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  1. Hi guys, does this also affect the ps3 version? Or the game modes has only beeen removed on the ps4 version? Because i dont see anybody talking about this in the ps3 forum.
  2. Hi there! I was wondering if it is required to play the campaing missions in an specific order to unlock the "That's a lot of them, and only 4 of us" trophy, or you can just go to public match and play the random missions you want and complete them in any order you wish? Thanks!
  3. Hi there! Like i said in the title, Do you know if is possible to play with a friend if i own a PS3 physycal copy, and he plays via PS4 / PS5 with the Ps NOW digital copy of the game? (Red Dead Redemption 1 and all DLCs). In other words, there is cross-play between ps4 and ps3? I don't really understand how Ps NOW works to be honest. Thank you in advance!