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  1. Not sure how active this thread is anymore, but this is a heads up to any participant from this or any previous KYC event. If anyone is interested in a NA PS4 digital copy of South Park: The Stick of Truth, PM me for a free copy. I'm not interested in replaying it and I might as well give it away before the code expires at the end of the month.
  2. Game #5 Days 9-10 Boy I just keep delaying these longer than usual. Asura's Wrath is a spectacle fighter in the same regards as a God of War, albeit with the speed of a Hideki Kamiya game. The main reason for the comparison to the God of War series is not only due to the game's emphasis on quick-time-events (which I'll get more into later), but also for the similarities Asura's story shares with Kratos's story from GoW 2/3. Asura gets betrayed by his fellow demigods, comes back from the dead, plans on getting revenge, dies/comes back a few more times, and meets a girl similar to his daughter. The focus on the daughter-analogue is quite a contrast to GoW 3 as we could plainly see Asura's surrogate daughter is the spitting image of the original; GoW 3's Pandora is said to look like Kratos's daughter but I can't even remember what she looked like from her few seconds on-screen in GoW 1/Chains of Olympus, so anyone could be mistaken for Kratos's daughter for the little that was established for her. Asura's quest for revenge is fueled not only by the betrayal of his comrades, but also in an attempt to get his daughter back, so when he loses his surrogate daughter it makes sense why Asura gets his Dragon Ball Z moment. Kratos is intent on killing the gods, damning the grave consequences, and Pandora was just a parrot that wouldn't shut up about courage/hope or some pretentious bullcrap that didn't fit with the game. The conflict with the demigods is a good introduction to how mad the story of Asura's Wrath is. The planet of Gaea is under attack by some demonic forces called Gohma (no, not the Zelda worm boss), thus Asura and his fellow demigods use their spaceships and powers to fight the monsters from space. Asura manages to stun the Gohma boss to remission, so the other demigods plan to get stronger before it returns. To do so Asura's daughter is kidnapped as a vessel to pray for their strength and her parents are killed. Asura comes back from the dead after 12,000 years, sees that Gaea has become a barren wasteland, and that the demigods are using human life to further increase their strength. The odd part is how humanity prays to be killed by the demigods that way their souls could ascend to heaven. Asura is seemingly the only sane person and sees how the demigods and humans have lost their respective way. I already covered the surrogate-daughter subplot so the second half of the game should be about Asura's eradication of the rest of the demigods, return humanity to thinking, and maybe get rid of the Gohma. The breaking point for some people would be the gameplay. Some of it consists of using light attacks, heavy attacks that need cooldown between each use, and long distance shots to build up a special meter. When the special meter is full Asura can start a long cutscene that is composed of quick-time-events. These quick-time-events are the crux of the game as that's where most of the story is conveyed and they take up more than half of a chapter's length. I'll have to verify later to see if the quick-time-events are like Beyond: Two Souls where the scene plays itself regardless of success or failure. Another odd choice is the third type of gameplay, rail-shooter sections. Asura could lock-on to targets or just shoot them, simple as that. One last thing i should bring up in regards to Asura's Wrath is its presentation. It's presented like an anime series with an intermission, just without the ads, and a preview at the end of each episode that kind of spoils what will happen next. It does a better job at presenting itself like a TV show than Resident Evil: Revelations did. It's sort of like Robert Rodriguez's Desperado where it does the minimum work to establish the action scene and then lets the spectacle occur. I'm curious to see how the second half of the game goes and whether I should be angry that they withheld the fourth part or that they even bothered charging money like Dante's Inferno did with DLC that was ten minutes long. For now I'll put Asura's Wrath at the top of the list as I'm curious how Asura's tale goes and the fights do go intense at times, even if a certain game with the Dragon of Dojima is going to take that place when I get to writing about it. Game #6 Days 11-12 Boy is this the third boring game I've played this month. I kind of miss playing trainwrecks like Battle Princess and Shinovi Versus as at least I could make fun of their stories or some other inept design. Child of Light is an RPG about a princess named Aurora that's dead. She turns up in some new realm and is told she could be revived if she brings back the sun, moon, and I forgot what the third thing was, from the Dark Queen. Aurora is accompanied by a firefly and meets up new meatshields along the way. Three chapters in and none of the party members have caught my interest. Aurora sometimes speaks in rhyme and is worried about her dad, the jester uses the wrong word at times and is worried about her brother, and the dwarf is timid and got kicked out by his elder. Why should I care about these characters if