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  1. This literally carried me through most of Gold Survival, haha. This bow + the 5 shot ultimate is actually ridiculous; it hits like 9-10 enemies. Hunter is my favourite class to run by far at the moment.
  2. Made it through Gold Survival earlier today, so just working on reaching Lv 20 with Ronin and Assassin now before the raids drop. The jump to Nightmare from Gold is just ridiculous as others have said; I'm 105 and the oni enemies in even the story missions are just tanky as heck and most of them are tethered. My first completion was with someone that was hopelessly underlevelled so it was a miracle we even survived - took me like 50 minutes and I don't even think I received anything worthwhile, haha. That said, I really enjoyed the Gold Survival run I had with randoms and we all learned to work together really well over the course of the hour so I'm actually heaps looking forward to the raid chapters (hopefully they have some form of matchmaking).
  3. Not sure if it's already been asked, but is the XP gain the same across finishing Bronze / Silver / Gold story missions or do you get more XP doing a Gold one? I assume you would get more for Gold but if not you could just complete Bronze missions over and over again for the all characters to Lv 20 trophy. I got my Samurai up to Lv 20 and now I'm working on my Hunter, and I dived straight into Gold missions with my current gear. It's not too bad really but I'm still not sure if it's more time efficient or not to play Silver instead. EDIT: Got ~450 XP from a Silver story mission, and ~650 XP from a Gold one. When you're at the level you're probably just better off doing the Gold for the gear anyway.
  4. Thanks!! Um, as far as the time trials go I mostly just relied on triple spin for pretty much every stage as it was enough to get me to most Platinum Relics without too many attempts. I had to use one or two time trial ghosts to learn where to save some big time (particularly in Shipping Error) so that's also a good idea if you are finding yourself far from a specific time. As for individual levels, there are a few ways you can get around some of the trickier levels (e.g. The Crate Escape on N. Verted has that slow underwater filter so it makes the ending much easier for N. Sanely Perfect, or boosting backwards towards the camera in the jetboard sections to slowly creep down and smash the missable boxes). Other than that it was just running a level through and then once I had a good run with all boxes I'd do it again while it was still fresh in my mind. Hardest levels for me were (understandably) Toxic Tunnels and Bears Repeating (I actually had a harder time with it than Building Bridges).
  5. Earned my Platinum trophy tonight 😁 nothing gave me TOO much trouble, but Toxic Tunnels is definitely a gauntlet. (Spent longer than I should have on the Platinum Relic for Shipping Error...) Some thoughts to share; game is certainly difficult but pretty fair (in most cases - sometimes I'd encounter odd glitches e.g. Crash's momentum from sliding on goo just stuck with me and I would randomly go flying into enemies, or an enemy that hadn't rendered yet just killing me LMAO and I'm playing on a Pro so that's even weirder). I had a lot of fun learning the levels and going for the hidden gems / perfect runs and I think I managed about 6 or 7 Purple Developer Relics along the way. But yes, this game can be incredibly tough for a lot of people to finish let alone Platinum and I had my own share of frustrations in some of the level design choices. After finishing it up I think difficulty-wise for Platinum it's closer to a 7 if you're experienced and 8 or 9 if you're not. Good luck if you're going for the Platinum!! Definitely a challenge!!
  6. Good job!! Yeah agreed in that it's definitely not impossible but still pretty difficult even if you're a veteran - I'd say 9/10. I'm on 34/38 N. Sanely Perfects and 34 Platinum Relics - just some gem clean-up and four more levels and I'm pretty much done.
  7. To be honest I would still have preferred the Running Shoes, but I suppose this is what they wanted to go with this time. I've heard people talk about re-assigning spin and slide buttons; that might work for you. I've just worked out the timing for the spins over playing I guess.
  8. Triple Spin is great for getting through most sections quickly if you're timing it right but sliding and spinning with that exact right timing is faster. Very very hard to pull off consistently though, takes a lot of practice. Then on top of that you have to single-life the entire level...
  9. Just a handy list of the Platinum Relic times for each of the 38 standard levels so you know what to shoot for (the game tells you only after you've got a Gold Relic, but I figured having a list of all the times would be convenient and a lot of YouTube video guides only have the runs without the actual Platinum time). I'm missing a few times due to jumping straight to Platinum or not trying them yet so if anyone knows the times I'll add them in. Rude Awakening - 0:53.97 N. Sanity Peak - 0:43.81 A Real Grind - 0:59.11 Crash Compactor - 0:42.66 Hit The Road - 1:34.11 Truck Stopped - 1:18.86 Booty Calls - 0:59.56 Thar He Blows! - 0:47.79 Hook, Line and Sinker - 1:19.69 Jetboard Jetty - 0:53.86 Give It A Spin - 1:15.58 Potion Commotion - 0:54.61 Draggin' On - 1:51.59 Off-Balance - Off Beat - 1:09.16 Home Cookin' - 1:57.55 Run It Bayou - 1:42.97 No Dillo Dallying - 1:30.16 Snow Way Out - 1:18.81 Ship Happens - 1:10.76 Stay Frosty - 0:53.50 Bears Repeating - 1:29.01 Building Bridges - 1:05.44 Blast To The Past - 0:52.83 Fossil Fueled - 1:20.84 Dino Dash - 1:35.70 Rock Blocked - 1:43.50 Out For Launch - 1:20.01 Shipping Error - 2:06.62 Stowing Away - 1:13.37 Crash Landed - 1:43.15 Food Run - 1:44.63 Rush Hour - 3:34.00 The Crate Escape - 1:47.51 Nitro Processing - 2:15.69 Toxic Tunnels - 2:01.66 Cortex Castle - Seeing Double - 1:25.11 Best of luck on your Platinum runs! 🙂
  10. I'm at about 71% at the moment but I definitely know I can reach the Platinum in time. There's just so much to do in the game; it really is excellent value for money haha. Still thinking it's a solid 9 or 10 difficulty-wise. Platinum Relics definitely the toughest part imo.
  11. Went from Lv 56 to Lv 599.
  12. Shatter was so cool. I really miss the PS3 days of trophy hunting sometimes - there was some insane stuff in that era.
  13. I don't think they are. I think they are just bonus times that you can shoot for if you're a total master of the game. The ghosts for those times pull off lines that are just unfathomable to me LOL they cruise through the levels at light-speed. As an example I just pulled a 1:50.85 (Platinum Relic) on Cortex Castle and the TFB time is 1:34.19. It hurts my brain to think about how you'd even save more time on this level 😂 EDIT: I watched Demulant do it in 1:25.51 and now I firmly believe anything is possible
  14. 😂😂 seems to be the key!! Cortex Castle N. Sanely Perfect Relic went down this morning, so I'm comin' for that Platinum. Still would say this game is going to be around 9/10 or 10/10 difficulty for most (my opinion!).
  15. I don't think you need Purple Developer Relics for the Platinum Trophy. I'm really enjoying the challenge of the game personally. There are a few BS sections (those 4 crates in Crash Landed while riding Polar) but for the most part I'm managing everything just fine. Only one Flashback Tape left (the second-to-last one was a monster!). Definitely feeling like I can Platinum this game in due course; I had a no-death run of Cortex Castle earlier but forgot to break 2 of the boxes near the beginning LMAOOO