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  1. The only random annoying trophy in the game 😂
  2. Are you saying you can play ad hoc mode with a vita and ps3 and get adhoc trophy on vita?
  3. I'm down to last trophy for the 1000 deaths, I wonder why this games trophies are so rare it's fun and was very easy I'd give this 2/10 difficulty. Marathon was the hardest challenge but only took few tries , just remember what you done the previous round and kill your duplicate lol
  4. Congrats on the plat I think I'll pass after some of your comments along with a few others from different people lol
  5. Wow kinda makes me think twice now to attempt this game thanks for the info , I've just been bored with games after ninja gaiden sigma 2 and want more ninja gaiden, only reason I haven't tried razors edge or part 3 is because it has bad reviews oh well
  6. Just started playing I'd recommend if you like this kind of game its fun
  7. I've been keeping up with your progress, I think there is one more mode after nightmare I'm curious to hear about it lol
  8. Anybody playing this on vita just know like half of these trophies are glitched and wont pop correct me if I'm wrong lol
  9. Hard? That means two more difficulties to go right ?
  10. Yes that was tough with rachel and my last mission to complete your absolutely right about that being high on bs meter lol,
  11. I've only platted ninja gaiden one(vita) and part 2(ps3) but this game has me curious, it has such bad reviews and I'd hate to play it and not like it and add to my backlog of incomplete games 😂
  12. I wondering the same thing was thinking about trying it
  13. Good question nobody has the answer I was wondering same thing
  14. Lol it's not luck base I remember reading this forum about a month ago or so before playing the game I'm saying this from personal experience the plat was challenging but not too hard
  15. Someone just recommended me this game and I noticed nobody has the platinum. That's a little intimidating lol