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  1. I prefer ps5 controller because it's bigger than the ps4 version and I can handle it better
  2. Hi Yes you can. After i got all gold results on all score attacks, a friend asked me for help. He sent me "share play" and I did help him to get the trophy about all golden score. I have done this with a lot of lag. You and the other person need to have a good connection.
  3. I was in the same situation. You have to buy all items to get the trophy. I tried to left the tool but I did not get the trophy. If you missed some coins you can search in the first map (Syria). You can go there after the story is all done. I found pretty useful this video There is a tomb where you have to use some boats to reach the other side of the river (I don't remember the name) ; in the middle there is a little island with some coins on the top. You can try in all these places
  4. First game, first trophy and first platinum☺️
  5. For me, it's sword art online hollow fragment. I strarted to play this one because a friend suggested it to me. I really enjoyed it. The longest trophy was complete 100 implementations. It requires a lot of patience. But I got it in the end.
  6. Wolfenstein 2. Mein leben difficulty is really something almost impossible to do