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  1. Is there such a big difference with the handling model? Havent played yet, Yet I remember some cars which were superbad in open high speed corners. The R8 LMS comes to mind, which was horrible. Are those fixed/better?
  2. could this be it?! I have the same problem as the others (replay, no gas at the end etc), will try this later. Running about 3:55
  3. 8 works correctly for me in ps5 pixel mode, apart the infinite replay loop after the first race. The race itself and the X button presses after are correct. I have not finished all cafe missions, previously panam was the last championship and v.0.5 worked perfectly. Today I opened wtc 600 and now 0.5 fails. It selects the last one (wtc 600) Timing is all wrong on 0.8 and does not work at all after the race. It goes into replay and keeps changing cars. So now nothing works until i finish all cafes and then i must go back to 0.5. The 0.8 has a problem with the replay infinite loop, i dont see any other problems. Also the menu left 1 works correctly for me and chooses the correct championship. If I click colorp2 while in the after race screen, it selects correctly the next race, but in the race after then the same replay loop happens again. Tried with 1000 delay, no difference. my monitor resolution ->2560x1440 main (where remote + script runs) + 1920x1080 second monitor.
  4. thank you
  5. does anyone know if the miles count in the lobby runs, only for races (which you MUST finish) or for the free runs too? I am in a lobby now which is free run (run how many laps you like and then pause->exit) and i thought it wouldn't count because there is no race to finish. But the host says it will count. Does anyone know for sure?
  6. I can confirm GT5 EU version (both the vanilla and the academy edition) have no updates, way before this whole thing with the shutdown was a rumor. In fact, it was more than a month, maybe 40 days ago, at least in Europe. https://www.reddit.com/r/PS3/comments/lzsuhn/ran_into_a_little_problem_with_gt5_updates_pls/ That's a reddit link of a random dude with the same problem, with my response below. I found out the problem maybe 5 days before his post, and that's over 40 days ago. So Sony had started removing updates even before the shutdown rumor.