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  1. It's been quite a while since I've given an update and there wasn't much to add in regards to Deadpool or Firefly Diary. In terms of KYC3 I could talk about Nier and Conception II, while flashing back to KYC2 for a Red Alert 3 update. Conception II I finished the third dungeon and recruited the last member and boy is the game lackluster so far. After having played the Mementos dungeon in Persona 5 it became quite blatant why Conception II's dungeons feel so boring and repetitive. Every dungeon is broken between a hallway and a room full of enemies and there's nothing to get excited about. Despite the main dungeons being themed around the Seven Deadly Sins, each dungeon looks the same with just a different wallpaper. Contrast that to Persona 4 where one dungeon was heaven-like and another was a nudie bar and these dungeons were also randomly generated. Weapon selection is pretty limited as I haven't been able to change the weapons for the women, there's no need to buy many healing items since you could heal using magic and exit/return a dungeon to restore MP without consequence, and enemy designs are bland so you can't be amazed as to what a new enemy looks like. The character recruitment just feels like they throw a tool for the player to use, with no moment to shine or establish some depth for the characters. Freaking Koromaru from Persona 3 got a bigger celebration for his recruitment and he's a freaking dog. I'm poofed out of dungeon crawlers for a while thanks to Persona 5 so I'll have to ditch Conception II for the meantime. Red Alert 3 Thanks to fang7744 for putting up with my screwups, we somehow managed to finish the co-op campaigns. All that's left for me to do is do a few more skirmishes but my goodness am I struggling with the 3-on-1 handicap match. I'll come back to it in a week after I get recharged. Nier Man, I had this game ranked #3 out of the ten I played in KYC3, but after completing the game I'm downgrading it to #5. I was hoping there would be a better explanation of how the world worked but I'm left hanging with a few questions like: How do Shades reproduce? Is there a system of reincarnation for the general population? What was the point of the five year time skip? Why did Weiss have to do that action in the end? How does Ending D work when that was never hinted at before? It's freaking sad that I know more of how FFXIII's world works despite not knowing its jargon yet I understand the verbiage behind Nier but not how its world works. While there were a few highlights like homages to Resident Evil's Spencer Mansion and obtaining items in Zelda, I would have preferred some build to either the world or some of the characters since the two best ones were Kaine, a vulgar woman, and Weiss, a sassy talking book. Boy was I disappointed and I can't recommend people to play this game if you want to be excited about Nier: Automata. Hopefully Nier: Automata makes me care more about the characters. Once I feel in the mindset to properly play games again I think I'll tackle a few games from previous KYC events to at least finish a proper playthrough. Mirror's Edge One Piece: Unlimited World Red, Dead Space: Extraction, and Shadow of the Colossus seem like games that I'm not far off from seeing the finish line so those are possible choices. I would like to make some more space in my PS3's HDD so I could either clear out the shorter games or just add some of the beefy games for the next KYC that way I could at least chip away at them. Hopefully everyone has been doing well and may the lists turn out a few surprises.
