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  1. Don't believe everything you read online lol. Bought this with low expectations based on what I'd read and pleasantly surprised to say it runs fine, havnt encountered any bugs and the driving isn't too bad at all. It still looks great too considering how old it is. I'm loving it so far.
  2. Honestly start with 0. It's the beginning of the story and the best of the series. If you don't like 0 you won't like any of the rest
  3. give me this over that fucking car chase in Kiwami any day .and those fucking climax battles
  4. This , I got Farcry 5 for a whole £5 . Maybe the best fiver iv ever spent
  5. I'm stuck on challenge 6 myself, it's all iv got left to do but I lost the will and gave up for now. Il come back to it later when I feel like mentally torturing myself some more
  6. Helluva alot of good games to choose from . Top 3 were extremely hard to choose between 1. God Of War 2. Yakuza 0 3. Ghost Of Tsushima 4. Bloodborne 5. Yakuza Like A Dragon 6. Spiderman 7. FF7 remake 8. FarCry 5 9. Days Gone 10. Call Of Duty WW2
  7. jumping between Ghost Of tsushima and tennis world tour Tennis world tour isnt great , Ghost Of Tsushima is awesome
  8. I dont see ghost of Tsushima on your list so i advise you get that next
  9. im almost done and im sure il be looking at about 80+ hours . I messed up and spent a load of coins on nike tops that you dont need though so maybe 60-70 is possible if you are efficient with the coins
  10. i played the occasional match . i found that if you skip 15-20 years , start a 4 or 5 star tourney , it will crash while loading the 1st game . open game up and get straight into that match and it spazzez the objectivves so you have about 10 on the go at once . hit all the different types of shots , dont lose any points in the 1st game and your getting 10k + coins for the match . then after that 1 match get straight back into contracts . try it you'll see what i mean
  11. change it to Japanese . The thought of Ichi with an American accent is all wrong
  12. i started a new career and got it after winning 4 slams on that career
  13. Finally got this shit house of a trophy. There really was no need for it, long long grind. 1 trophy to go and I'm taking a break from this game for a while. This trophy has given me tennis elbow in my thumb
  14. Iv just got a few bits and pieces to buy , if i ever get this trophy it will go down as the worst trophy in my collection . Its not even a grind , theres no words to describe what you go through , I usually enjoy tennis games but this is awful . In what world does a top 10 tennis player spend all their winnings to buy their own rackets and clothes . They get paid to wear the stuff
  15. no you need to win some small tournaments and build your ranking up . you need to be in the top 128 rankings to enter the grand slams if you play on grand slam setting its full length matches , play on futures for an easy time