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  1. Finally finished off Returnal for plat #150 Still the best PS5 game imo
  2. I just finished Crimson Wastes survey and I've been playing since launch. I've alternated between playing online and offline during my search, bust last few ciphers there were found offline. #20 for me was the notorious orb room that I finally found by moving backwards through the ending section. The room popped for me after around six tries of doing that. Still have three biomes left, hopefully none will be as annoying as that one... such a great game though I'm still enjoying playing.
  3. This trophy is pretty crazy. I had less than 5 race wins after getting Infalliable in the fall and just finally finished it off. I feel like the races have been noticeably tougher since the new launcher was announced too. Took like 3.5 hours of grinding just to get me from 19->20. My only advice is to stick around until the later rounds, that's where I was getting most of my wins recently. Tip Toe or Wall Guys can be a great chance when they tend to have less than 15 players. Maybe restarting after round 1 or 2 would be more time efficient if you're super skilled at those early races tho. Really hope there's another TIp Toe Tournament before the original list dies for all of you still grinding this. If not, one win a day is still def doable. You got this!
  4. Wow I just popped it playing the Squad Celebration mode with randoms this morning too! Never thought I'd get this one. Woohoo
  5. Just started this game yesterday. Really liking it so far! Concerned about so many trophies still at 0.0% though... are any currently unobtainable?
  6. Big bully finally popped for me first game of season 5. Glad they seem to have fixed the bugged trophies!
  7. Can anyone report earning trophies on the downloadable version? (PS5) Seems like a cool game, but didn't get the pop for unlocking first artifact and don't want to continue yet if trophies are bugged.