  2. Thanks. My most favorite game is Pokemon SoulSilver.
  3. Finale Update Completion percentage: 79.60%→ 77.67% Total trophies: 7,670 trophies → 7,856 trophies Unearned trophies: 1,872 trophies→ 2,195 trophies Same procedure as before, I'll be ranking these games from best to worst, with my main criteria being a combination of how competent the game is for its genre, its overall polish and how entertaining it is compared to similar games. 1. Shadow of the Colossus – Simple gameplay that stretches out into various and unique boss fights. 2. Wolfenstein: The New Order – A shooter that manages to mix the past and present of the genre together, with a great character-focused story. Quite a shame about the game stopping glitches and the ugly background textures. 3. NieR – An RPG that has an alluring story and world. The game takes inspiration from Zelda and several other genres but it manages to have a sense of identity and personality. 4. htoL#NiQ - The Firefly Diary – A quaint platformer that manages its mechanics well, although the story is obtuse. 5. Puppeteer – A charming little platformer that is marred by having the player constantly say “yeah, I get it.” 6. Watch_Dogs – It’s a sandbox game with nothing that truly makes it unique or repulsive. Definitely not worth the hype. 7. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars – Persona-lite. A story that doesn’t have much aspiration, mixed voice-acting, and any mechanic that would make it unique is countered by other game design. Still anxious about whether something horrid will happen in the story or if it’s just the repetitive gameplay that soured a few players off the game. 8. Thief – Dishonored-lite. Thief is fine but the story doesn’t get a good hook early on and the sidekick is going to be an annoyance. 9. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – God of War-lite and Shadow of the Colossus-zero. Despite having the name Castlevania and taking inspiration from other games, Lords of Shadow mires in mediocrity. At least there's the hook of seeing whether Gabriel Belmont is a bigger stupid idiot than Anakin Skywalker. 10. Deadpool – Great comedy but my goodness is the rest of the game a mess. Hordes of enemies with no sense of scaling to differentiate one encounter from another, guns turn Deadpool into ground beef pretty quickly, minibosses get regurgitated to the point of exhaustion, and the story sure is nothing to write home about. Final Thoughts Boy did the burnout come earlier this time around. This is the third kYC in a row for me and it didn't help that half of the games I played had horrid starts to them. The bad thing is that I have two milestones planned in the upcoming months so a majority of these games might be left untouched for a long time. Firefly Diary I plan to complete once I could put a save on the cloud, Wolfenstein I'd like to return to when I need some excitement, and I see NieR as a backup if my plans for a certain milestone falls apart. Not only that but I have yet to touch Mirror's Edge, Dead Space: Extraction, One Piece: Unlimited World Red, Resonance of Fate, and Oreshika since the previous KYC events. Maybe sometime this year I'll be able to continue them, aside from Oreshika. It was disheartening to see Crimsonidol and Ladynadiad drop out in the middle of the event and hopefully they're doing fine and will return to the next installment if they wish to do so. Damagingrob was pretty good at selling the good points of certain games and now I'll keep an eye out for games from his list, barring Manhunt and Bounty Hounter. Fredoline's Manuel Samuel, Hemiak's The Swindle, and Voodoo's Slain: Back from Hell were a few other highlights that got me interested in those respective games. As for what to avoid I still remember a description of Demon Gaze where there's underwear sniffing so that killed any interest I had in the game, and PoupiMyu inscribed the frustration of The Awakened Fate Ultimatum's traps and the lazy, hungry, and not interesting protagonist of Fairy Fencer f. Quite an odd way this KYC went and hopefully the next one is a bit more stable. Thanks again Hemiak for setting up the event and hopefully everyone will enjoy continuing to play the rest of their games.
  4. Game #10 Days #1-3 It's the end of the road so I'll try to keep it short. NieR initially starts a couple of decades in the future, with Al Gore being wrong about global warming and freaking Roland Emmerich's global cooling being how the world ended. A father did his best to protect his daughter, even going as far as to make a Faustian deal with a mysterious book. Unfortunately the dad fails to protect her and a millennia later the father and daughter are reincarnated(?) into a medieval world. The new human population is still small but even then a new pandemic is occurring where your daughter is afflicted with the curse. Your hero, who I named Krisp K., goes through a journey in search of a cure. In the meantime Krisp does sidequests from lazy villagers, with a bit of planting and fishing here and there. There's still the mystery of what exactly happened in the millennia, the origin of the pandemic, and why the enemies that are visually similar to those from El Shaddai still exist after that time skip. Gameplay wise the game is similar to the Zelda series, with the second boss even looking like Wind Waker's boss form the Tower of the Gods, Gohdan. There are dungeons to explore with maps and keys thrown about, but of course there are a few twists. Regular enemies can use magic that makes the combat into a bullet hell scenario. Certain words can give bonuses to your weapons and magic. Fishing is given a horribly explained tutorial but luckily GameFAQs does a good job explaining that mechanic. I have high hopes that NieR will actually provide some answers to its mysteries or at least add a few more twists before it's all over. Tomorrow I'll give my ranking for the games I played over the month but for now I'll take a few hours to think over the middling ones.
