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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I was on my second playthrough because of glitches and the last projector would not complete. I couldn't bring myself to play this mess a 3rd time so I figured it a lost cause. I kept my save though and stumbled across this post a few days ago. I pulled each of the ropes like you said then tried the combination again. It worked and I finally got the plat! You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.
  2. My PS3, the one I've had since 2008 died this morning..... :(

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    2. mturismo


      This really sucks because I was about 2/3 the way through a co-op Borderlands 2 campaign and I just started South Park Stick of Truth ans was going to start Far Cry 3 when that was finished.

    3. CrimsonMars


      What model was it anyway? They don't make consoles like they used too. =(

    4. mturismo


      CECHE01. The original 80gb, it was bundled with MGS4. PS2 backwards compatible, 4 usb ports, the works. I put a 750gb HDD in a couple years ago because the 80 wasn't cutting it anymore but I never had any issues with it before yesterday, I was listening to some music while I was cleaning and the thing just shut off.

  3. I was logged in to Terraria on both my PS3 and Vita at the same time and it was fine. I wanted to transfer all my stuff from one world to another and that was the fastest way to do it. Didn't have to log out or quit the game, just upload my save, go to another world, empty my inventory, upload my save and repeat the process.
  4. Feel free to add me. as far as I am concerned this is the best version of any Diablo Blizzard has ever released. Even better than DIablo II: LOD. I'll will eventually work towards the plat, right now I'm just enjoying this game. Just add PSNP Diablo in the request so I know. Also I like the idea of going by people's real name. For me it's easier to remember people and it just seems more personal and friendly. If you feel the same then shoot me a request. Thanks. PSn ID: mturismo
  5. This is gonna be a long 14 hours. and I'll have to wait even longer. While everyone else can play Destiny I'll have to connect and set up my brand new PS4, then I'm sure I'll have to download both a System update and a Destiny day one patch. At least I'm on vacation for the next week,

  6. I been contemplating trying to join the TTL Gunslingers Clan. I also thought about joining the Guardian Radio Alliance. I've been listening to the Guardian Radio Podcast for a few months now and it's a great source of info and discussion about Destiny. Boogie2988 started a clan: Order 2988 The Boogie Knights. I love that guy and the Boogie Knights is a pretty badass name for a clan in my opinion. In the end I decided to join the PSNP Clan though. We've got a great group of members here and I feel that out of all the gaming/PlayStation sites I visit or are a member of PSNP is my home. The main reason I wanted to join a Clan is for Strikes, Raids, and the Crucible. The Story portion I will probably play solo the majority of the time. I plan on doing a lot of exploring, sightseeing, I want to sit through cut scenes and dialogue and most of my co-op experience has people just skipping through that. I'm not sure what class I will start with but I imagine I'll be playing all 3. Anybody on here that's playing Destiny add me, especially if you have or intend to join the clan. Please at least put psnp in the message as there are several different ways I am getting friend requests. Thanks.
  7. Argh!! Sound Shapes Death Mode is going to ruin trophy hunting for me.

    1. OpaqueLotus


      Which levels u stuck on??

    2. mturismo


      Several, Event Horizon 1, Sneak N' Deke, Break-a-noids, Thermogenica 1 & 2. Most of these wouldn't be an issue if I had just 1 or 2 seconds more.

  8. Preordered my Destiny/White PS4 bundle yesterday. Not sure yet if I should get a 2nd DS4 or a PS camera.

    1. STFUxDxD


      Go for a second controller. You'll likely use it more than a camera.

    2. AlteredFormula


      2nd ds4. you'll need it for long sessions.

  9. The main difference this time is the lack of new innovative hardware. for the PS3 the Cell Processor was custom built and Sony was pushing new Blu-ray technology. The PS2 was at the forefront of DVD technology. With the PS4 the CPU, GPU, are just computer components. Wifi, Bluetooth, Blu-Ray etc, etc, these technologies have already existed for some time and are therefore cheaper to produce. This console gen is marked mainly by changes in the UI, OS and connectivity. So this is great news. I don't even care about seeing a price drop soon, but a profitable console means more money can be put into things like PSN, Playstation Now and development of more first party titles.
  10. A few of us. I wish there was more. It's not the just best Playstation Podcast on the internet, but the best Podcast period. Beyond!!
  11. I'm almost positive my first friend was NeoStormshadow. That would have been back in October of 2008. We're still friends and talk occasionally but haven't done any co-op or mp in a long time. If it wasn't him it would be my cousin dukyfromhell but I doubt it.
  12. What an awesome week. My Vita/Borderlands bundle should be here Friday and my Sony Gold Wireless Headset should be here tomorrow! That means I can finally play Doom 3 BFG!!

  13. My Vita should be here on Friday. I've only got a few friends that own a Vita so I'm looking for some more people to play with and compare trophies. My friend's list is pretty full so If I don't accept your request right away I will once I actually get it. Just put "Vita Friends" in the subject so I know. PSN: mturismo
  14. I'd like to thank everyone who voted and/or posted. It was fun and your input helped me make a decision. In the end I chose to purchase the Pulsar Skin. Solid State White, Aqua Tranquility and Dissolve are easily twice as good looking as a PS4 skin so when I get one later this year I'll choose one of those. I'll post some pics of my Vita once I get it Skinned. Now I just have to figure out what titles in my backlog I'm gonna tackle first......... Maybe I should make a poll for that too. Lol
  15. Preordered my Borderlands 2 Vita Bundle. It's been a long wait but I'm finally getting one!

    1. Arc-Tangent-


      Awesome! I've been meaning to get one as well. Just have to get the money together. Hope you enjoy yours!

    2. mturismo


      Thanks, That's the same reason I waited so long. $199 isn't bad, but throw in a case, couple games, a screen protector and at least one memory card and it gets expensive fast. Thanks to PS+, cross-buy, and some really good sales I've got 40 games now so I don't have to buy any in the near future. lol

    3. Arc-Tangent-


      Yeah, I've got some of the PS+ games on my account as well, so I'm not too worried about games. Just have to get a decent memory card. I'm thinking the Borderlands 2 bundle as well. Probably my next paycheck.