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  1. Anyone having this problem check 1st map even if you have 942 rooms that was my problem
  2. Yea I got it a while back .....I would just do like 1 combo a day eventually getting the trophy and 100 percented game
  3. Finally got it somehow traded my ps3 for different model went through all the sign in BS and just randomly tried purchasing dlc again and it worked through ps3,... buying vita version , then was free download on vita ..time to play more backlog 😄
  4. What do u mean main menu? Which main menu? I can't get it from ps3 store or vita store ....and I have enough funds , I was wanting ps vita dlc?
  5. So I have almost 200 wins how's come my 100 win trophy isn't popping ? Nevermind it popped around 250 for some reason 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️
  6. From what I've hear yes! Very... it's why I had second thoughts on getting it myself lol
  7. Having plat all of them I can tell u that if u start with 3 first it's going to be an up hill battle. If u master part 1 first the rest will be easy but starting with 3 will not help lol good luck
  8. I did all the tropies on vita, except famine and death, this game is so but better to play visually on ps4 than vita lol. Looks like u might have to play vita version didn't know it was bugged on ps4, I'm pretty sure it's cross save if I remember correctly not 100percent sure been over a year
  9. It's seems it's not listed in vita store (NA version) ...I bought it on ps3 and when I downloaded game ...it was in the in game menu to download
  10. Same here I've never used a card only psn cards so what's the next solution 🤔
  11. Same here been trying to find a solution ur the first person that has same experience as me
  12. Well I decided to come back to this game and I see the forums dead, so I recorded the bosses , this game is brutal for someone like me that's by no means a pro at shooters/smups. But after playing final boss several times u will eventually get good. 1st boss u can just chill in bottom lower section 2nd boss just don't move too fast as in tap up or down (rapid) 3rd boss was hardest for me took several tries....used a weak gun so u can see it's patterns and it wouldn't die fast 4rth boss mostly just use formation of number 8 dodging 5th boss u just gotta get good at dodging avoid top most of time because when he's about to die because he starts shooting bullet hell 😅 This game literally takes about 15/16 min to complete all tropies, beat game without dying and score 1.2 mill but damn easier said than done, I can get through whole game w/out dying... last boss gets me everytime(beat him once in video I posted) so I haven't gotten that far yet 😄 If u die at last boss restart(level) instead of trying 2 get back 2 him.. you start at checkpoint right before him(minus power ups) getting to him without power ups hard af and if u do get there without em... he would probably take like 2 min with weak weapon, he takes about 60 secs if your fully powered up 🤮
  13. I just finished the vita version recently, there are people in this forum saying its grindy, the vita version is not grindy, only 50 finishers compared to the ps3 version which is 500 😵 the only trophy that made this plat take forever was finding someone with same game on a vita in 2022 lol (ad hoc trophy) I got the trophy a year later or more luckily... the rest was pretty simple , the online is pretty active because there are still several ps3 players playing, and as one guy stated there are 2 missions that are challenging but not really that hard. Mission 17 and 19 (but you can somewhat cheese them)
  14. There he goes I was wondering if u was ever gonna get back to it lol ......yes that big room is the final test because the room after it if it's the room I'm thinking is where the 2 mill pops every time most of the time for me atleast (small room with one little skeleton running around
  15. I see this thread is 2 years old I just got 100 percented this game its been on my backlog for little over 2 years , this was my 3rd attempt at this glitchy game 1st time I just gave up because I was unaware of glitchy trophys, a year later I tried the whole not shutting app down still not one single kill trophy with over 12000 kills , this time not only did I leave app open , I didn't minimize it, so after I died I would keep it on home screen of game and I kept my wifi on , I just hit power button so it would go in rest mode I noticed the tropies popped 4me , I'd say if one trophy kill pops the rest will It only took me 5/6 days to get all the kill trophys if u look at the time stamps , those were only tropies I was missing