  5. Game #9 Days 1-3 Watch Dogs is a sandbox game like any other sandbox game, just with weaker elements from its peers. Let's start with the story of Aiden Pierce who wants revenge for the death of his niece. As of the end of Act 1 the villain behind the attack hasn't appeared, so there hasn't been much use of the girl's death aside from Aiden just being mopey aside from his gruffness. In contrast to Sleeping Dogs, Wei Shen lost his sister to the debauchery of gang life and Dogeyes, the sister's former boyfriend, mocked Wei for the sexual acts. Of course it riles up the player and makes you want to kick Dogeyes's ass and he manages to piss you off more when he does something heinous to your gang. Which leads me to the side-characters as Aiden's entourage isn't great since his supporting cast consist of some shady dude who simply aids Aiden, his sister that wants him to stop being a criminal, a punk who's initial conversation was about her username being misleading (idiots), and a former partner that bungled the job that led to the niece's death. Both Aiden and Wei have similar arcs concerning the meaning of family/friends and how far can violence be justified, but unfortunately Aiden hasn't had a contrasting force to show how low he can go if he doesn't stop, or if he'd be willing to stoop to that level. Speaking of side-quests, the game is chuck full of stuff to do. You have to reach towers to gain access to the map details that provide you the location of various side-quests like missing people, misplaced phones, home invasions, hot spots (landmarks) and more. Since the game is placed in Chicago there are quite a few landmarks to visit, akin to LA Noire, but I can't really tell which are genuine and which are part of the story since the descriptions for the landmarks are mixed in terms of tone. Some will be dry and simply give some details about the location, others will provide a joke story, and a few don't give me any historical details and are simply rants from sarcastic smartasses. My goodness is there quite a lot of comma splicing in those descriptions and I'm quite guilty of that so I could see that clearly. In one instance I saw Wednesday without capitalization and it makes me wonder why this company didn't have someone do a proper grammar check. The main reason I went on that tangent is that if you do a side-quest get ready to do it over and over again. There's no backstory to saving people or finding weapon crates and you just collect them to clear them from the checklist. Some of them should lead to a mission with some actual stake, but it's pretty pathetic that there are only handful of side-quests behind busy work while a sandbox game from Rockstar would actually have plenty of side-quests with colorful characters. The main gimmick of the game, hacking, is useful but it's just a twig in the sandbox. Hacking is pretty cool for stealth sections as you can try taking out enemies without even touching the premises, but aside from that hacking just aids in running away or to do side-quests. Shooting feels weird since there's not much impact from gun shots. Aiden can be improved but like the rest of the game there's too much of it, with various skill trees and branches and some are hidden behind doing several of the side-quests as well. The game is so padded but there's little substance as it's mainly a time sink. It's definitely the most generic sandbox game I've played in years and I wish it had a sense of personality or actually made an allegorical story about the dangers of relying, but still needing social media and technology as Psycho Pass or other future set dystopias have told.
  6. Game #8 Days 2-3 Puppeteer is a quaint 2.5D platformer that unfortunately has a few structural problems that makes it irritating to play it. The story consists of some Earth child called Kutaro that is transported to the moon and, for some reason, a bear turned Kutaro into a Pinocchio-like puppet. Apparently the bear took over the Moon Goddess's place, somehow, and used pieces of her to empower his minions. Kutaro stole a pair of scissors called "Calibrus" and saved the Sun Princess and learned from an old witch that bringing the moon pieces together will allow the Moon Goddess to return to her normal form, and with that power Kutaro can go back to his normal fleshy life. It feels like Tearaway with its cutesy aesthetic but with an actual menace and motivation for the player character to succeed. The main problem with the story is how it's presented, with cutscenes taking several minutes to give the exposition and it's even worse in the middle of a level as I just want to play the game. The tone of the game is definitely for young kids as one level taught the story of the Magikarp/Gyrados transformation and a bit more of Japanese festivals with cherry blossoms and taito drums. I'll give it kudos for actually trying to teach kids about other cultures and hopefully there are more levels that do those small details and not solely since it was developed by a Japanese studio. What I'm not cool with are the tutorials that treats the players like idiots. The teacher will give a long-winded explanation of the origins of the new powers, how to use them, and expect you to do their actions three times before moving on. Those actions have to be performed after they say to do them since doing them prematurely does nothing and