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  1. Life is strange.
  2. Too easy
  3. If I remember correctly, the photo finish DLC is one of the 3 free DLCs which is included in an update. So, no need to purchase them.
  4. Are boosters still being banned?
  5. Shivs glitch?
  6. Thanks for organizing everything.
  7. Is this the EU version?
  8. PS Plus users
  9. Is the platinum possible only with a keyboard app?
  10. Here is a solo method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rxmtTOJKzs Explainations are in German. Ask for help if you cant follow.
  11. You wont get flagged if you earn this trophy with the help of a hacked lobby.
  12. Has Doom 3 PS3 been delisted?
  13. I dont think that the person is unemployed because he would have the time to do it on his own. This is most likely just a lie to let you feel pity.
  14. How many players are needed for the ranked matches?