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  1. thanks so much mate ill give it a go...
  2. so i only have super meat boy left to do to unlock the platinum... if i bought the afterbirth and afterbirth+ dlcs then used the potato peeler would this unlock the platinum for me? any help would appreciated or any advise on how to get the smb achievement efficiently would also be greatly appreciated
  3. so the trophy guide says i only need to kill 13 bosses... I've killed all the bosses the guide has told be to kill with the exception of ocram as im on PS4. does the trophy not pop until i kill all the bosses in a single world? or do i have to kill all 22 bosses in the game... as the guide still says i only need to kill 13?
  4. I just started playing on PS4 and i made a character then quit out because i made a mistake and clicked confirm by accident. i went onto new game and create a character again except this time all my skill points were at 6. It said genius in all categories. i repeated this again and got the same result multiple times. So i thought i would mess around with this for a little bit as it seemed interesting, now if i repeat it every time i click to create character a signature will be set for me (randomly) and i have the ability to set an additional one. i posted about this on reddit and was told its possible to get every ability to 12, this is possible and it kinda seems to be RNG but its possible. Mess around with it and see what you think
  5. I finally beat the club moon today, I got all partner shops, all hostesses and beat all 5 rivals but the walking on sunshine trophy hasn't popped. Does anyone know what the issue could be any help would be appreciated
  6. thank you so much thats amazing
  7. ive found 1888 rooms and cant find the last one. I know one is the final boss room but theres another one missing. ive been scratching my head over this for hours and maybe i just need a fresh pair of eyes. Any help would be greatly appreciated