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  1. That was my last tag mission also ......definitely in the top 3 hardest (tag) just keep at u got this lol
  2. Not sure if anyone noticed but rachel now has the G.throw like ryu, they must have really thought that through.... now she is pretty balanced as before without it I hated playing several enemies at a time with her on the trials
  3. Ive been reading this forum I was going to ask if master ninja rank stacked like the vita version , thank goodness they do because it's very difficult to get master ninja on every chapter playing very hard mode (chapter 6 to be specific) as to playing master ninja mode is actually easier to rank ...even though it's the hardest difficulty
  4. Ok your right I skipped those...... after stopping examining the dead body's with scroll the trophies pop thanks I would have never thought of that duh lol
  5. Pick up the scroll? Where I've beat mentor already ? U start the game being able to izuna drop on part 2. Are u referring to part 1?
  6. I'm having issues with certain trophies not popping in part 1 and 2 since this is part 2 thread the ones that aren't popping are izuna drop and counter hits both of thos trophies haven't popped for me I've done both several times when running through mentor mode yesterday???
  7. Uh ohh...just ran into glitch while streaming ryu just starts floating getting rammed into wall what the hell? Skip to 33:15 https://www.twitch.tv/spookdocktor/v/1051882312?sr=a&t=1999s
  8. 150 chain trophy was a pain ! But after few hrs of gameplay it's kinda fun going for that trophy. Started getting 50 then easily getting 100 wasn't long before I hit 150 with no prob
  9. It's on PS NOW I just started playing it
  10. Forgot to quote u
  11. So do you have to actually beat the game to do this or what I'm confused? Like I have a character almost halfway through the game and I have another character I started can those two be used
  12. What's ps now have to do with it?
  13. I want this game on 100% too but damn that tutorial trophy in practice mode is like impossible for me personally have you done the 55 combos or whatever is needed in that mode? Any tips lol?
  14. I posted a video on youtube of me playing last boss for (extreme exorcists) trophy, you can get like half of the trophies on this last level alone just die after you get one specific trophy.. repeat ..and then finish the game , like 5 or 6 trophies right here on level
  15. Trophy thoughts? Man those are some pretty tropies just look at the spikes in the artwork.. might have to try this one out