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  1. I think longer, especially if you don't have a Second console. Nevertheless is so boring that definitely feels longer....
  2. I started with the " rest method "(untill year 2185) then likely, my brother went to vacation so his ps5 was the dummy console that help me out with the rest of the grind. 48k coins maximum per hour (after I learned every single button on both controllers, by heart). The womans clothing is 210.000k +/- .
  3. Finally I took the platinum!!! 🏆🏆🏆 This is the worst platinum I have in my collection. I really hate myself for spending so many hours doing nothing likeable.... Instead, I did the most boring and stupid think, for so many hours, just for a virtual trophy... Friendly advice, don't try to get it.... It's just so annoying!!!
  4. Does anyone knows how many coins I need for the woman clothes? I am close to buy every racket and I already bought all of the men clothes.
  5. I already wrote my opinion and personal test with the 2nd console. You can even see the video I upload. Check on this thread,
  6. Video is ready!!! 😀 Tell me your thoughts!
  7. So my brother left for holidays and he lend me for some days his ps5!!! I thought it was time to check the method with the dummy, mentioned in the guide. After some time, a felt familiar with the buttons that need to be pressed with the dummy console so I tried to time my self for 1 hour and see how many coins I can gather. Need to mention, I learned the buttons so well that I didn't need to change to the dummy screen a single time. After 1 hour I collected 48k.... I can't see how is possible to collect more than 50k with that loading time between matches and invites. I will run another test and I will tell you. Anyway, the method (after you learn the buttons and loading times, by heart) is definitely the best. Cause you don't afraid for any errors, or losing coins, or playing games in career to level a character to a certain level , etc... Edit: Second try. After another 1 hour guess what... Again exactly 48k. I am sure that with a ps4 pro and a ps5 consoles, it's impossible to do even 50k. I made a video. I will post it and if you want, you can put it in your guide That's for my @IGUnique
  8. Sorry. Wrong topic.
  9. That's what I wrote on the comment section of the guide and I want your opinions I run some tests and I realize that the agent with the bonus contracts, doesn't give you any bonuses.1) The contracts are the same with or without him.2) There is no bonus even if you accept the contract and do the math it gives you exactly the same money that the contract says.3) If you are at rank 200 and lower (that you end up after skipping 2-3 seasons) you can't find him again.So I am guessing that he is only in effect when you are at higher ranking and propably that's why you don't see that sweet 1k contracts after 2-3 seasons when your rank is getting lower. If someone else, want's to check it, let me know.
  10. I will start today but to be honest, I really hate my self for spending so many Hours for that insane silver trophy, just to get the platinum. Anyway. Lets see how many days I will spend.... Ps: maybe the exhibition match with a second controller, as you mention in your guide, is faster?
  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You make my Day. Thank you! Probably the game doesn't let you cause you are 250 years old! Time to retire man.... Hahahaha hahahaha
  12. Don't know. Maybe you need a "famous" player to get contracts. So with a new player that is 1000 ranked, that is not happening. If you go high to the ranks (No 10 for example) with that player, then you will get contracts.
  13. You can disable cards in career mode (that's what I do and makes the game easier and more likeable) At the start of every season, when you select the game type ("future" for example), you have an option to disable cards by pressing the triangle (I think. At the bottom of the screen, it says what button disables them). So one season you do that and then option is saved for every season to come. Untill you want to enable them again.
  14. Great!!!! I am close to platinum but I am glad you put effort to that guide. Thanks in advance. Happy to see the guide and help you out with other tips to mention in there.
  15. I am going to share some thoughts about those hard to gain coins. Collect awards (as already mentioned) but try to farm them too! I farmed the 11 tournaments in one year! Or the use 100 gold cards! (I will explain how in a bit). What I am trying to say is as long as you grinding is not bad to get two birds with one stone! Now about the cards. I was aiming for the 100 cards trophy and I took the last package with the 50 cards with 19900 (if I remember it right). So as long as you don't care to play the game online, cards are useless. So why don't you use them in career? When you reach 100 silver, sell the rest. 100 gold? The same. For the diamonds was impossible so I just aimed for the 50 cards. After that, I sold every single card and disable cards on career, once again! I hope this little tip, help you out a bit.