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  1. I saw you start this up the other day & glad that you're going to make this one your milestone so I'm really looking forward to your updates on the game. I've been watching @Joe Dubz videos on this & it looks absolutely insane with what you have to do so I'm sure this one will be a very worthy milestone for you. I hope you have fun with it & I'm sure everything you post will be a great read for everyone. It looks like @Joe Dubz will make a great guide for this game as well & your experience on it will most likely help towards that too. I can't wait for what's to come here soon! It's going to be great!
  2. Yeah that's what I'll be doing when I go back to it as I'm more used to playing that way now so will be trying to do the rest that way too. I did put in a few laps on each of the harder ones after I did one to see how far I was off after getting much better & that was the only one that I wasn't close to doing without a setup so it will probably take quite awhile to do even with a setup for it. I wasn't as far off as I expected on most of the other ones though after a few laps so that was a nice surprise but I'll definitely put up everything I do when I go back to it. I'll see what I can do.
  3. Congrats on getting through & finishing this game! It's been absolutely amazing watching you get through this & your videos will be of use to many in the future I'm sure. This is an extremely impressive game to do & one that requires an absolutely huge amount of effort to complete. I'm sure @Don_carlito94 has been very helpful throughout this game especially as there's not much out there to go on. I will definitely be using your videos when I get back to this game & hopefully I can get there too one day as well. It's also been very encouraging with what you & @Don_carlito94 have said recently too. I look forward to what is next for you & will definitely be keeping up with it!
  4. Yeah I decided before I started that I was going to do it without traction as I've gotten used to it that way & it has helped in many other games as well as this one. I think every game is a step down in terms of what you have to learn since this is the most difficult one to get used to even if the times aren't as tight as other racing games. I'm still going to have a go at it without traction & eventually do the game twice so will do one hotlap on one version then go on to the other version & do the hotlap there whilst I still remember it. It's nice you said all that as well so I appreciate it. I truly appreciate this as well since I haven't been into sims for too long so I'm still trying to get better & better too. I'm going to be on this game for awhile anyway especially as I'm going to do it twice but at least it can only get easier lol. I think you've already said this but sims are generally more fun than I first thought & you really do see yourself get better over time. This game definitely helped the most as since you know that once you do a really hard game, you get used to doing others & as I mentioned before you'll find almost every other racing game a step down when it comes to what you have to learn in order to get through it. There are others out there as well as this so I'm sure you'll enjoy going for more if you want. I'll actually be going back to one that I've mentioned quite a lot in my thread so I'm sure you'll like to see that one. I actually think once you see it in my thread that you'll want to go for it when you see what it requires you to do lol. This is awesome as I've heard a lot about this one since many have found these to take the longest to do. I remember trying one of these when I first had a go & I wasn't even close lol. It's true what you say as if you look at when you first started this, you were playing something that you really had to get into the game in order to get anything out of it. I've said it before but getting good at this game will help in any future one that you try. It's just a matter of time until you get this one done that will go along with all the other ridiculously impressive games that you have finished. This is a one of the best out there & it's almost done so nice going on that.
  5. Yeah it's in between each of the characters so when you go on any of the characters you'll find it. I messaged you what it looks like.
  6. Hey dude, I'm sure you already know this plus you've done a lot more in the game than I have, but there's an extra palette section that might have what you need. I'm hoping you need something in that extra palette section so maybe that's it, if not then damn that's annoying.
  7. I had the same thing happen after doing one track in each zone & it didn't seem to count, however it seems the last track in each zone won't count since those are DLC ones. I'm assuming you did a DLC one like I did so hopefully that helps you or anyone else who needs it.
  8. Yeah that's true, it's a game that I should do sooner rather than later so I'll try to get it as soon as I can & go from there.
  9. Yeah it's probably the best one to get into & go for especially at the moment since it's still the most popular one by quite a way. The quality of the game along with the ease of getting into it makes it the best all round. Yeah thanks for that as I've been thinking of doing it more since it was mentioned recently & since Armored Core: Verdict Day is the only one currently possible, it would be nice to finish at least one of the games. I hope there is another one eventually as I think you or @Deadly_Ha_Ha said that there could be another. I think this is the longest there hasn't been a new game since Armored Core: Verdict Day was the last one that came out. Thanks! I'm glad I came back to it as I've made progress on many games but decided that I need to start finishing some especially the harder ones that I'm part of the way through including this one. I'm usually not into big online focused games however since the game itself is fantastic & handles really well, it was well worth going for. It's definitely one of the best racers in recent times. I haven't been playing sims for too long but by playing these you really do develop skill at a much faster rate overall. I always used to think that sims were not fun as racing games since I used to only play arcade racers plus those are generally easier to get into & fun all the time. The thing is though is that the reward is much higher after enough time has been put in to get better & that isn't always the case with all arcade racers except for some here & there. Yes that first part of the race always decided it most of the time & it can either go for or against you. Thanks again, I will come back & finish it off once I finish Dirt Rally 2.0 off assuming I can get through that one. I think Dirt Rally 2.0 is the only one currently that I'm still hoping that I can eventually do. I'm glad that game is as good as it is lol. That is the only game where I'm yet to do the hardest part of the game.
