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  1. Hi @Sly Ripper I’ve had to restore my profile and my lifetime premium membership is no longer showing. Thanks in advance for fixing this.
  2. Oh man. Thanks for the reply. Shame I took the time to platinum all badges. 😂 I was cleaning up levels and just kept going.
  3. If someone could confirm the following, it would be much appreciated. I’ve accidentally completed level 16 for the first time via level select. I had taken a quick peak yesterday in my saved game and stopped at the first save point. Now I’m not getting level 17. Am I right in thinking I need to redo the whole level in my saved game?
  4. Thanks for the tip! I’ll give that another go after my last 2 levels.
  5. Yes. It promises to be tedious. Phat Station and the Sanctum were responsible for many deaths of mine. The You’re (Not) On Fire! Trophy I’m also expecting to have a hard time with, having just done a no death run of Level 1 and sustained damage without ever noticing it.
  6. Enjoying it so far. Took a while to figure out the controls. Very buggy. Bizarre issue in level 2 where Abe got stuck in crouching position and a lever who refused to open a door. Hard platinum I suspect.