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  1. Just a tip for those of you trying the Hill Climb (Skill Climb?) Skill Game - I spent 2 hours getting 150-160m on the Mantis, and I gave up and got frustrated. Came back and tried the Helium in an attempt to get the Gold and I managed 202m on my third try. Helium OP.
  2. I was waiting such a long time for Kingdom Hearts III to come out. So, so long. I'm so sad it's so mediocre. I found myself constantly questioning how it was possible for them to take steps back from the amazing combat and worlds of Kingdom Hearts II. I was bored by the time I reached the Frozen world, and realised that the combat wouldn't really change much past pressing the attack button and then summoning my Disneyland ride to wipe the screen of enemies. I will admit that the Toy Box world brought me great joy, but every other one was just so...uninteresting. It felt like such a slog. I had such a great time earning the Platinum for the first two games. But this one...not this one. Makes me sad.
  3. As someone who finished Trials Fusion and all the DLC to 100% completion, I personally think this will be a very challenging Platinum; if not equal in difficulty to Fusion, then certainly much tougher. Much like Fusion, some challenges / trophies require zero fault runs on Extreme tracks. One trophy also requires the completion of a Ninja track, which is far tougher than a regular Extreme. On top of that, scoring a Diamond medal on any track in the game is insanely difficult and requires a near-flawless run. On some tracks on PS4, the top ten players haven't even earned Diamond medals (they're still sitting at Platinum). If you're really good at Trials, you probably won't have too much trouble with Rising - but if you're not or you're new to the series, it will likely be a challenge. Side note - the game is amazing. I'm having so much fun with it!! EDIT: Earned my first Diamond medal on the Bali Blast Duel. The time requirement for the medal is somewhere around 00:40.800, so this is probably one of the easiest tracks to score it on. No walk in the park though! I managed 00:40.317.
  4. Yeah, I'm definitely not doing this again after the hell that was Catherine on PS3. I had lost a large chunk of my sanity between Axis Mundi and the Rapunzel levels. Extremely difficult Platinum and while this list looks a little easier, I'm still going to pass on it having endured that already. The game is sick though.
  5. Does anyone have any legitimate strategies for the no retries trophy? I can comfortably reach Level 8 with some good play on my own but the CPU in that stage seems to just stomp me every time. For some reason I can beat Level 9 almost every time by just stacking blocks rapidly, and Level 10 feels kinda random. It doesn't feel like the CPU is at all consistent in this game, and I've tried outplaying them / turtling against them without any luck so far. Highest I've reached is Level 9 once. Would anyone be able to offer some tips? It's just this and the Endless trophies left for me.
  6. Huge congratulations!! 😄😄
  7. Good stuff! So it's possible after all, just very difficult. I'm confident that I can clear all 10 stages without retries if the stars align and I'm on a good run. Yet to finish the Puzzle mode fully but I finished it in Supernova and it's pretty similar to that from what I've done so far (first 30 or so). It just takes a long time for sure.
  8. With you here. I knocked out most of the trophies pretty early on having scored 100% on Supernova and Electronic Symphony, but the CPU mode is more difficult than anything I've faced so far in those games because it feels like there is a degree of luck involved in not getting completely screwed over. I reached Level 8 without retries ONCE, but Levels 4, 7 and 9 seem to be a little harder than the others and I'm not really sure why. Seems like the trick is to open really strongly and push your advantage - though I kept getting really unlucky in Level 4 and even when it felt like I was doing well I would just gradually lose space. Unless there's a trick to it, this is probably going to be the hardest trophy to earn. And yeah, the loading times are a drag. Even if it takes only a minute to beat one of the CPUs in a level, it's a pain having to wait between them.
  9. This list is very similar to Lumines Supernova on PS3 and that game was straight up HARD AS HELL. 180 squares in 180sec was insanely tough, but 320 IN 300? That's ridiculously difficult, not to mention all of the "Super Hard" puzzles and missions that are going to be included in the game. Then there's the CPU battles, and whatever the endless challenge is... This won't be easy at all. I'm going to go for it because I love love LOVE Lumines, but I'm already thinking this Platinum is going to be real hard to achieve unless you're an absolute monster at the game (and even if you are it won't be a walk in the park!).
