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  1. It's a good thing I really don't care for trophies as much as some people. Yes, earning them is fun and challenging. But I've been interested in this game since it was announced. One of the few games i would first buy with a PS5. Looks really fun. Can't wait to play this. Microtransactions won't steer me away from playing this with my friends and coworkers. I just want to have fun and this looks like the kind of game we will have lots of fun with.
  2. Got a PS3 recently just to play XIII again. Would really love a remastered of this trilogy.
  3. It can occasionally be finicky to get into a lobby. Just keep backing out to the main screen and try again. Sometimes closing the application and re-launching it does help. It's what me and my friend do when we are struggling to find a lobby.
  4. My brother got it and he's never been a psplus member. My friend got it and he just got psplus for the first time 3 months ago. I got nothing and I've been a psplus member for 2 ish years... ?!?!?!
  5. This might answer your question
  6. Okay maybe not "cancel" more like reschedule but still...
  7. AEW just cancelled next weeks Dynamite and it's looking like WM might get canceled. If not there's gonna be a lot of empty seats with the US limiting flights from other countries. For pro wrestling to never have an "off-season" it's looking more and more likely every passing minute.
  8. Checked my purchase history. Guess I bought the DLCs Sept 24th oh well. Still bad timing. I've seriously been waiting for something like this to happen, but recently gave up. Still an awesome thing for the people who haven't bought the DLC.
  9. Cool. Glad I bought all the DLC Packs literally a week or so ago to finally get the 100%. Ugh!
  10. I loved this game back on the PS2! Haven't played much of it since, but I have the remastered version for each console when I get around to actually playing it. Me and my friend loved playing Blitzball! I watched a few minutes of your video. Good job! I'll watch more on my day off lol. Glad you're giving this game a playthrough.
  11. I never really got to play Origins. Every disc I bought/rented something went wrong in the opening and it would brick both my Xbox and PS3. After getting new consoles once and the game for the 5th time respectively I gave up playing this game. I heard it's not everyone's favoite Arkham game, but it is fun for what it is. One day maybe I'll try it again.
  12. Just recently bought both Enter the Gungeon and Binding of Issac. Love them both so far. I logged on here and was just about to ask the same question as OP so I'm glad I ran across this thread first.
  13. If you can, try having a small fan aimed at your console. It'll help keep it cool enough.
  14. The PS4 isn't the "worst" for HDD management, people are. People want to download all 247 games they own to their console, but they don't have the sufficient space, so they complain. Just have a few games on your HDD that you currently play and once you're done/tired of them, hit that delete button. Sure you can upgrade to have more space, but you should treat it the same.
  15. I cannot run from the truth any longer. The more I see this thread the more it gets to me.... I used cheat codes for GTA San Andreas back in the day, used glitches and exploits, along with Game shark codes for random games for fun. Even for multiplayer games. I am forever ashamed for my sins and have since been to multiple rehabs and even have been in GCA (gaming cheaters anonymous) ever since. Cheating in video games has destroyed my life. The friends I used to play Mario Party and Halo with, now can't stand to even be in the same lobby as me. I cannot get a job as a "game tester" because of my history, I might relapse and "cheat" again. My wife has since taken her controller and moved back in with her parents. She won't even accept my game invites anymore. Cheating in video games is no laughing matter.