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  1. If you have PS Now you might be able to un-hide it through the separate XMB interface that’s used by the service
  2. You’ll need to go post this in Sessions. Boosting threads like this get shut down as they’re against forum rules
  3. Yeah, it’s definitely weird that it’s letting you load in the final moments of Act 1. Glad to hear the Act 2 thing worked for you though 😀
  4. So the game is letting you load a save during those final moments of Chapter 1? Have you tried doing it at the Chapter 2 title screen? I think the save files used to also be accessible there too.
  5. But that’s not what you’d be doing if you pulled both sets of data from PSNP. You’d literally just be checking if the database added up correctly. If you truly want to validate things you need to find a second, independent source.
  6. So you want to pull a list of everybody who owns the game and count them manually, as opposed to letting the database count them for you? At the risk of asking a stupid question… why?!?
  7. If you’re playing without a walkthrough the game can be challenging in places, but the rarity is mostly just because it’s not that popular. It’s a really fun game, and so is their more recent title The Survivalists
  8. The only trophy that can’t be unlocked in infinite lives mode is “Protector Of Radaxian” (the one for finishing the main story). Everything else you’re fine to do in either mode
  9. In that case you should be able to select it when you go to start a new solo playthrough. It’s not there initially, but once you’ve finished theatrical cut once it should be
  10. Have you downloaded the free add-on from the store?
  11. This was the only way I was able to do it. Hats off to anybody whose brain works fast enough to unscramble an actual photography that fast!
  12. There’s a full playthru video on YouTube that runs to just over 6 hours, but if you have an existing save file you can slice at least an hour off that by starting at the convenience store.
  13. Have you checked out the video in the trophy guide? It does a pretty good job of showing off the kind of route you’ll be wanting to take in order to clear everything in time
  14. If you still need a legendary pattern, go snag today’s birthday one. It only costs like 50 kudos so it’s basically free
  15. That’s the same price that the retail version is going for. Given everything that’s gone on with the game behind the scenes I’m not holding my breath for price cuts
  16. Man, I’ve heard some really bad things about the game but the morbid curiosity is pushing me to go buy it…
  17. Thanks for confirming. That’s exactly what I was expecting to be the case
  18. You do? Looked like it was a list that could be done in one
  19. Well, sure. But if you’re doing that in your first play thru of an Ace Attorney game you might as well not bother playing it at all.
  20. That depends. Are you telling me you don’t look like a triangle? 😱
  21. You could, but the main advantage of auto mode in a VN is that you can set the controller down and just read.
  22. Guess you missed the big warning about it disabling accolades on the page where you can turn that mode on Good news is that Auto mode DOES NOT disable accolades / trophies. So if you use that mode instead you can still avoid having to press X through all the text
  23. Batman is now showing on your list when I look at you in the PSN app (it wasn’t a few minutes ago). Should mean everything syncs up to PSNP successfully once you earn a new trophy
  24. Yes, it does help. We wouldn’t be suggesting it otherwise 😅 For some reason hidden PS4 games will frequently show up on both of the lists within your PS4 (hidden PS4 games AND hidden PS3 games). Unless you unhide the games from both lists they remain hidden
  25. Did you go into the list of hidden PS3 games on your PS4, as well as the list of hidden PS4 games? It seems counterintuitive, but as BlindMango says that is often the problem If that doesn’t work, first stage is to confirm whether the issue is on PSNP or on your PSN account itself. If we know what game(s) are the problem someone can look at your profile in the PSN app and see if it’s visible there