  10. Gran Turismo Sport (Tier 2) Community rating - 9/10 Personal rating 8.5/10 Enjoyment - 9.5/10 I'm gonna start off first by saying that this game is absolutely fantastic & is still one of the best racing games in recent times. The game is currently the go to game for online racing & has a huge player base of all kinds of skill levels whether you are a casual player, racing veteran or a FIA World Series player competing in tournaments. The majority of your time will be spent in online races as you need a lot to finish this game although there is a huge grind for the level trophies that will remain afterwards. Now I just wanted to quickly say that I have already rated this game previously as I had the majority of it done but I went back this week to finish off what I needed so all that remains is the grind that I will continue at a later point in time. The difficulty of this game is entirely based on the wins needed & will vary a lot depending on your experience with racing games, general skill level with sims, set pole times & the players that you come up against. I have rated this game overall very high as not only does it take quite a lot of skill in general to get the wins but it also takes a huge amount of effort to get through this game & there aren't many others that aren't even close to this one based on what is required to do. There are always three different races up in which you can compete in for an entire week up until the weekly reset that is always at the start of the week. The weekly races will then change to different ones & these changes includes different tracks, layouts, length of race, car category, car restrictions, tire options, fuel usage, balance of performance & quite a few others. The race categories are split into three types that are Daily Race A, Race B or Race C & depending on which one you choose will determine the quality of competition & race complexity. It's usually advised to stick with Race A most of the time since this one will usually restrict you to using an easier car on a very simple track that is fast to learn & easy to get used to. There will be some weeks where Race B might be a good option however this usually will be determined on the car you use more than the track since a 4WD or FWD will be manageable whereas a RWD is a lot more difficult to control, so some weeks will be worth it & others not so much. I highly advise against Race C since that is where things get a lot more competitive since the races are longer & the cars here usually require a higher level of skill to manage in general. The rank system is quite mixed up since sometimes you will get really fast players regardless of the rank although the higher you are the more this will change. The system most of the time does work well & can either work in your favour or go heavily against you. The most important thing without a doubt is your pole time since if yours is fast & you can consistently be within a second of it then most players will not be able to keep up as long as it's a clean race. It's definitely worth focusing on the pole first by spending time getting used to the car, learning the track, the optimal racing line, finding the best braking zones, knowing the best places to exit corners & pushing the track limits as much as possible. The wins can come quite fast if you are able to get within a second of the fastest set time of that week & by being as consistent as possible during the race. It's generally a fun experience when trying to just get better whilst learning what to do & when to do something. It's really useful knowing when to adapt during a race which can be extremely rewarding, especially when a manoeuvre is correctly done. The wins usually take awhile but once one comes then it's just a matter of time. I'll post some videos below of some of the wins that I had & some extra races that I took part in. I just want to give a quick shout out to both @stpatty & @barra333 since both respectively either finished the game or got the wins done last week. It's also been really good to chat to both about this game over time plus it's been great to also get advice here & there, especially since both of you are much better than I am on this game. The first set of videos here aren't online based but I thought it was worth putting both here. The first one is a cool drift event that I did since I needed a lot of drift points & I thought this was the most efficient place to consistently get points. The next one is the final circuit experience that I needed & whilst it's not the hardest thing to do, I'm quite surprised that it isn't mentioned more. It mainly requires good track knowledge so I'm sure others found it easier but it's definitely the most challenging thing in the game except for the wins. It didn't take too many attempts but I think it's worth a mention. I spoke a bit to you @barra333 about this one. The next few videos are where the majority of the wins came from since both cars were quite easy to use & the tracks were pretty good in general. The first one is my qualifying time that I set where I was on pole for a lot of that week. The video after was my most dominant win & was a pretty comfortable race overall. The last few were another decent week. I also have the last of my wins that I needed so I'll tag @Shrooba & @KindaSabbath for this one as I'm sure you'll like it. I'm glad that it was a clean race as well since I had so many shitty races on this track so it was nice to finally have a clean one. I might as well put a few other races that I took part in as I needed quite a few races after. I'll tag you @stpatty for these since it was fun & even though I didn't do amazing in these races, it was pretty enjoyable anyway. I like this track a lot more than I used to so it was good fun getting the last races that I needed. It's overall a really brilliant game & I'm glad I gave this one a go as it's one of the best sim racing games out there. It requires a lot of effort & is one of the most impressive racing games to have finished. I still have a way to go before I'm completely finished with the game but I'll come back to get it finally done. I'm going to try to go for Armored Core: Verdict Day quite soon @CelestialRequiem & @Deadly_Ha_Ha so I will try to get that game sometime. It would be amazing to hopefully complete Armored Core: Verdict Day & it sounds quite hard as you said so I'll see how I go on it.
