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  1. Same here. Not too many bugs or glitches to speak of so far - I did have one world event bug out on me when I had to be anonymous to complete it (and I very much was) so I saved the game and loaded it up and it fixed the issue. I imagine this should fix most of the problems.
  2. This is correct. You need to have the Searing Demon Soul on that specific playthrough for Ed to craft boss weapons / Northern Regalia. If you have the weapons in NG+ you'll need to defeat Flamelurker again and give him the soul on that playthrough.
  3. Aside from maybe one crash, I didn't have a single issue during my time with the remaster. For what it's worth I never transferred my save from PS4, I started a whole new game and did every trophy on PS5. This is really unfortunate though. Hoping that Insomniac gets onto fixing the problems because it's an excellent game.
  4. Thank you so much!! And a huge thank you to whoever discovered this glitch!! Finally got this ridiculous Platinum out of the way!! Did it on PS5 and it works just fine as well (you just have to hold the button to go up into the menu then network settings).
  5. Just got my Platinum as well, what a miserable grind haha. I was on about 53,000 kills and I'd done everything else. I just had Dark Domination muted in one-button mode while I listened to podcasts and did other things. Glad that's over!
  6. I can confirm that The 1% trophy now pops. Just had to finish one event upon reloading the game with the patch. The Full Metal Contact trophy also works now, so I've only got the distance trophies left. That said, no one has the Globetrotter trophy yet (not because it's glitched, but because it requires an absurd amount of distance). At the moment there isn't enough content in this game for me to keep on playing it so I'm probably going to shelve it until they release seasonal events / more DLC / anything.
  7. Thanks for the corrections, the list is complete now!! Thanks all!
  8. No issues at all with mine, been playing Spider-Man Remastered and some PS4 games here and there.
  9. Kind of regret buying this at launch, haha. Was really keen on the game after reading things about it and seeing the similarities to WipEout but there have been so many problems on the PS4 version with really slow fixes. Hope they fix the rest soon.
  10. Definitely could be possible, there are a few tracks I've definitely fallen off of. I'll look into it!
  11. I was just thinking how absurd the amount of KM for these trophies is. It's literally going to take 40+ hours to grind them and there isn't that much content left in the game... What do you think is the most efficient way to grind KM? I've been doing Aguila(?) since it's exactly 10 KM - I usually run 10 laps of that at a time so I'm probably averaging the same as what you're getting.
  12. Really?? That's interesting then, haha. Looks like those aren't bugged. I wonder what the distances are for the trophies (my guesses were based on Google searches...) EDIT: I just checked my total and I'm at 5,211 KM LOL @JesteR1701one how much of this game have you played???
  13. Reached Lv 100 and earned my Pro Skater Returns Platinum today!!! The grind was much better after the update - reached around Lv 88 after completing the challenges that were the most time-efficient based on my skill set, and then grinded the rest. Shoutouts to @ShadyWARcotix for the method. Happy to be done with the grind, but I still absolutely adore this remake.
  14. In that case I reckon you'll be able to do it. The speed classes don't affect the difficulty of the AI and so I don't think it's as brutal as it is in WipEout. There are definitely some tricky events in the Elite class in the campaign though. I'd probably go with around 7, higher if you've not had previous experience with WipEout.
  15. I'd say yes it is, but I'm still not sure if the team goals have anything to do with it since I still don't have the trophy yet due to the bug, haha. As for Gold medals on every event, the later leagues are very difficult; comparable to some of the nastier stuff in WipEout HD (but I don't think the AI is nearly as relentless so not quite at that level). Elite speed is no joke and it throws the narrowest possible track in the game at you towards the final few events. There's also one real pain in the butt event where you have to earn kills with nothing but Pulse lmao. I'm a massive WipEout fan and I found it reasonably challenging. If you haven't played a game like this, then I'd say the last two leagues are going to be extremely difficult to earn Golds in. You really need to manage your speed and health carefully while shooting for 1st places.