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  1. Finally completed the Finland 1992 Flatout event in Dirt Rally 2.0!

    So far the hardest thing I've done in the game!

  2. The GOTY Edition is currently 75% off in the EU store. I think if you started just before yesterday then you would have but it seems there aren't enough events currently if you start now.
  3. I just saw this & am glad you have a trophy checklist for yourself dude! Nice going on all the progress! I remember you telling me about DJ Max Respect a few months ago. I'm sure you'll get it whenever you go back to it. DJ Max Respect seems like one of the most effort to get done. I'm been thinking of doing a trophy checklist for myself as I've been trying to go for certain games. I enjoy reading these types of ones anyway. Great work!
  4. Nice to see some familiar names here. I'm just posting to say that I've started Flatout today after doing Pedal To The Metal (15hrs) last week as well as a hard Assetto Hotlap called Clear Ahead (28hrs) in that same week. So far that was currently the hardest thing I've ever completed in a racing game. I did both with a controller without traction, which was very difficult but also worth it. I will go back & do another hard Assetto Hotlap very soon but I've decided to focus on this game first instead. I'll be using a controller to try & do as much as I can without traction depending on how doable it is. After spending 28hrs & 15hrs on Clear Ahead & Pedal To The Metal respectively I'm up for the challenge of finally doing Flatout. Hopefully I can get through this. If there's any tips that might help which aren't very known then it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Just got Gold on Clear Ahead in Assetto Corsa!

    Glad to have finally done that one!

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    2. Destructor-8


      I've heard it's easier than Crash Team Racing & Wipeout but not too far off so it's around that kind of difficulty. It seems like you only need to do one lap for the ghosts that you have to beat so you need pretty good laps. I do plan on doing it very soon so I can let you know more. It does seem quite easy to play & considering you've done Driveclub I honestly can't imagine anything being harder than Venom Hotlap. I actually put Driveclub in the same group as these games personally especially as it's more skillbased.

    3. AJ_Radio


      Ah yes, Venom Hotlap 2. One Man One Engine from the AMG pack in Driveclub was also difficult.


      From what I heard the time trials where you need to beat the ghosts in Sonic Transformed is the hardest thing you need to do for the platinum. I also heard you can reduce the grind and make it easier for you if you have four controllers use up four slots in a race, but I can't confirm this.

    4. Destructor-8


      Yep the fact you've done those would be more than enough preparation for that game as it's much easier to play & everyone who has done it makes me believe it's of similar difficulty. I'm not too sure of the grind but it didn't sound like it was a very long game. I should really play it as it is one of my upcoming games.

