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  1. PSN: MiSS_CoLouRz Want more trophy hunters on my list
  2. MiSS_CoLouRz I have ps3, vita, ps4 and vr feel free to add, i like having fellow trophy hunters on my list! i can help with mp trophies too if we have the same game
  3. MiSS_CoLouRz Feel free to add
  4. Looking for some more trophy hunter friends, feel free to send me friend request and messages (=
  5. Hi feel free to add me: MiSS_CoLouRz, i have ps4, ps3 and ps vita just put psnprofiles in the message
  6. Can't go wrong with a bit of Run The Jewels
  7. Thank you to my lovely friend Alex who just bought me the new Assassins Creed <3 <3 <3

    1. redcar200


      Alex must like you. Plus I need better friends.

  8. PSN: MiSS_CoLouRz. I have PS4 and PS3 Please put psnprofiles in the message thank youu
  9. Looking for trophy hunter friends, PSN is MiSS_CoLouRz i have ps4, ps3, ps vita
  10. Around 43,000 before I switched to PlayStation for good, now my 360 is basically one big dust collector
  11. its called LittleBigEaster Eggs. People in EU got it for free using a code I think it looks nice
  12. PSN ID: MiSS_CoLouRz PS Systems: PS3, PS4, PSVita I accept all friend requests I get, don't care if they're blank
  13. MiSS_CoLouRz I accept all friend requests always down for making new friends
  14. Hi anyone can add me - MiSS_CoLouRz I don't have many ps4 games so i mostly play GTA 5!
  15. Picking up Far Cry 4 later today. Very excited :D

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    2. SoIidWoIf


      Was going to then I ordered Dragon Age instead, just arrived. Hope I don't regret it.

    3. GoldenWolfHunter


      enjoy the honeybadgers

    4. MiSS_CoLouRz


      PS4! It looks soo good, I loved Far Cry 3 so I'm sure i'll like it haha. Also hope on picking up Dragon Age in the future.