it's going to be irritating replaying earlier levels. This is like the fourth game this month with bad tutorials and I'm just praying that the last two games don't screw up in that department as well. The unique traits that Puppeteer brings to the platforming genre are the switchable heads and the use of Calibrus for combat and movement. Kutaro has the ability to switch heads and serve as his buffer against enemy attacks, but can be picked up in time similar to rings in the Sonic series. These heads are limited to three at a time so it's necessary to be careful as to which heads you carry as certain heads can open up secret pathways or bonus stages. Calibrus is the cool part of this game it's used to cut certain parts of the environment and it feels great being able to not only defeat enemies but using that tool to fall with style through the sky. There's been a few powerups since then but those have mainly been situational. Puppeteer is pretty decent and at least this game has an endgoal that is clearly set up in the beginning rather than being spoiled by its genre entry. I wish the story was better integrated and I might just decide to skip it if the cutscenes keep taking longer than they should for this very simple story. I'm not dreading to continue to play the game but it won't be on my immediate list after the event. Sera? She turned to stone quite quickly; those love cutscenes with Snow must have really sucked for you. That or you played XIII-2 and yeah, Sera sucks since she doesn't much of a character like most of the XIII cast. As for Lightning, I never did get why people care about her since her arc was similar to the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Samurai of learning to be part of a team but not doing so until the end; that and boy are both of those characters bland. Fang, I'll give you that she looks cool and Bahamut was one of the summons that didn't turn into a motorbike or a stupid mechanical horse. I did like that she brought the team together and actually acted like a leader, which is something Lightning should have freaking done since she's a soldier either out of duty or for profit like FFVI's Shadow. Why wasn't Fang and Vanille the leads instead of Lightning and Snow? I would have gladly taken the more interesting duo of longtime soldiers over bickering future step-siblings. I'm guessing FFX didn't match up to your standards since it has THAT laughing scene, and Bender saying "ya" at the end of every sentence.
  7. That's it? I might as well say that Saint's Row: Gat out of Hell ripped off Dante's Infeno with that sole plot point. In the first chapter of Lords of Shadow it's prophecised that the Lords of Shadow's power will save the world and Sir Patrick Stewart said the power could revive her. Jeez, Lords of Shadow ripped-off Revenge of the Sith's story (prophecy of balance in nature, old figure being vague about power that could revive love ones, main character kills/already killed lover) and who in their right mind would do that.
  8. Actually I've previously compared FFXIII and Tales of Xillia easily since they both suck as JRPGs. It's like two train lines that share a few stops (bad story, unlikeable characters) and while each train line has its interesting trail (FFXIII with its visuals, ToX with its combat), the final destination is still going to suck just like the titular film series and don't get me started on that premise either. In terms of story it's reminding me more of Persona 3 as the Aegis analogue has already shown up. Torri will probably have as much screentime as the rest of the heroines of this game, which is just her introduction and anything else is up to the player. I do have a few predictions of how the story will go and I'll put into spoilers for those who haven't played Persona 3: Ugh, I'll have to eventually see how Mind Zero is in terms of ripping-off Persona 3 since MZ's main character looks just like the main character from P3. I might as well spoil it but Conception II is not in my bottom three of the month... for now. I'll try to finish it before July but if the story is insultingly dumb I'll swiftly drop its ranking. I had such low expectations of Sorcery Saga, another dungeon-crawler, and it surprised me in having a simple, logical story. I'll always bring that little game up if a game is going to waste my time with their garbage as I've seen some game stories in desperate need of a second draft or an actual writer(I'm looking at you Shinovi Versus). Yeah, Lords of Shadow's 2 promotional material kind of spoiled that. I doubt I''ll be seeing the type of transformation from Walter White to Heisenberg but more akin to Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader. Now I just have to see if Gabriel Belmont is indeed dumberer than Anakin. As for it ripping off Dante's Inferno, ehh. Dante's Inferno ripped off God of War and the only thing I've seen it rip off from Dante's Inferno is the shit boss fights. If there's a cross shaped attack that makes the game into baby mode, then yeah Lords of Shadow ripped off something that made Dante's Inferno unique. If Satan shows up in a speedo with a mouth then I guess Lords of Shadow did remember a bit of Castlevania as Bloodlines had Dracula transform into that. Don't worry about it. In the past two events no one has cleared their lists yet and only a few have been lucky to be half done.
