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  1. whens the ps5 version out ?
  2. Yakuza Like A Dragon . 9/10 . Honestly didnt think id like this with the RPG turn based combat but honestly i love it . So much fun and definitly up there with 0 at the pinnacle of the series . Farcry 5 . 7.5/10 . Never been that into Farcry ,tried most and struggled to get into them , This got me hooked in though and i enjoyed it alot
  3. Football for sure , Cricket bats are mainly used for cracking skulls in Scotland
  4. Proper Football - Hibernian F.C (Scotland) Basketball - The bulls American Football - The Raiders
  5. Yakuza 0 came in at 4 months 3 weeks . A good 250 hours went into cracking that 1 .
  6. #32 For me was Farcry 5 . Great game , gunplay was awesome . The map was pretty cool , story did its job . Fairly easy platinum with not too much grinding involved . #31 Mafia definitive . Loved this , some clunky moments but overall a good mobster game and fun platinum that doesnt bust your chops too much .
  7. Plays a nice variety of games , Appears to have platinumed most of the Souls games , persistant - maybe a bit of a masochist .
  8. The honkers are definitly reading this thread . Posted my rant on thursday got the 2 honkers yesterday 1 after the other . Boom Boom to you Honk honk man
  9. Ok honk honk man in yokohama and honk honk princess in Kamurocho are busting my chops . iv taxi ride 100 times to each at all times of day and the honkers never show .hopefully they hear the rant