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  1. Me and my friends play this game all the time and love it! None of my four friends or I have had tracking trophy progress issues, but I've read there are as well. I've almost got all trophies now with no problems I didn't even have to get extra kills because tracking 1000 kills is "buggy" like I read! My best advice is to just enjoy PUBG as much as you can! As for achievements try playing 3 casual matches every day if you can and use vehicles for more efficiency. After the 3 matches turn cross plat off and you'll play more bot lobbies if you're struggling like I was in real lobbies lol.
  2. I'm gonna try to turn off cross plat again for more bots thanks brother for reminding me.
  3. My man I appreciate the concise information brother!
  4. Thank you bro I will try this and come back to let you know how it went if I got more bots or not from putting on no crossplay lol!
  5. I ended up finding the last droid on the second location for droid spawns in Jakku I found in a YouTube video and I killed it twice and now I have 2/20 droids which is annoying because if I knew all the droid spawns I would have the achievement because I had 19/20. But anyways yeah man I'm gonna wait for an update or something because they wont spawn no matter how many times I reset or go to the 2nd locations. Sucks so bad brother I was going to be the 24th person on PS5 to get 100 percent on this one man. All good though, good luck to any others trying to get the mouse droids!!!
  6. You're not alone this will be my last achievement and the porgs are invisible for me and I had 19-20 before the reset and the last wouldn't show up where the map had him marked at. I went to sleep and came back to see my challenge reset and I reset my game multiple times and my console and this porg won't show up. Ill try looking on other planets and ill let you know what I find out.
  7. I would give a difficulty level of 1/1.5 only because the challenge maps can be tedious to some but if you're patient this is exactly what its bargained for which is a fairly "free platinum". Level 1: You're going to need to acquire 54 coins before reaching the end of the level. The trick to the end of this level is you're going want to be ready to go off to the left of the screen to where you're invisible and unhittable to the balls and that should be a free first platinum! Level 2: (132 coins) This is probably the easiest game as long as you don't miss any coins there is not a final area therefore it is not as difficult so just kind of make sure to get all the coins and not fall off in the beginning area and you should be more than fine and if you do just restart. Level 3: (119 coins) as you'll come to see all the levels that aren't challenge maps are just preparing you for the harder challenge games coming up in 1a, 2a and 3a so don't be discouraged just learn the maps and get prepared for harder games. This one is very easy just make sure at the end you look at the top of the screen and put the basket where the ball will be accordingly! Level 4: (72 coins) Most of the coins are straight forward but when you get to the traincart/mineshaft area make sure you jump over all fences or you'll lose coins when you get hit don't worry you can pick those coins up in a forgiving way in this game but in the challenge version of the game you'll need to be ready to dodge those they are way more punishing and make sure to catch all moving coins or you'll have to restart to the beginning. Level 5: (29 coins) When the mission starts jump up to the top platform this is where you can just go straight and miss no coins as long as you don't drop down. After you get all coins just make sure you understand you can restart the boss are as many times as possible the coins no longer matter just the time! Level 6(3c): (12 coins) This is where the challenge finally begins in the walkthrough you guys need to just be patient and make sure you learn where to be around when the coins fly toward you. I kind of stayed top left corner and just fell into the coins just make sure you react fast enough and don't fly too low is the main thing! Make sure to look at the top of your screen and put the bowl under the balls it should be the easiest challenge map ending for you guys if not no worries just reset the game and try again! Level 7(4c): For me this was by far the hardest game I'd say out of the bunch because of the railroad area being so unforgiving but I continued to not give up and finally got it! You guys, more than anything just become comfortable in the railroad are and learn the timings of when walls are coming, and coins need you to jump into them and this should be a cake walk but that's easier said than done. Good luck and don't feel discouraged in letting me know your least favorite areas in the comments! Level 8(5c): (10 coins) Now this one is on the easier side but more than anything it's just really tedious. You want to stop jumping in that second area on the platforms with coins under them. Try to fall and while falling jump into the coins under the platform one you master that it should be a cake walk. Tip: When falling after getting the coin you need make sure you fall onto lower platforms which are diagonal to where the coins you collect are.
  8. I decided to make a guide for this achievement because it's like 6.5/10 overall difficulty achievement and maybe this will help some people get the hardest trophy in the game and a shiny platinum! Tip #1: Replay all the other maps (the maps you keep failing) as many times as you need to master them. Tip #2: Be patient this can be a lot to learn at once and it doesn't have to happen in one day/sitting. Learn from your mistakes and improve on what you can at a time! Tip #3: If it becomes too difficult try to mimic or copy some of the things I'm doing and implement it into your gameplay. For the final tip just comment down below if you're struggling and I'll always be here to help and respond to you guys looking for guidance or just to learn how to become better at Sackboy!
  9. Overall difficulty is 1/10 and this game is honestly very easy if you just follow the guide. Kinda "over the top" game if you ask me though HAHA. 1. Hurry up. 1. Swimming. 1. Why is it abandoned. 1. Apologize. 2. Why are you discouraging me? 2. You like worried. 1. Keep going. 1. Keep asking her questions. 1. I have no doubt. 2. Tarot cards. 1. Its fine really. 2. It's worth a shot. 2. I don't remember. 2. What was it like years ago? 1. I should worry. 1. Say something. 2. Alright, alright. 1. It'll be fine. 1. But it was fun 1. Take a deep breath. 1. Yes, I did. The End! FREE PLATINUM WHOOOOO.
  10. Sakura Succubus IV is a very easy and honestly really "silly" game. Overall, I would give it a 1/10 difficulty if you follow the guide, and it takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete! First thing you want to do is go into preferences and turn on skip unseen text, transitions and after choices. Now put text speed and auto forward time all the way to the max. 1.Maybe you have a point. 1.You could never disappoint me, Hifumi. 1.Have a bath. 1.Sure thing big sis. 1.It looks adorable. 1. Why don't you try gentler approach. 1. I thought it a good story. 2. Of course it won't I'm a gentleman. 2. Begrudgingly accept. 2. I don't know if that's the best idea. 2. I doubt that. 2. Sure I'll give it a try. 5. If I get killed by the speeding volleyball... 1. Hang with Cosmos. 1. Its fine don't worry. 1. Actually you're heavier than I thought. 2. I'm sorry if I did anything to upset you. 2. Sure cross my heart. Thank you, guys, I hope you enjoyed the guide! Message me down below if I can do anything to help! Peace and have a nice day.