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  1. Will this still work after store shutdown?
  2. I dont know if I understood this thread right, but if its possible, can you scan my profile as well?
  3. If its true, I will stop trophy hunting after getting 1000th plat
  4. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North if offline since yesterday. Does anyone know if they have shut it down without notification?
  5. You need to put the game into your list first. Just start it, sync to PSN and then update your profile.
  6. The weekend league trophy in Fifa 20 is unobtainable since 2 weeks. There have been fixes previously, but maybe, it will stay unobtainable now. Wondering, why they cant fix it in a way that it doesnt get unobtainable until the server will be shut down.
  7. I still have the email from the vita tricks web site. I can forward the email to you. But, its from 2019. So, not sure, if there have been made any changes and if it still works.
  8. Can anyone test if it is possible to gift an item to a friend for the trophy? The game always tells me, its not possible at the moment.
  9. How long do you need for the 1000 hits?
  10. 1. Simoney 2. TF141_Pegasus 3. AndreRebellion_ 4. PostalDudeRus 5. MarcioAP1 6. wm0002 7. Dudlajz 8. Akhil1234 9. Gibbo_0113 10. inflict54 11. AlkaStealther 12. Phantochi 13. quickfoozlle
  11. Playing NHL 14 online for new players is impossible because you cannot update the tuner anymore which is necessary. So, you are getting an error message every time you are trying to search for a match. So, its NHL 15 (PS3 and PS4), 16, 17 and 21
  12. This list is not accurate. For new players, its impossible to play NHL 14 online. AFAIK, NHL 15 (PS3 and PS4), 16, 19 and 20 platinum are still possible for new players.
  13. How can I contact them? I only have Twitter.