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  1. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I'm so jealous! I'm gonna have to have a talk with my wife later, she loves making things lol.
  2. Create a fake email account and give it to them and see if they do send you $50 and a free download 😂 But seriously these type of things are why I have my messages set to friends only.
  3. These are my day one buys/pre-orders Kingdom Hearts 3 is a must! Gonna pre-order this once it has a confirmed release date (if the 2018 date holds true) Far Cry 5. I liked the last 3 instalments so this one should be amazing too. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT looks fun. Played the previous 2 games so this one should be fun. Ghosts of Tsushima. Gotta check out SuckerPunch's new IP. Other than that nothing else interests me.
  4. Man, if this guy gives HZD a 6.5 for all of it's "flaws" I can't wait to see what he says about the upcoming Spiderman. 😂 Saying this game is copy pasted from SoM is like saying every FPS is copy pasted from CoD. It's already been said, but most games these days share at least a little bit of a common ground. What makes them all different is their each individual characters and story. I haven't yet played HZD but I was told by my source who works at the North Pole that a jolly fat guy may leave it under the tree this year. 😁 So I'll really form my own opinion on it once I start playing it. I'm not gonna dump on your opinion OP, you have the right to feel the way you do, but not everyone may agree with you. Especially since this is one of the best PS exclusives we got this year leading to the massive group of exclusives next year. Happy holidays everyone!!
  5. Hey all! I woke up to this email. I'm from California and with all the fires going on lately, our beloved Sony sent me this email. Not sure if anyone else got this but I thought this was pretty cool. Edit: Sorry, I'm on my phone and I don't know how to embed images using mobile. If anyone can fix it, I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. A little bit of this in every gamer. 😁
  7. I'm the stay at home parent so usually after the kids calm down or whatever. Sometimes I take a week or two off of playing games to focus on adulting and spending time with the wife. Trying to find that balance of game time and responsibilities is extremely difficult. I did tell the wife and kids, when KH3 comes out, I'll be locking myself away for a few days hahah
  8. Choose Idlikefrieswithdat or how about Mcdeathwithcheese? 😂 Honesty, just make both! One as a primary and the other as a dummy. It's a win-win.
  9. You sir are the real MVP! Thanks for posting.
  10. Set up the 2-step verification if you can.
  11. I'll just leave this here. Lol hope I win.
  12. Hey so I recently did the weekly challenges and it turns out I was playing on HoE. My team won, but no trophy... This was the ONLY time we've ever won too and I don't get to reap in the benefits 😢 Just wanted to know if it glitched or something. I died right before the final shot if that matters.
  13. This quote and your username are singing in harmony right now 😂 Sucks the merc with the mouth is being silenced though digital media. I loved the game when I played through it on my ps3. Never really wanted it on my ps4 though.. Might have to snag it before it's gone.
  14. I'll use cheats for the fun of it. Like in Ratchet and Clank for example, collecting all of the gild bolts unlock certain "cheats". I play through the game normally, then during a second run I enable some of the cheats for the hell of it. As long as you are comfortable with using in-game cheats/glitches then who cares. As for mp... I've been in games that are riddled with hackers and cheaters. It ruins the experience of it all and makes me not want to join another lobby ever. I even took a 4 year break from playing anything mp related cause I had so many negative experiences. For single player it's all about your perspective, but in mp, you are the worst kind of person.
  15. Kinda weird.. I was literally thinking this (I heard FFXIII's theme in the background of FFXV) right before I logged in and saw this thread. Anywhoo... I really liked FFXIII, never really got a chance to play the other two games and I'd really like to play them again. SE will only remaster/rerelease this if it's in a huge collection. This trilogy flopped on release and even more so after time travel got brought in and the story got all confusing.