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  1. No seasons server are offline since January
  2. Are the DLCs included in the Assassin's Creed Triple Pack?
  3. I am boosting this with a friend and we often have the issue that we are not winning because the game kicks everyone immediately once the host leaves. Who knows if its possible to have the host always in his team?
  4. How long to boost with 2 players
  5. 25-30h with 2 consoles
  6. The Final Parade Lap 2020... Maybe the last event...
  7. But werent some transformer servers P2P based as well?
  8. How long to boost all online trophies
  9. They added the games to the legacy list, so they are offline 4ever
  10. I cannot connect to the servers. Anyone else with the problem?
  11. How many to start a match?
  12. How many to start a match?
  13. No only ranked matches and private matches for KOTH are trophy-wise needed.
  14. Good thing is that the trophies dont seem to auto-sync.
  15. Are private matches still working?