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  1. Origins was horrible to me. I played it for about 3 hours and could not handle it anymore. I just hope that this new game will actually make me feel like Batman, just like Arkham City did.
  2. I have considered one for quite some time now, but I bought a 3DS instead. There is just so much more support on Nintendo's end, with huge releases almost every month. With the Vita.....the price of storage and the system itself overwhelms the amount of support it is getting as of now. For me to get a Vita, 3 things would have to happen. More IPs, obviously. Preferably RPG's and stealth. I want some big, exclusive titles like Nintendo is doing. Sony needs to have Playstation Now support PS2 titles on the Vita...that would be....just amazing. I would be the happiest teenager on the planet if I could play Silent Hill 2 or Kingdom Hearts on a long trip The cost of memory needs to come down....and maybe a bit of a price cut on the system as well Hell, maybe even the second alone would make it worth the cost.
  3. Has anyine heard any news on an Infamous: Second Son bundle yet? I would love to get one, but I haven't heard too much about it.

  4. So....I just beat The Las Of Us DLC: Left Behind.....I think it is safe to assume that this is the greatest game I have ever played in my life. Not only did they open up a new interpretation of the main campaign, Naughty Dog also managed to tell a small 3 hour story in itself, that rivals the greatest of games. Seriously, that was stupidly amazing.

  5. For the hypothetical sake of this forum, I just decided to include the standard consensus that our universe is all that we have control of. I just wanted to see what powers people wanted to have, and rule number 1 makes it a bit more diverse. Otherwise, we all might be picking the same basic 2 or three, if that makes sense. You are correct, though. The multiverse theory contradicts rule number 1.
  6. Yes, this is a brilliant idea. You need to pitch this. Honestly, I would like to see another IP with the same sort of atmosphere as System Shock 2 and Bioshock being built as a survival horror. Bethesda's, "Evil Within" looks a new Silent Hill type of game, but I would really love to see Kevin Levine try and take another go at it. Hell, maybe even Valve's Left 4 Dead 3 will be more concentrated on horror! You never know.
  7. I finally got around to beating Mass Effect, and it turned out to be one of the best action-RPG experiences of my entire life. But, I just started the second...and it doesn't feel as awesome as the first...

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    2. CasaDeBen


      Overall its a great series (i started on xbox so i finished on xbox) the first was such an awesome game but they tweaked it with each installment so sometimes combat was lackluster but the universe was always really cool. Keep going with them.

    3. manyuhesp


      The whole trilogy is amazing, specially how your decisions carry on to the following game. ME2 is actually my favourite!

    4. Mr_MovieMan29


      I've played a bit more into the second and I'm actually liking it a lot more! Omega is a really cool couple of missions, and it gives me hop for the rest of the game.

  8. I played over 300 hours on Skyrim before I learned that there was a fast travel ......I had some pretty beefed up characters though.
  9. Screw that, Puppeteer is only a few dollars as well! That is the game I will most likely get.
  10. Return it and demand a refund. If life gives you an inconvenient pet animal....
  11. I never look at review sites individually, usually I look at Metacritic and get the general consensus. But I like Colin Moriarty off IGN because we tend to have the same tastes in games. So I look at his reviews quite often.
  12. I literally just got finished playing Fallout 3 GOTY edition and I can assure you that it is the better one to get. I had only a few freeze-ups and bugs in my 70+ hours of gameplay. It was well worth the $20 or so that I paid for it. New Vegas on the other hand....I got it for my Xbox and while I liked the RPG upgrade options better, the dialogue and overall experience felt lazy and quite a bit worse than Fallout 3's.
  13. I finally got around to finishing Breaking Bad, and the last episode got me....I didn't tear up, which is weird considering I am usually the first to do so. But, regardless, it was a VERY well-written series. I hope to see more of several of the actors and writers involved.

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    2. ChickenExotic


      BETTER CALL SAUL premieres this year.

    3. TheMassaEffect


      Remember my name.

    4. REDSHIRT64


      One of the best shows to ever grace television! I just bought the series collection that comes inside one of the money drums Walt used to hide his money. So cool!

  14. What exciting news! I'm glad such a long term member with a brilliant mind for gaming posts is finally getting the chance to help the cause. I congratulate you sir.
  15. Since Assassin's Creed 2 froze up on me twice tonight, I decided to just go ahead and start another game for the rest of the evening. I decided on a PS+ game that has been sitting in my backlog, "Shadow of the Collosus." Seeing that I didn't like Ico that well (most likely because of my patience, not because it is a bad game) I did not expect much from an old game like SotC.....15 minutes in and I am hating myself for going this long without playing it.

    1. LeonGarza321


      Tip, if alot people like it, theres usually a good reason behind that ;)