  6. I was meant to post here awhile ago whilst you were doing your other games but I never got around to it. Nice to see that you have started this instead as it's sometimes nice to change game especially if it's a new game that is well known to be hard. It let's you not miss out on it. I hope you continue to get through this. It really sounds like this one is living up to the challenge. I'm debating on whether I should do something similar as I've been on a racing project where I hope to eventually finish all the hardest racers possible or just general ones that I'm yet to play, so I've got quite a few on the go. As some might know I'm currently doing one of the hardest hotlaps in Assetto & have been on it for a few days as using a controller is a challenge on top of what is already a ridiculously difficult game to finish. I'm quite close to a few of the hotlaps so maybe I should do something similar where I can post my progress. I really enjoy reading this thread as it's great to follow someone's progress on notoriously difficult games where it feels like a journey. I'm sure knowing that lots of people read this thread is already huge motivation for you. Keep up the good work!
  7. I'm just going to post here as I did in the other thread in case some still get a bit confused with the best way to get this trophy. I started the game earlier today & read stuff where some said that you need to beat a top 30 leaderboard time. It seems that most of the top 30 times have a ghost that you can select, whilst the rest don't seem to have one. It has been mentioned before but you can just set a slow lap time & beat it after it updates your time on the leaderboard. Just make sure to select the "personal ghost" option before you start. Hopefully this clears it up for anyone still trying to do this trophy.
  8. It's currently on event 54 out of 79 so there's 25 events scheduled & you'll have enough to get the 20 events needed for the trophy. It looks like it will take 135 days. I started it earlier today & it takes a few mins for your time to be posted. It's best to basically start asap. I think you could technically do a slow lap of each event every week so that the community trophy will be your first trophy to pop in case something doesn't work. So hopefully it all works fine. Also just to confirm with the Exorcist time trial trophy, I noticed there were various ways that people were getting it as I read some said that you have to beat a top 30 time. Since it seems that only the top 30 times had an option to select a ghost to race against, you can just set a slow lap time then exit & wait for the leaderboards to update with your time. After that just select "personal best" for the ghost option & just simply beat it for the trophy. Just thought I'd add this in case someone was wondering about this trophy as well.
  9. I know quite a lot of the people on this site who have finished all of the toughest racing games. I've always said that as long as you can do #125 & #130, you are definitely able to do the game. Each track in the red series I was getting through on an average of about 20mins & black series was about an average of an hour. I found Canyon to be easier than I expected but Lagoon a lot harder than it. I've had multiple friends find Canyon a lot harder than me so it's down to preference. As soon as you finish Lagoon, it is over. I spent the longest on #180 as I was about to do it within an hour but on the final corner I hit the gas too early whilst I wasn't lined up properly & I fell off. I spent a lot longer on it even after getting past the double bridge jump (the hardest part of the game) about 25 to 30 times. At that point it's just about not making a mistake. With #190 I would say it is easily the hardest in the game when it comes down to skill as you have to have your reactions on point & anticipate the direction you are going on the first few jumps at the start. Once you make it onto the rollercoaster you just have to make minimal mistakes but as long as you cut that turn just before the rollercoaster & keep it straight then you'll have a 5 to 8 sec lead to use. The game is definitely as hard as people say it is. However I had NFS Prestige done too before going into this. Trackmania doesn't require perfection just practice & persistence. For anyone who doesn't know NFS Prestige requires a ridiculous amount of skill in comparison to Trackmania. You are pretty much guaranteed to do it with that game done. I have all my videos up if those are needed. Yeah, it's much harder than Driveclub. I know others who found it quite hard so it's not easy. I didn't do everything in Driveclub in a few attempts but once you do it, it's something that be done quite consistently. Hey dude, nice to see you went back to it. It looks like you are right in the middle of the hard part currently. I know when I was getting through it quite quickly was probably down to me just playing it a lot. Since you've been taking breaks on it you'll get through it bit by bit. You've done harder games. I didn't even realise you were back on it lol. That's pretty impressive as I don't think you need to be the best at a racer to do it although it does help. It's definitely harder than almost every arcade racer out there & I've currently almost finished every hard arcade racer possible. It too is my second hardest game (hoping to do more soon). But considering what you've said, it seems like you took a normal amount of time on them. I guess since I did a harder racer going into it is why most of the game took an average of an hour but I definitely had a few that I just couldn't get done as quickly as I wanted. Congrats on finishing it. Also I see you've done quite a lot of the toughest games too. Nice list.