they've shown nothing truly heroic or camaraderie between themselves to make me care about the team. I have a pretty good guess who the Dark Queen and Light Queen are, so I'm hoping the game's story isn't simply using cliches like Accel World and passing them as shocking revelations. The battle system is pretty decent, I just wish it was used for a better story. Your party consists of two characters and you need to time your actions correctly. Some actions will be quick while others need prep. If you get attacked during that time you'll lose that action and will need to wait a bit for another chance. This applies as well to enemies so it's pretty engaging to screw enemies in acting while making sure you don't get flinched to death. Aurora quickly gains the ability to fly but there isn't much to do in that regard. The visuals themselves are kind ouf washed-out blues with a few browns and greens, nothing too impressive. So far I'm not a fan of the game and I don't see a return for quite a while. Child of Light is going in my bottom seven and I'd recommend people to play Ni no Kuni instead if you want a more vibrant RPG with a battle system that also needs real-time action.
  3. Game #2 Days 3-4 Welp, it's a couple days late but I'll try to get the games out of the way. Resident Evil Revelations starts out with Jill Valentine searching for Chris Redfield, but the roles quickly reverse with Jill becoming the rat in the cage. If you didn't play Resident Evil 1 then it'd be difficult to care about the two characters as this game does a poor job at establishing any unique personality for the flat characters. The game tries to be a horror game but the addition of a partner that tags along yet does little to aid in battle isn't appreciated. Other things that have been removed from the core series: the health bar that is replaced with the screen turning red at near death, green herbs fully restore health and remove the red herb and health sprays, auto-saves are done and removes the typewriters, papers documenting the descent of madness of previous survivors, and puzzles seem to consist of weird puzzle grids rather than looking for items to open locks that no sane person would make.. Why bother with a horror tone if the mechanics that made supported it removes the challenge of surviving? It's disappointing to see Resident Evil try to return to its roots but it just goes through the motions. I'll rank this game in my bottom seven at the end of the month, which is such a shame. Game #3 Days 5-6 Lumines: Electronic Symphony is a puzzle rhythm game that's alright. I would describe it as Tetris that consists of 2x2 blocks that have 3 differing patterns based on two colors that fit the theme of the song. Unlike Dyad, Lumines doesn't overflow you with a visual overload and you can actually take time to appreciate the visuals and music. It's good at small doses, but even then it's difficult to recommend this game to others unless they're willing to spend hours to get better to see all the themes. I'll probably place this game in the middle or upper half of the top fifteen, so it's neat to have played a game that didn't turn out badly. Game #4 Days 7-8 Ninja Gaiden Σ Plus is the Vita port of the 2004 XBOX game, and it's a dinosaur that somehow still manages to stand out among competition from the past decade. Ryu Hayabuyasa wants revenge for his village that was massacred for a powerful sword. The main problem with the game is the story as it knows what causes emotional motivation, but not why it works. The village destruction tends to be effective when we know how the main character is connected to his hometown and its villagers, but here we don't know much about Ryu and the village is only known for being the home of Ryu and the sword. I'm guessing the main villain will be Ryu's trainer since that person knew about the sword and the one that grabbed it looked familiar to something from the residence. Ayane from the Dead or Alive series shows up and merely serves as the narrator for Ryu's tutorials. Rachel's twin sister apparently got killed by the main villain and boy she clunkily gave that exposition. Rachel sticks out with her Leifeldian design: high heels, multiple leather straps, the main ensemble riding it hard down there, Gainaxing breasts, and a sole shoulder guard. Unfortunately the first five chapters haven't had a moment that sticks out like something from a Hideki Kamiya game. The main attraction of the game, the spectacle fighting, still holds up and boy is it brutal even in easy mode. The game makes you use block and roll dodge if you wish to survive the enemy encounters. Unlike Deadpool, this game has enemies that alternate between melee and guns with the former being the killer weapon while the latter is an annoyance that's manageable to counter. There are combos that could lead to air combat, which nudges out the one button combat of Dante's Inferno. Magic is useful as a defense rather than replacing your sword, which X-Blades and Blades of Time used overpowered magic in place of combat that felt like cutting air with a bookmark. Yup, Ninja Gaiden knows its priorities when it comes to presenting challenging combat. Kind of a shame the camera is hard to control like a 3D Sonic game and, as mentioned before, the lack of an engaging story or phenomenal moments. I'll probably keep playing bits and pieces after the event is over and it seems safe to put it in the top seven at the end of the month.