  10. For those of you struggling to make it past a certain range of points, here's a tip - take the time to enter Training mode and lab some basic combos that will reliably earn you guaranteed damage when you are able to convert off a stray hit. Here are a few other random bits of information that might help: I would rely on SSJ Goku's standard 2H to super dash, then I'd land two hits and do his rapid kicks into a Kamehameha. Eventually I learned to link this combo by switching Goku in after I'd landed a hit with Teen Gohan, and even managed to extend the combo with some heavier hits in midair. Find some standard confirms and practice them until they work well because your opponents will likely have done the same. Learn which character is your weakest and make them your strongest because a lot of games will come down to just them left - and if you pop Sparking Blast, you want to be strong enough to mount a comeback. My Trunks was really weak initially and in dire situations I would attempt to hit his Level 3 super for a quick win (Heat Dome does so much damage). Eventually I learned some basic combos with him and it ended up winning me a few games I would have lost if I wasn't practiced. Use those damn assists! You have your opponent in the corner? Pressure them with your assist and mix them up with overheads / lows / Dragon Rushes. I never used Trunks' assist until I hit around 400,000 BP and it has such obnoxious rage and stopping power that I was actually mad I wasn't using it earlier. If you're looking to win lots - hard and fast - try SSJ Vegeta. His assist is the best in the game and if you put some work into the character you'll definitely go far. Take breaks frequently as well. I would lose a match after winning three when I was up past 510,000 BP and I became so frustrated with the game that I would just forget my basics and fundamentals in the next one. It's important to keep a cool head when playing. Good luck, guys!
  11. I've been getting a lot of Premium Coins from the shop, so I don't think I have a lot of items left to earn. I wouldn't be surprised if the shop closed after that - but surely they're going to add lots of obtainable items with the DLC characters and such. It is, but finishing a handful of fights and earning 13,000 Zeni in around 20-30 minutes isn't as fast as earning 6,000 Zeni every 2 minutes if you just use that farming method in the story. That said, Arcade is a lot more fun and far less of a mindless grind.
  12. Yeah, same. But I'm also a little bit hesitant. If they had Zeni prizes on offer for the upcoming modes, the amount wouldn't be that much more than, say, the reward for the story mode. That's enough to get you a couple of in-game items and a few Premium Coins for participating. I don't think that the 20,000,000 Zeni trophy will be obtained by many players. Unless of course they just decide to make a huge cash prize that would effectively let you buy half the items in the game at once.
  13. I...I remember this. I also did this! It sucked! I don't think I spent anywhere near 6 months on it though - pretty sure I was distracted by other games before I got that capsule. There's a method you can use in the Hard Mode of the story where you basically reduce the HP of three opponents to next to nothing in a certain fight. You then deliberately lose, save your game, and repeatedly load that fight so that you can just kill all three of them really quickly. With 3x Victory Zeni Level 6 equipped, you earn about 6700 Zeni when you defeat them. You quit the game during the following cutscene, and just load the fight again. This method nets you ~6000 Zeni every 2 minutes or so, which is around 180,000 Zeni each hour. So with around 6 hours of'd have a million. That's still upwards of 100 hours, but...until someone figures out something quicker or they introduce microtransactions, it's the fastest way to reach that ridiculous number. Unfortunately it does mean you have to finish Hard Mode, but you do get a lot of Zeni for doing that too (I think it's around 80,000 per arc). EDIT: I'm about to beat the second arc on Hard and I have 906,129 Zeni acquired to this point. Egh.
  14. Thanks, it sure took a while. 😤 I decided to play some story on Hard afterwards to reach the point where you can farm Zeni and I realised just how long it will take to actually earn even 1,000,000, let alone 20,000,000. Like there is literally no point to accumulating that much Zeni. It's an obnoxious amount. I think I'm just going to farm maybe once or twice a day and try and earn some in between other games because I don't want to grind the story out for 50 hours...
  15. HELL YES. The most satisfying K.O. I'll earn playing Ranked. Finally made it to 530,000 BP, friends! The grind to be good in a laggy game mode full of disconnects and quitters is, at last, over. Quick breakdown and a couple notes: This absolutely takes longer than most trophy guides would suggest even though it is largely dependent on skill - if you're a good player it will still take hours upon hours to reach this rank. Including story, occasional local matches and training, I've put 81 hours into the game at the moment and I've earned a measly 676,000 Zeni. The money grind is going to suck. My team is SSJ Goku / Teen Gohan / Trunks. I find that my team compliments each other really well with assists and tags. It's important to find a team that you have synergy with and I find it's more effective in the long term over just picking up top tier characters to win. I've played 369 online ranked matches and won 241 of them, so my win rate is 65%. Of course, for the purposes of trying to earn this trophy I would deliberately fight players with Green / Dark Green / Blue squares (and occasionally Yellow or Orange if I was feeling good about my win streak). Don't be demotivated by quitters and disconnects - the trophy is certainly hard because once you reach the Supreme Kai and Demon ranks, losses start to affect you significantly and the last 20,000 BP is really reliant on wins. Good luck, everyone!