  9. Game #6 Sorry for the tardiness, but I might as well give this game a write-up despite doing only a chapter, just like Thief. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a remake of God of War with the Greek mythology replaced with European mythology and angry Kratos replaced with mopey Gabriel Belmont; that and it poorly rips-off Shadow of the Colossus. Combat is just hacking and slashing away at enemies with boring boss fights just being a mook twice the size of regular mooks, and it goes down just like the rest with little strategy or excitement. The game sure does love tutorials as even into Ch. 2 there were still tutorials about using light magic, and maybe Ch. 3 will have tutorials about dark magic. The end of the first chapter introduced a colossus from a frozen lake and boy did they screw it up. These behemoths can only be taken down by stabbing into specific spots, but hardly anything that made SotC satisfying is here. The environment isn't used to solve the method of reaching the boss, the boss shakes every two seconds and will sometimes just swat you off with its hands, and you need to wait for the boss to perform specific actions to reach the next stabbing section. As far as story goes it's not until near the end of Ch. 1 that we learn that Gabriel lost his lover, probably from him killing her in a drunk stupor while playing Nekopara. Of course Gabriel would have killed her since it wouldn't be a proper God of War rip-off if it didn't steal that plot point as well. Why is this even called Castlevania?! Oh well, moving on! Game #7 Days #1-3 JEEZUS, the annoying perverted "friend" said "tig ol' bitties" and I haven't heard that phrase in years. Conception II is a shallow version of Persona 4 Golden that retains certain elements from the master without fully understanding what made the elements works well together. Conception II is a dungeon-crawling JRPG with dating simulation elements but none of the highschool life simulation aside from a festival at the end of the year; please let this game not have an embarrassing concert as in Trails of Cold Steel. I'll start with the premise since it irritates me as much as the premise to the anime Asterisk War. Similar to the anime not much is explained as to how this world works but the most egregious sin both properties commit is having an age limit for the characters to perform their duties. In AW the dipshits there decided to have young people do gladiatorial combat up until they graduate and then they're done with that blood sport. In Conception II the stupid idiot that is their divinity decided to bless humanity with divine powers, only while the hosts are between the age of 15-18. Why? WHY??!! Why couldn't the hosts be born with those marks that way they could be trained from childhood? Why take away this blessing after reaching full maturity, where the hosts would be prime not only physically but also mentally? Can you imagine, sport athletics is cut off after high school and the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Michael Jordan, or Tom Brady were unable to perform in their respective sports at the peak of their prime. Most of the Power Rangers series have the characters retain their powers until the big baddie is defeated, and even Zordon allowed characters to drop the powers as he knew that ranger duty was never supposed to overshadow personal life. Ugh, I freaking doubt there are going to be explanations for this logic since the game only gives enough lore to fill in the gaps, when the game isn't busy with mentions about breasts. Surprisingly this game likes talking about breasts so much that it might even rival Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus in that department. I'm just thankful that Conception II hasn't wasted pages of dialogue on bullcrap like a girl typing her terrible fan-fiction at Best Buy or horridly contradicting itself. In this game the breast talk comes up if commenting on how one girl has the largest of them all, or how of the girls is flat and was accidentally groped by the main character. So far the main cast seems to be pretty flat in terms of personality as they have one or two traits that are reinforced through conversations with the main character, but fortunately the girls aren't selfish pricks like in Shinovi Versus. However, the same can't be said for the main character who is referred to as God's Gift, or as I let the random name generator call him Durant, the same as a Pokemon. In the first boss fight Durant was ordered to not fight the boss since it would simply regenerate upon being defeated. Durant ignored the warning and in a rage attacked the best, and rightfully getting reprimanded for not only ignoring an order but also for putting his partner in danger. It seems that his village was attacked by some monsters and now he wants to wipe them out, and he didn't learn about how precious life can be since his sister sacrificed herself for him and he cares more about killing some endless baddies than making life better. The first thing that truly irritated me about the main character was his voice actor, Sam Riegel. Aside