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  1. Back when I played through the games, I had done every romance option possible. Lol I do prefer Male-Shep and Liara/Tali or Fem-Shep and Garrus. Something about an interspecies relationship interests me.
  2. I see a game that looks interesting and I'll check out a guide to see how different some trophies are and to see which ones I can earn while having fun. I'll play the game and earn what trophies I want and that I'm capable of obtaining, then move on. I don't really care for completion percentages or anything like that.
  3. I was unfortunate and got him on my first game lol
  4. What I did is, start the trial but don't go down the rope yet. Scout out where they are and lock on to all three enemies. Wait until they are in a proximity where you could get to them fast enough. I had my stealth high so I could just run to a ravenger and override it without too much trouble. Then just ran to the other one as quick as I could and took control over him. Then just spammed bombs at the Thunderjaw until I saw a disk launcher on the ground. Used it to finish off the beast with time to spare. Keep trying, you'll get it in no time.
  5. Just got this freebie for the multiplayer. Don't really care about DLC or anything, just wanna play some BO with my friends again. Too bad this wasn't MW Remastered instead. Had a blast playing that back in the day.
  6. I have a variety of games I got through Plus in my purchased tab. I just think it's how you get them. The past 2 months I've been away from my ps4 when the games come out, so I get them through the mobile store. They've been going in my purchased tab for the most part. However the one's I get through the console store stays in the Plus tab
  7. I had fun with it. I played the older titles years ago and I forgot what fun they were until I played this game. The R&C and KH games were always in my ps2, they got me through a lot back then so when the remake was announced I was happy. I liked it, not much else to say.
  8. I actually like the rumble. I don't mind it that much, again to each their own. My controller lives next to the charging station so the battery life thing doesn't bother me. Everything else is just peanuts to me.
  9. GotY right here. Better than that pos Bloodborne and The last of us. The story and gameplay of this game is a perfect melody of the way a game should be made going forward. /sarcasm I haven't played much of this game yet due to my busy life, but I have watched a walkthrough and heard about it from a friend who played it last month. It's not bad for what it is, could it have been better? Of course, but that isn't the case.
  10. I got 6 diamonds on my first play through and one each for each additional playthroughs. I'm currently up to 9 and I've taken a break from Knack for a while due to being so tired of this game. I don't really like the chest exploit which is why I don't have the last one, me and my wife play this game together so it's gonna be a huge accomplishment when we get that last god forsaken diamond.
  11. BREAKING NEWS!! Sony and EA will team up to bring you nothing but EA titles for PS Plus in March 2018! 😈 On a serious note, whatever gets added to the IGC will end up in my backlog for the foreseeable future so no real interest from me.
  12. Yeah I know about that. Sony would never stoop that low though to add trophy support for streaming apps.
  13. This is the same method I used to get all of the blast shards and I never got flagged for it. Pretty good thing to use on your hard playthrough.
  14. Knack and Knack 2 are what me and my wife play. She's terrible at games especially FPS's (so no Borderlands for me) so these two games are at her level lol. Grab Knack while it's still on PS Plus if you haven't already. We've also taken turns while playing Crash Bandicoot.
  15. I suck at these types of games too but my wife loves games Bejeweled/Candy Crush and Knack's Quest so I just let her play and unlock items, delete the app at night and let her start over the next day. it got us everything and we've been diamond hunting the past 2 playthroughs. 1 Diamond left!