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  1. Yeah agreed. It was basically a fresh save minus manuscripts / kills and Nightmare mode. I was happy to earn 'em all again but by the end I was so sick of Alan's lack of stamina lmao.
  2. Yep, that's right. Ran through the game again on PS5 for Platinum and had to collect just about everything except manuscripts on a fresh save. If you import a completed PS4 save you can skip a second Nightmare playthrough though since that and the manuscript trophies will autopop.
  3. Loved it back on the 360 and I agree that it still holds up as a fantastic game even in 2021. Even if it was just a touch-up I'm glad they brought it back, especially if they are planning a sequel.
  4. I've finished the PS4 version and earned the Platinum with 100% on the DLC and imported my save over to the PS5 version, but none of the trophies for the PS5 version have popped automatically for me. Might do some testing with this later to see if some of the trophies can be earned by recollecting one item, but at the moment it doesn't look like a save transfer will work to autopop (noting that it just detected the PS4 save on my PS5). It might be possible to avoid entire playthroughs on the second version with this though (i.e. if your transferred save has 100% you might just be able to complete the final mission on Nightmare to unlock the trophy, etc). If anyone else has any thoughts or findings, please share EDIT: Just some findings: You can load the last chapter from your PS4 save and finish it on Nightmare for that trophy. If you pick up a manuscript page it will pop all the manuscript-related trophies provided you've collected them all. Killing enemies with any weapon will pop the kills trophies if you have enough kills. The Coffee Thermoses seem to disappear once you've collected them so it's probably not possible to collect that trophy on a PS4 save, might require another playthrough.
  5. Just about to finish The Writer for my 100% on the PS4 version; has anyone imported their PS4 save over to the PS5 version yet, and if so does it autopop everything? Just looking for some confirmation since I haven't really seen any mention of trophies autopopping with the complete save transfer. EDIT: Imported my 100% + DLC PS4 save over to PS5 with everything filled out and nothing popped. Not sure if there is a way to trigger the trophies popping again with a complete save.
  6. Working on 20,000 trophies total and Gold II rank by the end of the year!! 450 Platinums as an extra goal
  7. This was basically my Plan B if I didn't get that initial parry, haha. But if you do manage to hit that then you're set for the battle and he never does the meteors.
  8. Agreed with this, also just earned the Platinum and I'd probably say it's a 5 or 6 out of 10 if you are prepared and go into it with some good strategies for bosses. I thought it was just the right amount of challenge and had a pretty fun time adjusting to the bosses' attacks knowing how much damage they dealt. Few things that helped me: I bought upgrades in this order: rot hammer first, then rot arrow, then enter the fray, then parry courage. Past that I beefed up my shield and got 6 arrows in my quiver. All meditation spots are a must. I had just come off my collectibles playthrough so I remembered where most things were; I had 65 Rot before the Woodsmith fight so I had more actions from that point on in the game. You probably don't need Level 4 Rot (3 might do) but I had it just in case. Parrying is (of course) very useful but I had to learn not to get greedy with my strikes; you can afford a few hits but try not to waste your courage on flowers if you can help it (I still used them to heal). For the final boss, the final phase is extremely annoying but you can stop the boss from doing that busted meteor attack. Run to the left as soon as it starts and parry one of the ads to get one courage and knock the spear off the boss's back before he can do it. Make sure you have enough courage to knock the next two off or he'll do it again. Good luck if you're going for it! 😁
  9. Ghostrunner is one of my favourite games of last-gen so I was ecstatic when I heard it was getting a next-gen upgrade, and it definitely looks incredible in 4K!! I managed to earn the Platinum fairly quickly without an imported save because I wanted to fully enjoy the game once again. All that said, my experience was a little disappointing due to technical issues that I never recall experiencing on PS4: The music will skip or cut out completely during levels The SFX (of the sword particularly among other things) are quiet or completely missing Cutscenes being extremely laggy with delayed audio The crashes!! In the six hours I played my game crashed 9 times and I had to restart entire levels again - seemed to happen if I mashed the restart button right after dying 😅 Aside from all that the gameplay is still as fluid as ever. Has anyone else had similar issues? Please share your own experience if you've played 🙂
  10. Popping in to share my experience with the trophy and the Platinum. - I went for this trophy after I had all my characters at Level 20 and chose the Legendary Multiverse method. - I levelled Catwoman up to Level 30 to complete the Multiverse events / Guild Multiverse events, and equipped What I Want to earn her more gear for the 250 pieces of gear that need to be sacrificed. - I always sold my gear to complete the random ability Multiverse events, as well as ones that offered Platinum / Diamond mother boxes. Never really bothered with only Gold ones. - Joining a Guild is important, you need 200,000 Guild credits to basically guarantee that you will get the ability when you complete the Legendary Multiverse (-50,000 for each Catwoman ability you get out of a box, if she is Level 20). - I downloaded a spreadsheet to tick off which abilities I'd obtained (and to calculate the odds of me getting Cat Call 😅). - For the 3000 minutes, I would load up the Battle Simulator and equip my AI Level 30 Catwoman with Common gear while setting her AI stats to runaway / defensive and the CPU to Very Hard. This drew out fights as long as possible and since the AI was losing most of the time I only had to hit retry in most cases. I reached about hour 45 of my grinding and then ended up getting Cat Call from a random ability Multiverse event (go figure!). This is the best method and you may get lucky on the way, but be prepared for a long journey. 😩
  11. Twice so far my game has crashed and corrupted my save. I completed the final Performance test and earned the trophy for completing all Tests - yet the all Performance tests trophy didn't pop. This is actually beyond a joke, why does this game crash as much as it does???
  12. Oh dear. My physical copy arrived just today. Sure can't wait to run into this problem multiple times 😅
  13. I didn't encounter the problem during my NG+ run but I accidentally started a "secret level" I didn't even know existed, and when I finished that it booted me to the main menu. Stressed me out because I thought it would wipe my progress after I'd read this thread but thankfully it was alright.
  14. For what it's worth I reached around 680 trying in that corner, but I managed to (accidentally) get myself stuck in the corner on the opposite side of the path and I reached 1000 first try.
  15. Once you have maxed out Achilles' and Patroclus' affinity, you'll get dialogue (at some point) from Achilles about "risking it all" to be with Patroclus in Elysium. When that happens, you need to break his contract which can be found in the administrative chamber. Nyx will tell you where it is once your affinity with her is also high enough. I'm pretty sure I had also completed the Nyx + Chaos prophecy first before she gave me the location of the contract.