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  1. Ideal, I’m doing a gr3 race now and I’m having some food 😂 thanks for the tip. edit: just got it after 3 sport races where I was idle 🙃
  2. I finally got gold on all licenses today, for me the worst were a9, s4 and s10. S10 being the worst, always kept going sideways on the s bends before the final straight into the chicane. I only finished it 3 times, one at 2.29, the next at 2.26.065 and the the final one was 2.25. Its more of a test of patience than anything else, you’ll get them all eventually. I put the game down for 2 weeks after I couldn’t do s4 😂
  3. So just start the race and stay at the start line ?
  4. Thanks pal, I ticked off the licenses earlier today but it hasn’t updated yet. Just got this and the legendary cars but when that will be available is anyones guess 😂
  5. Any tips for getting this as quick as possible ? I’ve done sport mode, but I’ve read that anything outside of this including multiplayer dosent count the mileage. anyone got any advice ? thanks
  6. No doubt they’ve nerfed the pathetic payouts you get on roulette too. Probably only get 2500 credits for every spin 🙄
  7. I’ve burnt through 600,000 credits in the last ten mins trying to get this and the bit of a boost trophy and got nothing. All different cars. Complete 💩
  8. thanks pal, will jump into hazard mode later and start working on these. Much appreciated
  9. Thanks guys, I’m pretty much at the stage now where I’m having to progress on after bots, so you reckon hazard is the way to go. any recommendations as to what vehicles, gadgets and specialists to go with ? cheers
  10. Anyone got any updated tips? What still works the quickest post patch ? Thanks
  11. Cut a long story short, I’m wanting to platinum this game. I’ve read the trophy map and I’ve started working on the t1 upgrades with bots. However I’m already noticing that the trophies are horrendously glitchy, as is general gameplay. So just wondering how everyone went about getting the platinum? Is there anyway you can boost a lot of the trophies ? Any tips appreciated
  12. You need to play all of the missions in an act to obtain the trophy for it. Like wise you won’t be able to join a quick play session directly for a mission you haven’t unlocked yet.
  13. I’m pretty sure the game is broken, I’ve been playing since launch and still haven’t popped the 500 runs trophy or the catch one. Such a shame that the devs keep releasing games that clearly are not ready
  14. Good tips, you can cheese a few of the trophies if you want to completely ruin gameplay. Join games as support, drop supplies, respawn as engineer in same location and build node, then respawn as rifleman and drop ammo, after that leave match unless it’s got a little time to run left and you can grab a win / complete a game on a map you need a trophy for. join a new game, rinse and repeat. I’m sure there are quicker ways for sure but if you’re just cracking on solo these give you some progress without the cool down times for supplies etc as you can usually find a new game before that cool down period would end. ive joined the boosting section on this page and the guys on there seem to be doing ok, planning on playing with a big group tonight to see if we can get more of them done. I think this will end up being a super rare plat, so it’s worth the grind. Most of the free Psn games end up being super rares as the vast majority play for a bit then get bored and never complete
  15. I got super lucky with mine, have online mode on and you may strike it lucky and have a ninja who can carry on after you die. I died around 6 mins in and he finished so I got the trophy