from his work as Donnel in Fire Emblem: Awakening and Teddie in most of the Persona 4 media, his voice sounds fit for generic dudes like those he played in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star, not leading characters like Phoenix Wright. My goodness the way he says "Torri" in this game just sounds weird and maybe a second take should have been taken. Torri herself sounds off as she's supposed to sound robotic like Tales of Grace's Sophie or Chobits's Chi, but it sounds more like she's pausing oddly in between her words. As for the one who's truly reading from the script, that would be whoever voiced Enzea Marker and I just know he's the main baddie and he's going to give a long-winded speech that's going to be delivered like shit. Fortunately Wendee Lee voices a character and she sounds gung-ho about it, which is definitely an improvement over her performance as Blanc. As far as gameplay is concerned, it's a dungeon crawler that front-loads its unique mechanics without giving a proper explanation in the tutorial. The fighting team is composed of four units with three members to each, maybe if a second heroine eventually joins. Three of those units are composed of star children, which show up when the heroine and hero MegaDigivolve Tamers-style and join hands; how scandalous. Those children can be of job classes that range from gunslingers, medics, thieves, but as long as the heroes have enough stats for that job class and/or a proper item to unlock that class. This ceremony consists of 100 bonding points, which can be earned either by talking to the girls or chaining enemies. Chaining is actually more of a hassle then necessary since the chain meter builds up faster if you ignore an enemy's weak point, dragging out fights longer than they should. Bonding points can also be used to turn a unit of kids into a MegaZord, but despite the incredible firepower each transformation takes 200 out of a maximum 300 points so it costs more than it's worth. Kids themselves can become anchors as the first batch has a limit of 10 levels so you'll need to breed new batches as your couple gets stronger. It will be a couple since you can only take one heroine into dungeons and it doesn't make sense to grind out seven heroines to even levels. Nearly every idea that gives the game its identity is hindered by some idiotic design decision and it's quite a shame. I don't see this being in the top five and since my prediction on the horrific event already happened in the first half of the game, I'm kind of nervous as to whether the story will actually progress or do donuts while going on a straight line.
  10. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll come back soon as you've been a pretty relaxing person to talk with and your posts were a nice, varied read. It sure won't be the same without you here. Wishing you the best and see ya soon.
  11. Game #5 Days 2-3 Wolfenstein: The New Order is a reboot of the classic first-person-shooter franchise, taking advantage of modern technology to not only give it a story worth a damn but to also refine the playstyle of modern shooters. One of the surprising things that became immediate upon playing the game is its focus on the story of B.J. Blazkowiz, who just seems exhausted from all of the fighting and bloodshed but knows that it needs to be done to stop the Nazis. The beginning of the story is set in 1946 with B.J. doing his best to stop the advanced technology of the Nazis, but unfortunately he fails and became comatose from a brain injury for fourteen years. Once he's back in action in retaliation for Nazis killing his caretakers, B.J. is informed about how the U.S. was nuked, mainly Manhattan, and surrendered shortly thereafter. Nazism has taken over the world and there are Nazi scum that range from the common Steamboat Willie type to two notable baddies that rival Hans Landa in terms of intelligence and sadism. B.J. learned of a resistance group that is imprisoned and manages to save an old ally in the process. Unfortunately the game kept glitching on me on Ch. 4 so I couldn't progress further on the story. The shooting aspect of the game is pretty simple as there are the standard knifes, pistols, machine guns, and grenades, but the game does give a twist for a few weapons before the time skip. B.J. can dual wield most guns and just spray a cascade of metal quickly on enemies. The cover system in this game does allow for crouching but B.J. can also lean and shoot from destructible cover, making truly feel like it's a Whack-a-Mole fight from both sides. Knifes are the standard means of performing silent takedowns and the game does properly set up levels to allow stealth methods. This sure is a vast improvement over other shooters like Uncharted or Deadpool that gives one enemy to stealth kill and then becomes a standard gun fight. It'd be best to take out the commanders on the field as swift as possible as they can call backup so it'd be in the best interest of the player to unlock the radar perk. Speaking of which, perks makeup the RPG elements of the game and a reward for performing certain actions. For