for it. Fall Guys sessions are filling up in a matter of minutes, but because most people have their sights set on Infallible you’ve not got quite as much competition in the real games I set up a session at 8am this morning, it was full by 8.15 and we’d managed to snag Squad Goals by 9.30 And to answer your question, yes the trophy pops for the whole team. The final few rounds of a Squad Show are always team games so there’s no concept of a solo winner
  4. Yep. Same if you play a 4 player party too
  5. Given when the trophy pops it feels like a real mistake My guess is that whatever they did to block trophy signals was set to only be in place when you’re in a custom room, and they forgot / didn’t realise that Infallible also does eligibility checks at other points
  6. Agreed! I spent yesterday playing Squads Show casually and rarely ever got paired with a team who knew what they were doing. An organised team is definitely gonna have better chances
  7. Think you’re gonna be out of luck with this appeal, chief
  8. Who is scoring the final hit? I’m pretty sure you only get the +2 if it’s your partner who gets the last dart
  9. You know this has just made the bitching about the trophy worse, right? 😂 We don’t need a spin off when the main show is still going!
  10. I mean, you’re not wrong in thinking that... 😂
  11. Needs to be a pre-made group
  12. Doesn’t creating a thread asking people to refrain from complaining about the ending just serve to highlight that the ending was infamously complained about...? Also, don’t know what y’all are talking about when you say that Game of Thrones ended. It ain’t over til books 6 and 7 are over!
  13. 2a / 2b - the third show in the list rotates out fairly regularly (the one that’s currently just variant levels). Some of the shows are easier to win on than others, either because they’re more aligned to your skill set or because they require more/less luck
  14. Pretty sure that indicates they’re a PC player. Anybody with that icon has a generic name rather than a gamer ID, which would fit with the Steam version still not allowing IDs
  15. It’s just Infallible that seems to be working through customs. Presumably because it can be triggered when you’re not actually in the lobby