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  1. Just got Gold on Clear Ahead in Assetto Corsa!

    Glad to have finally done that one!

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    2. Destructor-8


      I've heard it's easier than Crash Team Racing & Wipeout but not too far off so it's around that kind of difficulty. It seems like you only need to do one lap for the ghosts that you have to beat so you need pretty good laps. I do plan on doing it very soon so I can let you know more. It does seem quite easy to play & considering you've done Driveclub I honestly can't imagine anything being harder than Venom Hotlap. I actually put Driveclub in the same group as these games personally especially as it's more skillbased.

    3. AJ_Radio


      Ah yes, Venom Hotlap 2. One Man One Engine from the AMG pack in Driveclub was also difficult.


      From what I heard the time trials where you need to beat the ghosts in Sonic Transformed is the hardest thing you need to do for the platinum. I also heard you can reduce the grind and make it easier for you if you have four controllers use up four slots in a race, but I can't confirm this.

    4. Destructor-8


      Yep the fact you've done those would be more than enough preparation for that game as it's much easier to play & everyone who has done it makes me believe it's of similar difficulty. I'm not too sure of the grind but it didn't sound like it was a very long game. I should really play it as it is one of my upcoming games.