example, getting a certain amount of kills with weapons or through stealth is typical but there also the odd ones like getting an overcharge of health or killing a certain amount of soldiers within a tight time limit. The perks can range from allowing more ammo for weapons, reducing damage from enemy's grenades or getting bonus health/armor for certain kills. In total there are four perk trees, each with eight perks, with the first perk being necessary to unlock other branches: stealth, tactical, assault, and demolition. Not only that but certain perks would still be hidden behind a previous perk, so it'd be best to unlock the perks to see what you'll need for the future ones. As for the timeskip in regards to weaponry, nearly every gun has become automatic, throwable knives are more common, and grenades are now magnetic and possess EMP properties. The Nazis themselves have upgrades their forces with dogs having better armor while mechanical dogs are more common and still remain as deadly as before. Robot soldiers and supersoldiers seem to be a possible threat and hopefully those enemy types aren't as overused as they were in Deadpool. I'll keep trying to make progress with the game and hopefully finish it by the end of the month, but if I keep suffering that glitch I'll just drop it and come back some other time. I want to put this game in the top five but the PS1 type textures, in which a radio looked like a block of cheese, and this frustrating glitch might just make me consider lowering its ranking. If you do decide to play The New Order skip the ugly PS3 version and maybe the PS4 won't suffer the same progress stopping glitch.
  12. On the PS4 I'll assume that you can see the perks menu by pressing/touching whatever the large thing in the middle of a PS4 controller is(sorry I don't own a PS4 so I don't know what that button would be called). That should open up your Journal and not only let see your current goal but also the perks menu and what you need to do to unlock one. Based on your trophies, you're passed Ch. 6 so you're almost halfway done.
  13. Do you live close to a Dollar Tree? I bought my USB cable there and it's worked pretty well for my handheld devices, including the Vita. If you're a newbie to the game then I'd recommend your first playthrough to be as Jill. She gets a lockpick that removes the need for keys that Chris would need and she could get a shotgun pretty early on so that should help out against tougher enemies. I'd also recommend to avoid killing as many zombies as possible as if you don't burn their bodies afterwards you're going to have a bad time later.
  14. Game #4 Days 1-3 Deadpool is definitely not getting the same regard I gave X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the previous KYC event. Deadpool is a spectacle-fighter starring the titular character and unfortunately he's set in a dull story. Deadpool starts off with a goal of getting wealth but then gets engulfed in unintentionally saving the world by murdering the individual who stole his paycheck. To compensate for the generic story Deadpool provides plenty of quick quips and skits. Unlike something like Battle Princess of Arcadias, the comedy works here since it's quick, it builds up the payoff for a joke, and more importantly it rarely repeats the same joke. It's almost as if someone did their homework when it comes to how comedy works. Since Deadpool works mostly by himself his comedy partners are his consciousness, with one being the childish id that would laugh at the word "package" and his super ego that tries to be the adult in the situation and gives rational responses. The comedy tends to be immature but it relishes on being nonsensical and it makes sense for why Deadpool would have similar albeit different responses to Vertigo, Rogue or Rogue. Unfortunately, the rest of the game is kind of a mess. There's only eight levels in total for the game and it it doesn't do much to make the game feel special. The levels feel like they take forever to finish and it doesn't help that the game is dominantly colored brown and grey. The game being set in uninteresting places like a skyscraper, sewers, ruins and caverns sure doesn't help as there's not much that differentiates them from similar levels from other games. Even the level design isn't polished for combat as there are several chest high walls littered throughout the game but I couldn't find a way to properly crouch behind one, meaning that this cover system is even more useless than the one in Freedom Wars. The crux of the game, the combat system, has one great idea that sits atop the general pile of crap. Experience is earned by increasing your combo so there is an immediate payoff to killing enemies swiftly and flawlessly in comparison to something like Bayonetta. It's pretty easy to get high combos since Deadpool's weapons are made from the same material as Dante's bullets and his starter weapons do as much damage as wet tissue. To increase the potential of a weapon you need to kill with that weapon and it was frustrating trying to get kills with a machine gun, mind you with a full