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  1. It's interesting because it definitely seemed like Abby was set on murdering both Dina and Ellie at the theater and if Lev hadn't been there I think she absolutely would have gone through with it. In that moment she was about as bloodthirsty as Ellie since she had just killed her friends. They both caused some significant damage to each other so I think it's hard to say if one was better than the other. Ellie seemed far more consumed by her thirst for vengeance while Abby was a little more level-headed (and that's probably because she'd already carried out her revenge on Joel). It certainly cost Ellie more, but she was also able to forgive. By the way - can we talk about how absolutely indestructible Tommy is in this game? I swear that he had died on at least THREE separate occasions and then he just appears in the next scene like ???
  2. Coming off my playthrough I'd say this game is a solid 7/10, maybe an 8/10 if you are really into it. Best in class visuals, absolutely sensational score - the gameplay is the same as the first with some improvements, but wears thin after about halfway. The plot falls flat and the ending doesn't stick the landing. If I had to describe the game in a single word, it would be meaningless. SPOILERS Having to explore Abby's relationships with her friends is meaningless because there isn't enough time to establish them as characters and you already know that Ellie slaughtered them. Having to play as Abby for the entire second half of the game is meaningless because she already achieved her objective and killed Joel, and the entire quest for Yara's arm (it might as well be a sub-quest) hardly matters because much like Jesse and a bunch of others, she just unceremoniously dies and there isn't enough time for it to leave an impact on the player. It's hard to be invested in the characters when the game just kills them off at random points and it doesn't help that none of these characters are particularly likable to begin with. Ellie's revenge quest is utterly pointless in the end. She abandons Dina and JJ because she is so blinded by it; it's frustrating that we spent so much time with Dina only for Ellie to decide that something so toxic as her quest for retribution is more important. When she finally catches up to Abby, she lets her go. Completely uncharacteristic of a girl who slaughtered hundreds of people to chase and kill the one that murdered the person closest to her. It's laughable that Ellie would even consider letting Abby walk away after what she put her through; having a realisation at that point that violence and revenge is bad because she recalled a memory of Joel is unbelievable and had me seriously wondering how some of the writing was even approved. By the end it feels like nothing was gained and nothing mattered and I think that's what bothers me most about the entirety of TLOU2. People were saying that it didn't need to exist and the fact that it does now proves it shouldn't. There are aspects of the game that I really liked (e.g. the flashback sequences and the way Joel's lie to Ellie slowly started to unravel their relationship), but even those aren't enough to save the other 80% of the story that doesn't even come close to matching what made the first game so special. Don't make TLOU3; let this story end now before it gets any worse. I went into it with an open mind to see how the story wrapped up and I'm glad I experienced it, but I didn't love it. My 2c.
  3. For what it's worth this is how I did it as well. I sat in the little corner near the end door and peeked out to kill the 6 supersoldiers when they came at me. When the bosses blasted out of the door, I threw an EMP in there and ran like hell; I actually missed climbing the ladder in the first few seconds and I thought I was done for but managed to collect myself and climb it quickly but not before taking a huge hit. I went from full health and full armour to only 40 HP in one hit and I almost stopped breathing. From there it was free. I tried almost every other method before this and fell at the gates every time. This one isn't completely guaranteed to get you there as things can go wrong in these kinds of runs, of course - but it has a good chance of working and if you make it to the vent you're practically home safe.
  4. Thanks!! DMC5 Platinum is seriously impressive too so good on you for that 😃
  5. 1. Injustice: Gods Among Us (0.29%) 2. DJ Hero (0.34%) 3. DJ Hero 2 (0.42%) 4. DanceDanceRevolution (0.77%) 5. Call of Duty: Black Ops III (0.77%) Honourable mention - Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, which was only just out of this Top 5 by 0.01%.
  6. Disc version for sure for me! Prefer to own physical copies of my games.
  7. Hotline Miami is tight. One of my favourites; got so much enjoyment out of it on my Vita during train trips. It's pretty hard though and certainly not for everybody but I had a hell of a time with it. Oh and the soundtrack is one of the best. Knock Knock still gives me chills.
  8. Congratulations and welcome to the club!! This is a Platinum to be proud of for sure. Great to see people still earning it in 2020! 😃
  9. It's a pretty good remaster in my opinion but the Rest Mode issue for trophies is sort of a bummer. I have pretty much everything except the Act 2 trophy because of that, haha. The game has crashed on me a few times as well at random points; either due to running too long or specific events. I tried to rob the same gun shop three times in a row and it crashed every time. Really strange. I don't think it's really impacted on my enjoyment of it that much though. Still having a blast.
  10. Wish I'd known to do this before I threw it into Rest Mode 😅 luckily the damage isn't too great, just have to replay a few chapters on Casual.
  11. I put my PS4 into Rest Mode halfway through Act 2 to go and do a few things, and then came back to finish it and the trophy didn't pop for completing it (I also forgot where Act 2 finished in this game). After that, I went to finish the collectibles and THAT trophy didn't pop so I knew something was up. Loaded an earlier save and got the collectibles again after closing and re-opening the game. Trophy popped. So weird. Now my timestamps are going to be hilariously out of whack for the main story. I also didn't obtain the "complete all Mayhem" trophy but I was able to earn the 100% for completing all districts (which...involves Mayhem, haha). So yeah, avoid Rest Mode or your trophies will probably bug out.
  12. I was denied the LUMINES Remastered Platinum for almost a year and a half because I just could not for the life of me complete the VS CPU mode without using a continue. I literally had every other LUMINES trophy from every other game released on PS3 / PS Vita - except this one. No matter how good I was at the game the AI would decide to win randomly / I'd lose my focus and make too many mistakes / become demotivated. It was the first trophy that I felt like I couldn't earn even despite how hard I was trying for it. I earned it a few days ago and it was the sweetest feeling.
  13. The game feels like it's a little bit buggy with the trophy pops. Most of mine were really delayed and didn't have the trophy image show up when they popped. I had to do "No Rest For The Wary" like five times in the same way before it actually popped. In most cases if you meet the conditions the trophy will pop - it might just take a while or you have to repeat a chapter or something.
  14. Considering Nemesis moves at like 6000% speed it is pretty ridiculously insane, haha. I think Capcom said that it's possible to beat the game using only the knife, so I'm sure (if it hasn't been already done) someone will beat it on Inferno that way. Would love to see a video of the last boss honestly.
  15. Much easier than RE2. Infinite Rocket Launcher makes the higher difficulties pretty free. 2/10? Maybe 3/10 because the final boss is a pain on Inferno and requires almost perfect dodges so you don't get trapped in hits until you die (but you can just spam rockets during the slow-mo aim you get from dodging and hope you blow up quite a few weak points in the process). Really fun game though!! I admit I did prefer RE2 but this one was also a fantastic experience - just a little on the short side. Hope they remake Code: Veronica next.