  4. Game #1 Days 1-2 Yup, I could see why Crimsonidol said Batman: Arkham Origins is boring. I mIght as get the plot out the way. Batman chased and beat up Catwoman in some rooftops, yet again met up with Catwoman at Blackgate Prison, and learned that the prison was split into three factions controlled by certain villains. During my brief time with the game I played the Joker section and his stichk was poisoning people and holding the warden in a SAW-like trap. The Joker made no grandiose plans and saw Batman more of an annoyance rather than a player in his game, which is odd as Batman's best villains like to have some sort of confrontation. Look back at Arkham Asylum where Killer Croc, a tertiary antagonist at best, threatened to eat Batman upon their brief reunion at the prison. Heck, even the Penguin in Arkham City in which he mocked Bruce Wayne at the start of the game and made it difficult for Batman to get a cure for a disease that would kill the Dark Knight and several people in Gotham. Blackgate fails in setting up interesting villains to face against as the only motivation we have is some people that might get killed in the medical ward. Saving medical personnel was like the second thing Batman did in Arkham City, don't just rehash it and make it the most vital stake. Catwoman seems to be set up as the final boss and even then I just have that hunch since she's the only character that has had a meaningful conversation with Batman. There were a few cutscenes with someone in the prison talking about how Batman can't find out what they're up to, but what is it? Again, in Arkham City, Hugo Strange talked about "Protocol 10" and even used the public speakers to give a reminder of how many hours before it occurred, so it gave the player something to look forward to. It better not be setting up the Suicide Squad 'cause I beat Deadshot with one pathetic kick from the line launcher; why didn't you use cover Deadshot?! Blackgate is at its core a Metroidvania game and boy did the Arkham mechanics not translate well for this genre. The main challenge of Metroidvania games is getting from point A to point B while dealing with the enemies spread out or using the tools given to you to solve the environmental puzzles; Blackgate has a handful of designated fight sections with most puzzles just being solved with throwing your batarang. A majority of this game is just spent trudging along hallways and with no tension it gets quite boring quite fast.But wait, what about finding save stations so you could recover health and save progress? Forget it, the game autosaves nearly every time you open a door, health regenarates if you're not fighting or inhaling gas, and if you die you'll just respawn in the last checkpoint. Teslagrad had the environmental puzzles that felt satisfying to crack and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero had platforming gameplay with enticement to discover new powers, so what does Blackgate offer? Nothing. Play the previously mentioned Arkham games or the two aforementioned Metroidvania games. Blackgate is going in my bottom twelve at the end of the month and I probably won't come back to this game for a couple of months.
  5. My favorite handheld game is Pokemon SoulSilver.
  6. A virus that causes an increase in strength and intelligence, so what are the repercussions? It sounds like the virus Albert Wesker managed to activate after getting killed for the first time, so there should be a catch for these girls. Although having seen the story for Shinovi Versus, I have high doubts the writer/director knows the definition of a virus.
  7. Leader: Sly Ripper What: The dispute system Who: Parker, who'll be 36 this years old and has PS+.
  8. Grimydawg? He'll be 36 this year and he used to use the Shockmaster as an avatar.
  9. The event is less than an hour away from starting in my area, so I'll just post my stats now. Completion: 78.44% Games completed/played: 174 games/272 games Earned trophies: 8,200 trophies Unearned trophies: 2,171 trophies Looking at my list I have high hopes for Yakuza 3 and Resistance 3 for either game to be my #1 at the end of the month, Asura's Wrath will be my darkhorse pick to be in the top 3, and I dread if Dungeon Siege 3 or Batman: AO Blackgate end up in the same regards as El Shaddai as dull borefests.