clip, could barely kill an enemy or the blast cannon that also had difficulty killing enemies before receiving a charge upgrade. Enemy placement is freaking horrendous as it's more frustrating than satisfying to kill a wave of enemies. The biggest pain are enemies with guns as there's no simple way to counter them and a swarm of them could quickly turn Deadpool into a meat patty. The game has several mini-bosses and it overuses them so much that it puts Vanquish to shame. If a mini-boss is introduced you can expect to refight a clone or two them again in less than five minutes from the introductory fight. Even the final boss fight consist of fighting over a dozen clones of the same dude and I'm left wondering who thought this would have made for a satisfying boss fight. Common enemies also get the overuse treatment as the game keeps throwing waves of enemies that like to explode on you or stop your combo meter only for you to wait to counter them. What makes some of these fights worse are enemies that boost either their allies' strength or their defense and the latter just makes it last longer than it should. In regards to other spectacle fighters I've played in the past year or so, Deadpool has more personality than something like Dante's Inferno or Darksiders but my goodness is Deadpool mechanically inferior to those two games. Wolverine was a tie-in game to a crappy film but it did pretty good with its source material despite its limitations; Deadpool didn't have the same restrictions yet we ended up with a subpar game that I'd be hesitant to recommend. Go watch the much better film instead and if you want a Marvel spectacle-fighter go find a copy of the Wolverine game instead. Never heard of this SRPG up until you mentioned it. Checked the Kickstarter and I'm a bit worried about their emphasis on the story since it seems more comedic than dramatic. At least it'll be on the Vita, which is something I wish Chroma Squad was still being released on.
  15. Game #3 Day 2 Shadow of the Colossus takes the principle of "keep it simple" and pushes that to give us a pretty great game. Story wise some poor smuck lost someone close to him and he made a deal with a dark force to revive her after killing sixteen colossus. The guy rides his horse throughout the land in search of the colossus and then proceeds to kill the poor creatures, with darkness enveloping the protagonist with each victory. The game gives a clear goal of what the protagonist wants and what's needed to accomplish his goal, so why should the player play? Simple, the feat of defeating a colossus is rewarding, and to some tragic as well. There's not much music when traveling the land so when the menacing music strikes it sets the mood for these creatures that they're not something to mess with. In terms of PS2 games that had giant bosses, Jak 3 pops out as a prime example of falling short when it comes to the phrase, "it's not the size that counts, but how you use it." The final boss consist of a giant robot that is difficult to see entirely on screen, so it has the size department right. However, it simply walks through the desert and barely puts up any offense or defense when Jak simply shoots its legs repeatedly. That was a boring boss fight that did barely anything to engage the player and took more pride in showing how big its machine was. SotC, on the other hand, has colossus that vary on size and even on accessing them as I've fought one that flew and another that swam. Getting onto the creatures themselves is like solving a puzzle first as often you'll need to trigger the creature to interact with the environment in some manner. This could be either tricking the colossus to hit its hammer on a hard piece of the arena or pissing a colossus off by shooting arrows at it and them climbing its wings or beard. Once you climb the beast and receive the grand score that congratulates you getting on the beast, you can then crawl over its body in search of its weak point(s) and stab away. It feels like you're a mere flea against some of these creatures as you stab your sword into them that might as well be a toothpick. In terms of controls it's simple.. The square button is used to stab/shoot, and the x button to ride faster on your horse. The directional buttons swap between bare handed, sword, and bow while the circle button is used to pray at altars or pick up lizard tails. To jump the triangle button is used and the R1 button is used to hold on, and boy is it weird having to remember to jump with triangle instead of the good old x button.Fortunately there's a way to change the buttons layout so it's possible to switch the x and triangle buttons if it bothers you too much. There's not much more to add so I won't do another report on the game tomorrow. This game is definitely getting a recommendation and I'm putting it in my top five at the end of the month, probably even in the top three. Sorry to heat that, hopefully you'll come back for the next event. I was most looking forward to reading your thoughts on Drakengard 3, Deception IV and Sengoku Basara, so maybe 'til next time. Good luck and see you soon.