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  1. One thing that works though the game doesn’t tell you, turn down the difficulty to the lowest setting, it affects challenges too. Also I’m pretty sure you can look up a setup on YouTube, apply it via a testing session, and by default you should have it in career. I could be wrong though, it’s been a while.
  2. Just a quick heads up on the Hard Mode trophies! I hadn't done the ones for Chapters 3-5 but recently went back and did 3 but trophy didn't pop (pre-patch). When I started the game post-patch, I got the trophy for Chapter 3! I then went to B.O.S.S. and did 4 & 5 but they didn't pop, so I closed out the game and reopened it and POP! There they were!
  3. Bumping this cause omg if I have to play through again...
  4. Also looking for a crew to get last trophy PSN: Gimpii3 Thanks so much
  5. I seen on one of the videos where there was also an expert difficulty, so hopefully hard won't be so bad.
  6. Spent a few hours on this this morning. I feel like I could manage it but it's impossible due to the tetris puzzles that make absolutely no sense. Sigh.