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  1. The Same just happened to me! Thankfully I had a cloud storage save just before saving, so if anyone else has this problem, either go into the debug menu or just download the cloud save if it isn't too long ago
  2. Just saying, yes, yes they do. I had to start the game over. So if you're wanting to get the platinum, don't enable multiplayer until either you got the platinum, or on another save file
  3. I recently enabled multiplayer on my save file and now no trophies will unlock in the game. Does activating multiplayer stop trophies?
  4. Hey! Platinums that I've personally got on PS Now which are pretty easy are Gem Smashers, Sound Shapes and Undertale. All of them you can get done in around 3 days
  5. I've been playing death stranding via the game trial thing. I'm currently on episode 2 yet the previous episode trophies haven't popped. Is this because it's on a game trail or a glitch?