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  1. another one bites the dust. finally finished my second list! @Rebourne07 also if you dont mind im gonna do a third and final list. ❎1/10-? 2/10-SpongeBob Hero Pants 3/10-Ratchet and clank 3 4/10-Resident Evil 3 5/10-Injustice 2(Average Votes) 6/10-Resident Evil 2 ❎7/10-? 8/10-Devil May Cry ❎9/10-? ❎10/10-?
  2. i think it dosent work on aparment heists but doomsday works just fine
  3. when you take too much damage like 1 million bullets and/or like 12 explosions, but some times 1 explosion or a single bullet is enough to kill you so its not very clear how many damage can you take PS: loading screens and even changing sessions dont void the glitch but quiting the game will
  4. this is a method for people who dont have the time or dont want to struggle earning this trophies, if you want to do this the "right" way you can!
  5. Edit: this method was patched as of 8/16 I want to share with you a semi-god mode that basically trivialize this two trophies. Requirements: issi with spikes upgrades(can be either yours, from a friend or some random person) Step 1: Equip body armor. Step 2: Take cover on the door of the car(dont take cover on the spikes or else you'll die) step 3: While on cover, move to the back of the car where the spikes are. step 4: Aim with your weapon until you feel a vibration with your controller step 5: Done! here is a video if you need visual assistance Notes: Fire can potentially kill you, some explosions can kill you as well, some times the glitch will stop working so dont let your guard down, you can still die from falls so watch out for ledges and/or jumping from planes and tall buildings, it dosent work against other players( so if you want to use this for pvp it wont save you) and before you mention it NO, you wont be banned for this. Hope you all can achieve this ultra rare trophies with this method, it will probably be patched in the near future so do it while you can.
  6. completed my 10/10 injustice 1, the biggest grind i ever done on a videogame and those star labs challenges were no joke @Rebourne07
  7. well at least the plat is obtainable, cant complain much.
  8. this game has been in my backlog for quite some time, it is possible to get 100% from scratch??
  9. finally i have completed the last game for the platinum tier!!! not gonna lie DMC5 was a brutal game but i dont think it is a 10/10 maybe a 9. i have in mind a second list and have finished a few games. @Rebourne07 1/10-Toy Story Mania! 2/10-Ratchet & Clank 3/10-Overcooked! All You Can Eat 4/10-Mafia II 5/10-Sound Shapes 6/10-Call of Duty: WWII 7/10-Knack 8/10-Elden Ring PS4 9/10-Devil May Cry 3 10/10-Injustice: Gods Among Us
  10. so i beat the game in all difficulties with a S rank and the trophy worthy of legend did pop up but not the one for beating the game in hell and hell, i replayed the final mission but the trophy still not pop. please help Edit: in case anyone have the same issue; i fixed it by deleting the game and all save data then i just downloaded the game again and restore my saves, replayed the last mission again and the trophy poped
  11. Metal Gear Rising completed!!!! wasn't expecting so great of a game, now i have completed 9 games probably gonna be stuck on gold tier for a few months. @Rebourne07
  12. Update: Change my 1/10 for ARK: Survival evolved and with it i have 8 games completed! @Rebourne07
  13. 1/10-ARK: Survival Evolved 2/10-Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 3/10-Horizon Forbidden West 4/10-Dirt 5 5/10-Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection 6/10-Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 7/10-Call of Duty: Black Ops 8/10-Elden Ring 9\10-Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 10/10-Devil May Cry 5