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  1. If you’ve got other missions to finish I’d definitely go after those first. Might as well make as much progress as you can before you begin the official grind Also, you may find that the trophies pop slightly ahead of those leaderboard counts. I think my 7,500 popped when I only had about 7,300
  2. Very first stage. It only takes 5-10 second and can net you up to 10 coins a time. Altho you’ll want to grind out the Pac-Man 256 missions first, as earning all of those will rack you up a lot of coins
  3. What were the circumstances for the removal? Certain types of flag result in removal from the site as well as the leaderboard
  4. Average Trophy Rarity already exists. If you go into Stats it’s the first pie chart on the second row
  5. Yes. The devs have described it as 70% VN and 30% battles
  6. The 4-player trophies are basically online trophies. But you’re still able to earn them as the basic multiplayer mode is a P2P connection. It’s only the later games where online trophies are unobtainable, as those required services which were being hosted by Disney
  7. The water jumps can generally go fuck themselves, but the later ones can do it all the more so cos they get really temperamental. Far as I could tell you basically gotta have perfect timing on the jump and then smash that right button like there’s no tomorrow. If you haven’t been save scumming in other games you definitely want to be save scumming your way through Pac-Land!
  8. Either you haven’t synced the PS3 trophies to your PSN account, or you have synced them but PSN has them set to hidden (blue H icon on your PSNP profile indicates that some of your trophies aren’t visible to the public) Your first step is to do some digging on your PSN account to figure out which of the two is the problem
  9. I don’t recall there ever being a physical release, no. If you just want to play Sonic on your PS3 you’d find it on a Mega Drive / Genesis compilation disk, but if you’re specifically after this version I suspect you’re outta luck
  10. SEGA pulled the ‘old’ versions of Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic CD from sale a couple of months ago in anticipation of Sonic Origins being released
  11. Can’t remember how the extra mode works, but signposts in the main game will definitely work for you. They begin by cycling through all of the stages where you haven’t earned a silver, but once you’ve got silver on everything they cycle through all of the ones where you don’t have gold instead
  12. Are you wearing an elemental shield? That was the other thing that I thought might’ve been affecting things, since technically the fire/lightning is killing them rather than me. Failing that, give yourself a break and go for the debug strat. That’s what got me over the line in the end!
  13. Are you sure? That’s not how either of the other “kill enemy” trophies work. The feedback in the other thread was that bonus/special stages reset the counter. Based on my own playthru that feels like it better explains what progress I was(n’t) seeing
  14. Definitely doesn’t have to be done on Classic Mode. I (eventually) got it in Anniversary
  15. I can see your trophies in the PS app now, so PSNP should hopefully pick them up next time it refreshes your profile