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  1. Seeing so many new players join the Mein Leben club is so awesome. Congratulations to all of you!!
  2. The hardest for me was Wolfenstein II. The sheer defeat I felt booting up Mein Leben straight after a painful mistake is something I will never forget. It took me a month to conquer that mode. A close second is LUMINES REMASTERED, because the AI in CPU mode is brutal. A whole year of on and off attempts before I earned that Platinum.
  3. That's good to know at least. I assume you are doing it on the PS4 Trial version?
  4. Hey all, just earned the Platinum on the PS5 version of the game I downloaded free from PS+. Awesome game, really loved my time with it. I've been reading this thread and thinking about transferring my save to the PS4 version to auto-pop the Platinum on that if possible. I think it's been mentioned in this thread before, but the PS4 version of the game doesn't seem to exist on the store outside a Trial version. I also don't have the option to transfer my PS5 save or upload it anywhere. My question is, has anybody here successfully transferred their PS5 save to the PS4 version of the game (Trial or otherwise) and auto-popped the trophies on that one? I don't mind if they don't all auto-pop; happy to do some clean-up as long as it somewhat works. If so, how did you go about it? Thanks!
  5. I really liked Odyssey; exploring the Greek islands was so exciting and fun and Kassandra was an excellent protagonist. I think I put around 100-110 hours into the game to earn the Platinum and 100% all DLC. I would say it's one of my favourite AC games up there with II and Black Flag. It's such a shame that (in my opinion) they dropped the ball so hard with Valhalla. I found that one to be so boring and such a slog compared to Odyssey. Orlog was fun though...
  6. Just earned the Platinum; here are my general thoughts. Good stuff first; it's a pretty solid anti-grav racer and it scratched the WipEout itch for me for the duration. Soundtrack popped pretty hard when I could actually hear it. The campaign was a lot of fun to play through with a decent amount of variety in modes / tracks / speed classes, and I would say that it was pretty adequately challenging overall (except for that damn last set of races). I liked the amount of customisation possible with the ships, even though I didn't really spend too much time with it. The not so good - custom loadouts for weapons didn't really grip me as much as picking up random weapons; would definitely have preferred that as well as some proper feedback when picking something up. I had issues with the menus / UI as well as how the campaign was structured; some of the events were really confusing with their requirements and the optional objectives for the teams were just as unclear (and didn't matter at all). And of course, there's the trophy collecting element. Once the campaign was over, I'd racked up 6,000 KM in total. When I saw how much was needed for the Globetrotter trophy, I was floored. If not for the out-of-bounds glitch I probably would have given up on this game a long time ago haha. I think it's definitely worth a play if you're a WipEout fan or want to play something like it - but if you're aiming for the Platinum, strap yourself in because it's a damn long and boring one.
  7. Thank you for this!! It's soooooooooo many km to grind. This will make things a hell of a lot easier.
  8. 8 so far. Spider-Man: Miles Morales Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Demon's Souls Sackboy: A Big Adventure Immortals: Fenyx Rising Resident Evil Village Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Returnal
  9. This was extremely useful while working towards the Platinum!! Highly recommend!!
  10. I'm with a lot of others here; pretty difficult to begin with but it ultimately becomes far easier when you know what builds work best. Definitely not 8/10 in my opinion.
  11. I second this haha. I turned it off 30 minutes into the mode, makes things much quicker.
  12. I tried the Knife approach for a little while and found it wasn't working for me. Swapped to fully upgrading the starting pistol (damage and rate of fire) and buying mines and pipe bombs with my leftover lei. I'd always buy the Magnum in the second round and use it exclusively on boss enemies or quick kills to keep the combo I had. I think this is definitely the most reliable way. I ended up with S ranks on all the stages in about 2-3 hours once I spent a few tries learning the layouts.
  13. Earned my Too Pure For This World trophy today!! Started a fresh new game and counted my Slig kills from level to level. It wasn't too bad and I knew I could spare a few kills in the final two levels. Breakdown was: The Raid on Monsaic: 0 kills The Ruins: 1 kill The Blimp: 0 kills The Funicular: 0 kills Sorrow Valley: 4 kills Phat Station: 0 kills The Hijack: 2 kills Reunion at the Old Trellis: 0 kills Slig Barracks: 4 kills Necrum: 6 kills The Mines: 3 kills The Sanctum: 0 kills Escape: 6 kills FeeCo Depot: 3 kills The Yards: 4 kills Brewery: 24 kills Eye of the Storm: 25 kills Total: 82 kills Good Quarma in all levels except for Slig Barracks / FeeCo Depot / The Yards which I sped through. Now I just have to initiate a mudok-alypse for my Platinum trophy! EDIT: Achieved my Platinum!! Thanks for your help, everyone!! I've never deleted a game off my PlayStation so quickly haha.
  14. Awesome!! Let's finally get to Platinuming this broken as hell game!!
  15. Just got the 100%, still think this is easily the worst of the 3 DLCs even though it slowly picked up the more I played. Fixed camera angle was still a terrible design choice. Honestly think this game might have been better off without the DLCs.