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  1. Preordered my Borderlands 2 Vita Bundle. It's been a long wait but I'm finally getting one!

    1. WhiteWalls7


      Awesome! I've been meaning to get one as well. Just have to get the money together. Hope you enjoy yours!

    2. mturismo


      Thanks, That's the same reason I waited so long. $199 isn't bad, but throw in a case, couple games, a screen protector and at least one memory card and it gets expensive fast. Thanks to PS+, cross-buy, and some really good sales I've got 40 games now so I don't have to buy any in the near future. lol

    3. WhiteWalls7


      Yeah, I've got some of the PS+ games on my account as well, so I'm not too worried about games. Just have to get a decent memory card. I'm thinking the Borderlands 2 bundle as well. Probably my next paycheck.