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  1. Does it matter which arena you use?
  2. Step1: wait until you get a text from any business you may own in game. It doesn't matter which business it comes from nor does the contents of the text matter. It'll say something along the lines of needing more stock or hunting the person who took the weeks earnings down. Step2: make a quick save via your in game phone as fast as possible. Step3: Reload the save you just made and once you load back in wait around 30 seconds give or take and you'll either get another text from the same business or a different one. If you do then once again reload the save you just made until it's the downtown cab co phone call. I got it around my 2nd try reliably but it depends on how many businesses you own and RNG.That's all to it! I think I am the founder as I stumbled upon this on my own whilst scouring the various forums and youtube videos online. None of which showcased this method. Thanks for reading and I hope it helps some people out : )
  3. I know that the saved games are a little buggy if u did everything else with a base gta4 disc then you use a episodes of liberty city disc but that was for base game, I could suggest you fresh start the story for the dlc.
  4. Yup
  5. Try to switch hosts
  6. Can a moderator let me know as well? I have my epic account from Xbox and when I linked it to a alt psn account all achievements I got on save the world autopopped respectively on psn. I may wanna do save the world on my normal account but that would mean most trophies would auto pop and I don't wanna deal with people thinking I cheated them. The only other option is starting fresh and rebuying save the world and at that point I wouldn't do it.
  7. Thanks for letting me know, bumper and floor.
  8. Yeah I was told it was the incorrect game. I've done the simpsons arcade game 100% now. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. Do I have to play the other games or can I just go straight ahead to the minigames one?
  10. Yea that's the fix. I had the same issue a few months back when I first started bf3. My friend was host and it was stuck in a infinite loading screen until we switched hosts.
  11. Thanks bro!
  12. Where can I get this game as it's been delisted?
  13. I know I'm late but if any one you still need the trophy, I heard of a solution. Player 1 needs to be alive the entire way through. Even if player 1 dies on wave 29 then player 2 finishes it the trophy still will not pop. Hopefully this actually fixes it. I'm still not sure if I want to start this game.
  14. Sorry for the late reply, I never really check my notifications on psnp. Thanks for answering and clearing up my confusion. Happy hunting!
  15. I had a somewhat similar issue with my COD AW disc on PS3. I ordered it off eBay and it had no scratches or marks of any sort. However it would keep me in a infinite loop loading screen that would either freeze my console or never end until I took the disc out. Glad to hear that you fixed the issue you had encountered!