  10. Just checked their Steam page and yup, over a dozen games with the most generic, placeholder titles imaginable. They made a freaking clicker game on a Patreon of $14k! Based on the reviews of their last game it seems their audience is getting fatigued from the constant releases, so who knows whether they'll eventually get a writer or close shop. I'm surprised that Clannad hasn't received some news regarding a port since it has a following and it's like the grandfather of modern visual novels, alongside Fate/stay night and the Ace Attorney series. Regarding Ame no Marginal, I'm guessing that's where Hyperdevotion Noire got the inspirations for its last recruitable character. Based on the synnopsis of Lucy it sounds like Chobits, which is right up my alley. Gosh damn Narcissu's premise sounds depressing but the story seems like it's uplifting despite such circumstances. Hopefully more visual novels do show up on the Vita that way Amnesia could be buried deep below the actually good visual novels. And wow, it sounds like Toma got his own game in Root Letter.
  11. Shovel Knight and Rogue Legacy are pretty good, hopefully you enjoy them. La-Mulana and Life is Strange have gotten decent reviews in previous KYC events so those shouldn't disappoint. I'd warn against playing God Mode as a video from Totalbiscuit showed that game to be not set up properly for single-player use. Good luck with the format as it might get hectic with two game reviews on certain days. Yup, basically Zito and Takahata do a MST3K riff on visual novels and Nekopara was a prime target for derision. Freaking main character talks about loving the girls like his kids but then it becomes fine when they want to pork, even catching the brunette buffing her baloney. The dialogue is pretty cringeworthy when one character called the guy a "horny pastry puffer" and one girl gets heated talking about the stamen of a flower; freaking girl would get excited just from staring at a pencil for too long. My main problem with the game was how catgirls have to be educated to get catgirl licenses, making me question as to the social status of catigirls, how smart (or rather how dumb) are they, and just how does age correlate to a catgirl's education. The Sakura series also seems like a steaming pile of shit, based on the playthrough Game Grumps did of Sakura Spirit. The game starts with the protagonist blabbing on about how martial arts is great and he's going to be so great, that and some dude getting aroused thinking of his own sister, freaking damn it. Honofics were used way too much with the protagonist getting called -kun after just a short time and I forget which girl pairing used the honofics poorly as well. I remember my rage inducing point where one girl covers herself in chocolate. If this game is set in feudal Japan, why is chocolate a common item despite it having been mass produced a little over two centuries ago? If we were to believe that the cocoa bean is common in that fantasy setting, how can that small village make enough chocolate to cover a person? How is it that you could dip your body in chocolate and miss parts around your hips, let alone one part in the cleavage? Ugh, at least the playthrough had the dulcet tones of Ross's girl voice. Are there any visual novels you're hoping get ported to PS4/Vita? I'd like to play Cho Dangeki Stryker for the third act, but that doesn't seem like it'll ever get a port.
  12. Aside from the camera perspective it sounds like Dead Rising 2. Dead Island doesn't look like a quirky game, so I'm looking forward to seeing if the story is a steaming pile of garbage or if there was actual effort in writing it. Sweet addition of The Nonary Games. I've heard that the final puzzle got altered from the DS version, so it'll be interesting to hear as to how the Vita version is. I did a Google Image search on Nurse Love Addiction and it looks good while being centered at a nursing school(?) instead of a hospital; at least it's a visual novel that wouldn't be featured in Yes Yes Love Adventure Go! The first two titles I was curious to hear from you in the previous KYC event, and it looks like you're even more eager to play them.This is the first I've heard of Rime and it looks like a gorgeous game. Good luck with Watch_Dogs 2 as well as it seems more lax than the dull original. I'll be praying that Valkyrie Drive doesn't crush your spirits.
