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  1. My PS3, the one I've had since 2008 died this morning..... :(

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    2. mturismo


      This really sucks because I was about 2/3 the way through a co-op Borderlands 2 campaign and I just started South Park Stick of Truth ans was going to start Far Cry 3 when that was finished.

    3. CrimsonMars


      What model was it anyway? They don't make consoles like they used too. =(

    4. mturismo


      CECHE01. The original 80gb, it was bundled with MGS4. PS2 backwards compatible, 4 usb ports, the works. I put a 750gb HDD in a couple years ago because the 80 wasn't cutting it anymore but I never had any issues with it before yesterday, I was listening to some music while I was cleaning and the thing just shut off.