  11. I was meant to respond a bit earlier but you will be able to get this done. I know you have very few to go so you are almost there especially as you got through a lot of it very quickly. You've done amazing getting through it. I didn't respond to this either but yeah all good dude. Yeah definitely be looking forward to the future games that might or might not be received very well lol.
  12. Nice going! That's a lot of progress & it looks like even though you've got some of the hardest still to go, you have done most so far. I see Clear Ahead, Free The Beast, A Whole New Toy & GRA Challenge finished & quite a few people did the same as some of those are very hard to do. I usually play without traction & will go back eventually to try another one but Clear Ahead was the one that took a week since the time on that one is ridiculous. That's the one where it took a few days to get that last bit lol. I went for that one as it was the one that seemed the hardest & I wonder what you think I would be like on the others since you've done almost all. I was thinking of doing A Whole New Toy & Free The Beast next since those seemed harder but maybe you might think differently as people have found different ones harder than the other. I know a lot mention GRA Challenge as well although I think that one won't take as long since I wasn't far off when I tried it. It would be useful to know how you think I would find the rest since I play without traction & expect to take quite awhile to get through each one. It's really amazing how the game makes you better over time as when you first play it, you usually think that it's not possible to do. I can see that you have improved so much during this game & I want to let you know that this will help you in any other game since this one requires so much to get through. The stuff you have improved on will stay with you on other games & I'm sure you'll know what I mean when that happens. I will find a lot of this helpful when I get back to the game so you are definitely going to help many with what you have done. I'm looking forward to the last part of this game that you will do & I hope you get through the last few as I know many that have found those ridiculously hard to do. The progress you have made has been amazing!
  13. Yeah you've done a few good ones recently, it's been great to read each one. I actually remember this game as well as the guys said above. It was pretty fun too. Yeah that game was amazing lol. I'm glad you guys mentioned it as I forgot to post here about it. It was one of those games that I played a bit here & there. It sure was a lot of fun too.
  14. Nice I appreciate that as quite a few others have said the same. I'll still go into those expecting to spend quite a bit of time on each one, but I'm making sure I do the hardest first before I go to the easier ones. Yeah I've been on it this week & got quite a few in the last few days. I want to get it out the way as it's one of the ones I haven't got much to do in except the grind lol. Yeah I will make sure to do that. I think I will do the grind after Flatout since that will take a lot to get through so it'll be something to just play after. I will be getting back to Flatout soon after a few more things are done. Yeah, I know how I'm going to go into it as the muscle memory is there now with the car. I think having spent so much time on the other one along with the muscle memory that it could be done much faster, however I'm going to assume it will still take a lot. I have reflexes that are much faster than required so it won't take too long to get used to again. I now know the reflexes that I have will be more than enough to get it done as when I started I found the car easier to use than I expected. Yeah GT Sport is a lot of effort even more so than Trackmania now I think of it. I know Trackmania is harder & I'm quite still quite proud of it but GT Sport takes a lot more to get through so I think I'll be more proud of this one. I don't need too much more in this game. Yeah, I think I know the one. I'll have a go at it soon & put a few hrs into it. Thanks, I still got a lot of stuff to do so will keep trying to do the best that I can. I went into it to just have fun & started on hard adventure however I quickly found out that it wasn't as easy I expected so started again since I had to get better. I did hard adventure very quickly after I got the time trials done. Yeah that was the hardest one & it took quite a few hrs to do. I have done it a few times since then but I still remember it taking awhile to do.
  15. I forgot to respond to a few of these in this thread yesterday. Yeah, we did chat about this very recently. I still have to respond to you in your thread as well. I'll definitely be going for it as well as I've heard different things about this so I want to have a go at this game too. There's a few decent games you've mentioned you've done & some good ones still to do. Yeah I know which one you are on about as I've done it too, so I can imagine how it's going to be then. Yeah, I've heard it's a great game & something that I've thought about for quite awhile. It'll be a good one to have a go at.