  13. Thanks. I'm praying that this praise turns out to be fitting, unlike what happened with the praise that Shinovi Versus got. I'm hoping Dead Island is at least in a similar level of quality of stupid zombie smashing as Dead Rising 2. Nice to see you make a comeback. I wouldn't recommend Rainbow Moon since the game's story isn't all that great and it's easy to see why a bunch of people gave up on that game with nothing to hook on after a couple of hours. To prevent burnout play the Nonary Games or any visual novel not named Amnesia. I would have recommended the Action catalogue, but I saw a video on that SAO game and boy are the animations horrid for fighting and flying, so basically all the action looks dreadful. Easy seems like a good way to prevent burnout but my goodness are the minigames in Danganronpa 2 tedious. Hard has Tales of Symphonia and Muramasa Rebirth so those are a big plus. It seems quite a few people want to play Mugen Souls Z so it'd be interesting to see how that game is judged by several people.
  14. I'm in. I'll take the challenge of 15 games/ 2 days each. Here's my list and I doubt it'll change before July. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Resident Evil Revelations Lumines: Electronic Symphony Ninja Gaiden Σ Plus Asura's Wrath Child of Light Yakuza 3 Dead Space Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defenders DX Dungeon Siege III Resistance 3 Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Kingdom Hearts Dead Island Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment Hopefully the smaller games help with preventing burnout. I'm also hoping to see if previous members, like crimsonidol-de and ladynadiad, will make a return this time; if not, at least a cameo or two.
  15. It's been quite a while since I've given an update and there wasn't much to add in regards to Deadpool or Firefly Diary. In terms of KYC3 I could talk about Nier and Conception II, while flashing back to KYC2 for a Red Alert 3 update. Conception II I finished the third dungeon and recruited the last member and boy is the game lackluster so far. After having played the Mementos dungeon in Persona 5 it became quite blatant why Conception II's dungeons feel so boring and repetitive. Every dungeon is broken between a hallway and a room full of enemies and there's nothing to get excited about. Despite the main dungeons being themed around the Seven Deadly Sins, each dungeon looks the same with just a different wallpaper. Contrast that to Persona 4 where one dungeon was heaven-like and another was a nudie bar and these dungeons were also randomly generated. Weapon selection is pretty limited as I haven't been able to change the weapons for the women, there's no need to buy many healing items since you could heal using magic and exit/return a dungeon to restore MP without consequence, and enemy designs are bland so you can't be amazed as to what a new enemy looks like. The character recruitment just feels like they throw a tool for the player to use, with no moment to shine or establish some depth for the characters. Freaking Koromaru from Persona 3 got a bigger celebration for his recruitment and he's a freaking dog. I'm poofed out of dungeon crawlers for a while thanks to Persona 5 so I'll have to ditch Conception II for the meantime. Red Alert 3 Thanks to fang7744 for putting up with my screwups, we somehow managed to finish the co-op campaigns. All that's left for me to do is do a few more skirmishes but my goodness am I struggling with the 3-on-1 handicap match. I'll come back to it in a week after I get recharged. Nier Man, I had this game ranked #3 out of the ten I played in KYC3, but after completing the game I'm downgrading it to #5. I was hoping there would be a better explanation of how the world worked but I'm left hanging with a few questions like: How do Shades reproduce? Is there a system of reincarnation for the general population? What was the point of the five year time skip? Why did Weiss have to do that action in the end? How does Ending D work when that was never hinted at before? It's freaking sad that I know more of how FFXIII's world works despite not knowing its jargon yet I understand the verbiage behind Nier but not how its world works. While there were a few highlights like homages to Resident Evil's Spencer Mansion and obtaining items in Zelda, I would have preferred some build to either the world or some of the characters since the two best ones were Kaine, a vulgar woman, and Weiss, a sassy talking book. Boy was I disappointed and I can't recommend people to play this game if you want to be excited about Nier: Automata. Hopefully Nier: Automata makes me care more about the characters. Once I feel in the mindset to properly play games again I think I'll tackle a few games from previous KYC events to at least finish a proper playthrough. Mirror's Edge One Piece: Unlimited World Red, Dead Space: Extraction, and Shadow of the Colossus seem like games that I'm not far off from seeing the finish line so those are possible choices. I would like to make some more space in my PS3's HDD so I could either clear out the shorter games or just add some of the beefy games for the next KYC that way I could at least chip away at them. Hopefully everyone has been doing well and may the lists turn out a few surprises.