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  1. Hi, I ended up getting the platinum (didn't attempt the DLC, that is broken for everyone) last year some months after I created this thread! I have to say the game is good on PC and could have been a lot of fun on PS5 after you get used to the controls, but there's a lot of content missing and the probability of having crashes and save corruption is way too high. Like @HuntingFever said, the game is pretty much abandoned on Playstation until proven otherwise - they're working on fixing this port, but it's been a real long time. I'm still on the official Discord and there's been no news about our platform for ages, and all bugs and glitches weren't fixed. Some people there say the game is unplayable. Still, I believe the platinum is possible for most players if you have a lot of patience to deal with crashes, and it would take you just around a day or so too. What I did at the time was delete my save, reinstall the game and start from scratch. This is a bit like Mafia 3 - I couldn't really close the game or try another game mode, otherwise my save would corrupt (meaning, the game would crash my console on the loading screen - this would be fixed if I deleted the save) and all my progress would be lost. I did the cooking lessons first all at once (I had one or two crashes while moving from one lesson to another and had to delete and start again, but it's very quick to catch up), then I moved on to career mode and did whatever trophies I had left all at once again. Not sure if you need sandbox mode for any trophy, but if you did, then I did that one after career mode. The last trophy I did was the one about spending X hours playing the game, I just left the game open on some mode after deleting yet another save and put a rubber band on my controller, didn't get a single crash. Also, in case somebody is having trouble and wants to try: some players advice to store the game on external memory and not on console; and also to switch the 4K video transfer rate setting to -1. I didn't notice any difference, but it's worth the try.
  2. So, is the platinum still available or was the server shutdown on the 14th confirmed?
  3. I've played the whole game these past couple of days and I was cleaning up my save file to reach 100% completion. I left all challenges for last along with the missing collectibles, and I managed to complete everything without issue up to a certain point. The first challenge of Pirate Island (Legion 101) glitched for me, and I couldn't beat it at all. As soon as I killed the last enemy of the first wave (bronze tier), the game crashed. It was an auto-save point, so that was probably the issue. Also, for some reason, the water on that area and some others is also red, so it was probably the glitched texture that was messing up with the save. I don't see this issue documentated anywhere else, or on the older PS4 version, but it's still worth mentioning because it can happen to other players. Reinstalling the game didn't cut it for me. Gameplay wise, I tried to let the NPC finish the last enemy for me or to use different moves in battle, but the game still crashed. I also completed another challenge to make another auto-save in hope it would unglitch whatever was going on, but it also didn't work. I was about to give up on this save and start from scratch, but I remembered to try and clean the system cache and rebuild the database and that did the trick! After 10 minutes, I could complete the challenge without any crash.
  4. It seems that the newest Asterix game's platinum is unobtainable on both platforms, but player count isn't the highest to begin with. I checked multiple websites and no tracked gamers have earned some of the trophies; PSN rarity is at 0.00%. --- // Asterix & Obelix XXXL (PS5) [Shipyroni] // // // // "19003": [1, 13, 26], // Asterix & Obelix XXXL (PS4) [Shipyroni] // // // // // "19301": [1, 12, 13, 26],
  5. The only way to gain popularity is to serve customers (yourself; the ones served by your staff don’t count; toilers count, though) and make them leave happy. It’s as simple as that. You serve one customer and if you do everything right, they’ll give you one point. I can’t remember how many you need during level 6, but it’s 1000 during level 7, 3000 during level 8, and 5000 to go from level 9 to level 10 and pop the last trophy. I’m sorry to say you’re not even half way through the game. You can open the computer and you’ll see how many clients you have left to level up on that screen. Since it’s totally dependent on the flux of costumers that come to your store, it’s a very slow process. I’m gaining like 4% of popularity per *1 played hour* during level 9. To boost a little bit, always do those challenges that pop up from time to time (they’re the same as serving 10 costumers) and make sure the party bus is turned on. Never close your shop or reset traffic unless your orders are stuck and there’s nothing you can do to solve it (always save before ordering a deliver, sometimes if you load your save again and reorder the truck will arrive) - doing this will cost you popularity, and you may have to serve up to 50-100 costumers again to compensate. Keep your shop and toilet clean: hire all 5 workers and always place one or two in cleaning. Leave one or two employees to the workshop because there are too many mini-games and they take you much longer for just one point (or do them yourself if you enjoy, of course!). Always work the register and fuel cars yourself. Walls, decorations, etc. don’t matter, you just need clean garbage bins and some products to sell. You also don’t need to have that many categories for sale, they’ll buy whatever you have - pick a couple categories with small items so you don’t mess up the scan and some shelves and restock from time to time using big orders. Waiting times are also indifferent. So, it’s really 1 served customer = 1 point. Good luck, and don’t forget to have patience!
  6. Go to the Epic Store website, log in using your Epic account, and unlink your PSN ID from there (the option for that will be somewhere in the settings, it's a page called "apps and accounts".). Log out. Log in again with another Epic account that was never used to play Fall Guys (create a new side account if you need) and then link your PSN account with that one. Next time you boot up the game, you'll start from scratch and you can earn all trophies. At the time of writting, despite the several warnings Epic gives you, you can perform the same steps to come back to your "old" Fall Guys account with no problem, all your progress and skins will still be there when you link it back. You can even keep alternating between them. But, of course, do this at your own risk in case you care about your current Fall Guys account.
  7. I believe the only way to unlock your first free legendary item from scratch is if you reach level 23 in the crown rank (so, 254 crowns). The alternative is to reach level 89 in the season pass and pay to unlock the skin.
  8. @GamingWithV1ctor, unlink your Epic account on the website from your PSN account, create a new Epic account and link that one with your PSN. Then you can play from scratch on the same console. Be careful because there's a risk of having your whole progress deleted.
  9. Not my picture (source: u/stubarker on Reddit); but I got the same message today. Anybody have any idea what this is supposed to mean? The last trophy I need still didn't pop when I equipped a legendary item, so for me this didn't fix anything.
  10. Only if you start a new Epic account. You can't play with the one you used to pop trophies before.
  11. Was it for the "equip your first legendary item"? I tried it and it did not pop for me in a new account Well, I think this doesn't even have a fix, or at least one they would apply. They could have just opened up some forms back in May/June and have a couple of people manually grant the trophies people requested and deserved based on server data/past PS4 accomplishments. Probably less of a hassle than whatever it is they are (or should be) doing now.
  12. Is there any guide for the tutorial level? I did most of the game already, but I'm stuck on the rollercoaster that needs to meet the requirements (the gold star).
  13. I was playing the game on PS5 and I noticed that during booting and other loading sreens the console was making a weird noise that I had never heard it doing before with any other game (not sure if it was coil whine - it was like something was being scratched inside?). Since it wasn't that loud and it disapeared during playtime, I didn't bother with it. After some minutes, the game crashed, and so did with the whole PS5 system and I had to force shut down the console. After a quick search, I found out this is a common problem (someone even complained that their console was bricked because of this) that was already reported to the devs months ago, but it hasn't been updated after all this time. Is there any workaround or news about a fix, or will a game that doesn't work just keep being sold in the official PSN store?
  14. They are aware of the situation since the game launched five months ago, but they never reply. Could be fixed tomorrow, could take a year, could take literally forever.
  15. If you check PowerPyx's video on Youtube and sort comments by new, everyone is saying it doesn't work on 1.06 anymore.