  10. That track was one of the hardest in the game for me. Definitely took quite a few hours to get that done. It's one of the first that came out of nowhere. The main thing on that one is to not hit the walls at the end of the lap. The gold usually overtook me quite a lot there. That track was one gold I still remember. That's still pretty good getting that far.
  11. I would say NFS Prestige is harder than Trackmania as it requires much more skill so you'll get it done. Going into the game I was wondering what it would be like & how hard I'd find it. It definitely gets pretty hard but if you have done NFS Prestige then you'll get through quite a bit of Trackmania quite quickly. The first golds that took quite a bit of time was #125 & #130 in the red series. For black series it's #180 & #190. It's more down to patience & persistence plus you get more of a feeling that you are getting closer to the gold. Just keep at it & the gold will come. I've done most of the hardest arcade racers & you've done the absolute hardest of the arcade racers possible. Let me know if you need to know anything. I've got videos up for these. I see you've also played Dirt Rally 2.0 so you probably know how hard Flatout is as well. I'm hoping to do Dirt Rally 2.0 eventually & Flatout will be even harder when I try it.
  12. I got the edition that came with season pass 1 & finished the game around the time the season pass 2 came out. So I'd say it's worth getting the edition with season pass 1 when it goes on sale as from what I remember you got a few cars which made the game better. I assume the season pass 2 comes with more cars so maybe someone who has that will know more. Definitely get it when it's on sale. Most of the game trophy wise is very easy. There were a few challenges which were annoying as a patch made one of the challenges harder. Before the patch it was very easy now it's just a bit harder. It's a pretty good game & not too long.
  13. I'd like to know this as well. I assume all the other trophies are working & that this is the only trophy you need. I'm thinking of starting this soon, but hoping it's possible.
  14. You've done it correctly, but it could be a glitch. If your car is about 195hp or 197hp etc, then the game thinks it's higher still. I remember this happening to a friend & it sounds like a glitch.
  15. As long as your car is less than the requirement & the time is at least over the time required it should work. The main thing I remembered when I did this was to use one of the first cars & upgrade most things once or twice except for Force Induction since it upgrades your car the most. All the other upgrades except Force Induction will make your car fast enough for this.
  16. That makes sense as I think I've seen something similar to this before. I'll probably back up constantly when I get to this one just in case. Im wondering if it's worth starting this whilst the trophies work, as like you said you never know. I can then probably just come back to this after I do the first one to finish it off. Nice going on finding that out anyway. Now I better decide whether to start it or not.
  17. Nice going again dude! Glad you were able to do it, must have been such an annoyance to see what worked & what didn't. Hopefully you continue on the other racers you were doing as you should be able to get quite a few done. I'm happy to help with any of the ones you want to do as well if there's anything you need to know!
  18. I just checked the discord. The patch for both versions were confirmed to be released tonight it seems.
  19. You don't need all the extra events. When you go through the menu you'll see the extra events have a dlc cloud logo. The annoying thing is those are all mixed together, but anything with the dlc cloud logo isn't required. My friend has done this game multiple times & confirmed it for me.
  20. It's possible to do with a controller but it requires extreme precision. A good setup makes it a lot easier too & helps with the handling. It does take awhile to get used to the handling since it requires extreme precision so but it does depend on what setup you have especially on controller. Apparently those aren't required. I have a friend who has done this multiple times & was told those aren't needed. I made sure to ask my friend before I got it as I wanna do the same. Hey dude, good to see you here. Yeah same as above. Let me know how you get on, you definitely will get it done!
  21. The latest patch has just been released. The 1% trophy should now pop according to the developers with the latest patch. Not sure if the 1% will pop for everyone who has finished it all but thankfully the developers released this now.
  22. Yeah some of the trophies are working now. But I read the last ones are just taking longer than expected.
  23. Cheers, I'm in it now. It seems a patch is coming within the next week. Not sure what the patch will do but definitely sounds like it could be something.
  24. Yeah I haven't bothered to play any of it atm, especially if it's not fully working. Plus I have other stuff to get through. When I get to it I'll probably just try to set as many records as I can whilst going for those distance trophies. It still seems weird how it doesn't add up as fast as I originally thought. I'll ask my friend about this, see what I can find out. It looks like the patch that came out was pretty quick so hopefully that means another patch will eventually come out. You remember when we had the same thing with Grip when it came out? I think Grip took 2 months for the digital version to work again. I think it's been 4 months since Assetto came out. Still not fully working but I hope Assetto will be fine soon as well since I wanna play that eventually.
  25. Ah just after I msged you I read this, that's good somethings been done. Hopefully the rest will be sorted as well. Yeah I had the same thing with that, then I saw.