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  1. That behaviours sounds like the same issue you had before - trophies haven’t been uploaded to Sony’s servers by the dev. If the game has been out a while it may be worth giving them a nudge on social media
  2. Ooh, that’ll make tracking things easier than in the last game
  3. Be surprised no more…
  4. Very similar style of list to the first trilogy, which I’m 100% okay with! Glad to see that ladders vs step ladders were a thing in the past as well as the present. Wouldn’t be an AA game without it! As for the all outfits thing, it’s only play with them all not beat the game with them all (isn’t it??) If so, hopefully there’s a way to quickly swap between them
  5. They did do something - they introduced 2SV
  6. New patch dropped a week or so ago which completely changed how you unlock the Elemental Weapons. In older versions you found one weapon at the end of every labyrinth, which meant you needed at least 2 full play thrus (or online help) to find all eight. Now you can buy all eight weapons from the shop on Island 1, but have to unlock them by completing requests for new Taskmaster NPCs who can be found on Islands 2-5. I hadn’t gotten far on the old patch before the upgrade, but I think I prefer this route. It means you can get all the items in one run without having to find an online game. Plus there are other QOL upgrades that help you with things like knowing the difficulty of a new island you’ve landed on On, and there are also a couple of new crafting items, but the good news is that they didn’t break the trophy system this time
  7. Could be that the devs haven’t synced the list to Sony’s servers yet. In those cases it wouldn’t show on sites like these yet
  8. Ah man, how will I understand the complex narrative of Tennis World Tour 2 when I haven’t played through Tennis World Tour 1 yet?
  9. Are you sure? As the post above says, Breakthrough doesn’t pop when you hit 100% you have to go do something in Side Stories
  10. Game support contact details can be found here
  11. Personally I’d be inclined to go for Millennium Duels rather than this one if you’re looking for another YGO game to 100%. The trophy guide for this one paints a pretty bleak picture about the stability of the online mode
  12. The short version… if you’re playing Squads Show there’s been a glitch in the slime races where the very first player who’s eliminated is considered the race winner The long version… PS. With Season 5 launching tomorrow I wouldn’t be surprised if this is about to get patched out
  13. Was just about to ask the same thing! If the trophies were 4999 and 5000 then it would make sense that the milestone system might be getting confused by the identical time stamps. But the fact that it’s 5000 / 5001 suggests that either you miscalculated or there was a rogue trophy that had an earlier time stamp but synced later If you really want it to show as 5000 you could go hide one of the three games where you only ever earned 1 trophy. Although you’d have to live with the fact that you’re “lying” to yourself about which trophy you actually earned in that slot
  14. So far I think we just know it’s a “you play in twos / threes” mode. Will need to wait for the mode to launch tomorrow to get a sense for what trophies might get gated out
  15. Good news! They revealed the Season 5 rewards today and it includes a legendary pattern Bad news! It’s not unlocked until Level 48…