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  1. How do I know if a featured event is going on? Is this found on the multiplayer tab as well or somewhere else?
  2. Can this game be boosted?
  3. Platinums already unobtainable.
  4. I have sent an email to the ripstone support because I cannot connect to the servers of Pure Pool anymore: "... This must be an account-specific problem because when my brother uses his account, he can play Pure Pool online without any problems. We live in the same house and all my other games work without problems. The problem might have come up because I was connecting to the server from different consoles with a different Pure Pool level/progress: At first, I was playing the career mode while being online on one console (A). Then, I have used another console (B) and progressed through career mode while not being connected to PSN. After some time, I wanted to go online with console B and wasnt able to start a quick match match: "Failed to detect a valid connection". I just could play 2 matches in the league system. When starting the 3rd match, I got a black screen and now, I cannot connect to the server anymore. I can only watch the rankings. All other online functions are disabled/not working. Doesnt matter if I use console A or B. Can you solve the problem? Is this just a temporarily ban of the server or a bug? If its possible, I would like to keep the profile which has level 35. Also, I have noticed that the same error appears when a PSN user changes his User ID." Does anyone else have or had this problem and know any solution for it? I thought, the server maintenance which comes up from time to time could solve it.
  5. If you play the digital version 1.00 (i bought from uk store), there is the highly appreciated circle on the aiming ball if its not too far away.
  6. Nice one. I was doing F1 2010 platinum not long ago to have a chance to complete all F1 games. Frustrating to see that developers are too lazy to create trophies which make the platinum possible at least as long as the server still works or are they doing it intentionally to make more people buy the games earlier? I remember, Codemasters has disabled a feature in dirt 2 and never enabled it again. So, I dont expect anything to come up here. What a dumb trophy. Sony should introduce rules that dont allow such dumb trophies.
  7. Is it possible to boost in this game or is matchmaking completely random?
  8. Thats wrong, at least for Driveclub.
  9. No seasons server are offline since January
  10. Are the DLCs included in the Assassin's Creed Triple Pack?
  11. I am boosting this with a friend and we often have the issue that we are not winning because the game kicks everyone immediately once the host leaves. Who knows if its possible to have the host always in his team?
  12. How long to boost with 2 players
  13. 25-30h with 2 consoles
  14. The Final Parade Lap 2020... Maybe the last event...
  15. But werent some transformer servers P2P based as well?