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  1. I think your challenges are great & this is a really cool one. I will update this post later if it's alright since I need to go through what I have already done. I'm sure there's quite a few that I would still need to do plus it also is a chance to try out new stuff too. Genres - 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate): Action: Destiny 2 Adventure: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Arcade: Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Business: Card & Board Game: Comedy: Saints Row: The Third Drama: Educational: Erotic: Fantasy: Secret of Mana Fighting: Tekken 7 Hack and slash/Beat 'em up: God of War 3 Historical: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Horror: Dead Space 2 Indie: Furi Kids: Little Big Planet MOBA: Music: Dyad Mystery: Non-fiction: Dirt Rally Open world: Fallout 3 Party: Start The Party Pinball: Platform: Mirror's Edge Point-and-click: The Walking Dead Puzzle: Portal 2 Quiz/Trivia: Racing: Wipeout Omega Collection Real Time Strategy (RTS): Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Role-playing (RPG): 3D Dot Game Heroes (EU) Romance: Sandbox: Trackmania Turbo Science fiction: Vanquish Shooter: Killzone 2 Simulator: Pacer Sport: Rocket League Stealth: The Last of Us Strategy: Survival: No Man's Sky Tactical: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Thriller: Turn-based strategy (TBS): Visual Novel: Warfare: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  2. Yeah there were a few changes as mentioned above. It's at least 50hrs since the tandem drift grind requires you to perform identical drifts, which isn't the easiest although doable once you know how it works. It took at least 15hrs for that whilst some other parts are at least 15hrs each so 50hrs for everything.
  3. The requirements as @xXBurniXx mentioned were what I needed on the ps4 version so I think it was always the same. Yeah again as @xXBurniXx mentioned after you make it into the category you also need to drive at least that much whilst staying in it to basically confirm your position. I remember it took awhile to get into that category so it was great when I finally made it. Yeah the ps4 version was the same. I actually went on it the other day to get some of the stuff that I needed. I haven't started the career yet so I'll probably get around to it sometime. I know the career is going to take a long time though lol.
  4. I know I said this to you before but wanted to say it again. It was amazing that you went back to finish the game off awhile back especially as you kept at it to get better & better. It was really nice to see so nice going dude! The game is a decent challenge but whilst there are racing games that are way harder out there, you just finished a game which had much more relentless AI & overall a much more frustrating experience. I think you will enjoy it a lot & if you need anything then feel free to message if there's something you need to know. It won't be as frustrating as what you just finished though as there is a huge difference between the AI so you'll be absolutely fine. It's an amazing game! There are a lot of things that aren't widely known such as stuff like the best overall ship to use as well as general tips & most reliable playstyle. The Zone mode is useful since it can increase the level you can play at & the speed that you can handle so I definitely recommend this mode for everyone. I still have a few videos to put up where I did Beat Zico 2048 back to back as well as some other stuff that I did. I really enjoy the Zone part of these games & sometimes it's nice to get back on to the game to do Beat Zico 2048 since it's the more fun one lol.
  5. I made a start on Gran Turismo 7 a few days ago since the legendary cars are coming back again. I have been doing the circuit experiences first since it's a good way to make some decent cash whilst going for the gold requirements. I got the first of the legendary cars which are needed so now to make some more cash over the coming week. I saw quite a few others have been going for the gold requirements in the circuit experiences as well. I'm definitely interested in what others think of these. I will do a write up eventually on Gran Turismo 7 but not for awhile.
  6. Gran Turismo 7 - The gold requirements for the circuit experiences are pretty tough. There have been a few which didn't take too long but there's meant to be some really tough ones. I also got the first of the legendary cars that are needed.

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    2. Destructor-8


      Yeah it's nice to finally be able to get in on it. I don't expect to be too high up however at least not consistently haha. I saw that you were able to do it all so nice going on that dude! I will try to do as best I can!

    3. DogFoRaw5


      Thanks mate! I know you'll gold them all as well, I found some of them tough but overall they're a lot of fun 👍

    4. Destructor-8


      That's cool, I'll try to at least but yeah is a lot of fun going for those.

  7. Yeah exactly, it's a pretty unique game where you have to know what you are doing. I did have times where I got levels done without expecting anything but then some of the later levels required a lot of practice. It did have a few moments where it was incredibly frustrating so it's quite an intense game at times. I read quite a lot about the Wipeout Zone mode comparisons but I can say now that it's nothing like it. The only thing similar to Wipeout is the fact that the game can get pretty fast & that's it. The Zone mode requires a completely different skillset even if both look somewhat the same. Cheers! I did actually finish it awhile ago. I'm still going to update the post to make it more detailed over time so hopefully it's of some help to you. I also still have a few other reviews to do so I have more coming. I finished both Blur & Split/Second recently so I have to get around to those. I know you really like Blur so I'm sure you'll like to read that one. I'm not sure if you did Split/Second but that's to come as well. I'm about to start Gran Turismo 7 since I've heard that the legendary cars are back again so will be on this for the time being. Yeah it's a pretty cool game. It was good to try it out. I saw your scores in it as I went through it. You have some really high ones. Thanks! I've finished a few more games recently so I have quite a bit to do here. I saw that you started Gran Turismo 6 recently so I assume you have been making good progress on it. I'm going to get around to it very soon especially since I'm about to start Gran Turismo 7 today as the legendary cars are going to be available again. Yeah I have heard that there are a few challenging events within Gran Turismo 6 so I'm looking forward to it. I'm interested in what you think of it.
  8. Yeah you can change the title when you edit the very first post of the thread. I've kept with your updates so glad things are doing better. It's great to see the progress on some cool games. I know a few of the others here have been pretty busy recently with other things.
  9. I've noticed the same thing. The other games that I saw this happen to were GT Sport & Wolfenstein 2 where the rarity would start to go up but over a longer period of time. I know GT Sport used to be a 0.72% but now 1.01% whilst Wolfenstein 2 was at 0.60% & it's at 0.93% now.
  10. The Master of all is a different trophy that can be done in custom. It just requires you to use every version of every car plus this trophy can be done on the latest patch.
  11. The thread posted below has all the information on how to do it & is generally what the community uses to do it. I haven't used it so I'm not sure how it works, which is why I got a physical copy instead. I do know others have got the trophy using the method below since it's one of the only ways to get the trophy as far as I know unless you get a physical copy.
  12. Yeah on the latest patch it wasn't obtainable however when the game released it was obtainable. The only way to get it is to either downgrade the digital version or get a physical copy instead. I haven't been back on the game in quite awhile but I might get back on it just to get it since I have a physical copy now. I know a few others who got it with the digital version but as I mentioned before it requires a downgrade.
  13. Congrats! I'm glad you finished it off especially after this week. Nice to see you also got this too!
  14. Nice progress so far especially since these aren't the shortest of games so I'm sure it will be amazing once you eventually finish all of these up! Great stuff! Congrats dude! It was only a matter of time since it seems that you were getting closer to doing it. It must have taken a very long time too. Nice work!
  15. Nice going! Yeah saw you got it when I checked after I posted haha.