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  1. The game is patched now.
  2. It kinda depends on how the developer or whoever has programmed it. I got instant Platin on FF7R, Crisis Core and Tony Hawks after starting the game and loading the old save from the cloud(ps4). Didn´t even had to load a specific file. Cyberpunk gave me one random trophy and that´s it. They even stated that there will be no real autopop with cyberpunk but you could prepare save games on key points before getting specific trophies. Btw the Save Files are loaded into the cloud via the main menu of the specific game and not via the psplus cloud. There are some lists out there where you can check how some of the games behave.
  3. You are all talking about the gameplay perspective. I don´t know why you guys are so adamant about criticizing other preferences or playstyles. Time is valuable for most of us and i enjoyed the game AND the story, even with this bug. I can stress it again: it was my first time playing this classic and i really liked it. Now i am happy to go back and play it again how its meant to be played. Stay frosty :3
  4. I wish i had your insight of this game when i played it for the first time. Never used Shana or Miranda. Good to know for future runs. 👍 We talk about a 10 bucks game, not a car. Calm down. I had my fair share of fun while playing it so this thread is not about complaining or criticizing like some people might think. Just a point of view.
  5. Who said i had a miserable experience? Unlike many trophy hunter, it was the first time for me playing the game. I didn´t know about the bug until i was at the point of getting magic. It is like stop reading a book midway.
  6. Hey guys and girls EDIT 27.02.23 Seems like they brought out a patch just now. If it works it´s a win. There are probably some spoilers here. Be Careful! i just got the platin of this game and i got some mixed feelings about this. First thing is, i am not an og gamer of this game. I grew up with FF7 to 9 and never heard about this before but a friend of mine recommended it to me because it is a classic JRPG and he kinda knew my preferences. Just telling this because it doesn´t matter if you are a newcomer or not to this game. You will get the plat. State of the game right now is that it is freezing a soon as you use certain magic or my favourite, if the enemy is using magic, namely There are only 3 missable trophies and these are: Extinguish the Spirit of Feyrbrand Extinguish the Spirit of Regole Extinguish the Spirit of the Divine Dragon -these are some optional Bosses you have to do before entering the divine tree Have a Blast at the Carnival - Play some carnival games - I am not sure about this one. You can do this after you met Haschel and did the tournament. Is it missable? Wish upon a Star -collect 30 Stardust - This one might look like a missable trophy but it is not The rest of the trophies will be obtained by just playing through the game. Including Rags to Riches STARDUST There are 50 stardusts in total in the game and you don´t have to collect all for any trophy. Still the rewards are very nice especially the one you get first for 10 Stardust. (You´ll get a reward every 10 stardusts) The physical Ring will boost your HP and make one of your characters very tanky at the start. The GAMEFAQs guide is still holding up pretty well and will guide you to platin if you want it step by step. I used the guide very late because there´s not much to miss, so i used the Fandom Wiki most of the time. OPTIONAL BOSSES This game has more than these 3 dragons as extra bosses but the game doesn´t want you to slay them all for trophies, so yay? To be honest i cannot give you a guide to kill the dragons but i can tell you that leveling a bit before these will help to kill them and make the end of the game a cakewalk. I didn´t know these guys were missable so i finished the game first, reloaded a save and started to do a couple levels. So where are they? Well, you cannot miss these cute little dragons but you can skip them. Hence the name optional, i guess. They are in the Death City Mayfil and this is also almost the point of no return at the end of CD4. Be warned at the end of Mayfil there is a boss named Zackwell and as soon as you kill him, the dragons will vanish. I don´t know why they did this because after Zackwell you can still backtrack to almost everwhere but, whatever. I say this: Feyrbrand and Regole are not a threat, if you have problem with these, don´t try Divine Dragon Divine Dragon does a lot of damage 2k+ AoE Fill your inventory with healing breeze use your damage items if they are stronger than your attack (Try and rewind if needed) Transform max. 2 Dragoons because you´ll need one guy to spam heal items I chipped Divine Dragon in about 90 minutes of trial and error with bad preparation at lvl 33. You can do better if you prepare, trust me. MISCELLANEOUS So this is the order of Ch4/CD4 with some notes Death Frontier Spring Breath Town Ulara Outland Village Rouge Magical City Aglis - IMPORTANT SEE BELOW! Law City Zenebatos Death City Mayfil - the optional dragons for the trophies Divine Tree - as soon as you enter, there is no way back ??? Why is the Magical City Aglis important you might ask. There is a challange you have to do to continue the story and if you give the right answers you´ll get an awesome item. Every Dragoon has to give an answer and the right answers are: thx to gamefaqs again If you did everything right, you will get Psyche Bomb X a couple screens later. If it is only Psyche Bomb rewind and try again. This item does AoE(no element) damage and will make leveling characters a breeze AND it is reusable (once per battle) Sidenote: Item damage is calculated by the Magic Attack stat of a character so use your items wisely. Magic Freeze Bug (26.02.2023 PS4/PS5) Let´s talk about this little party pooper. Most, but not all magic(in Dragoon state) will soft lock your game You can try to figure out which one is working and which is not but i skipped the magic the entire game (more grind and items did the trick for me) BIG PROBLEM: The Endboss(Zieg) is using Dragoon Magic too and this will also freeze your game Here is how i did it: Rewind is your best friend here give the game time to breath or it will crash like mine Zieg is programmed to use his first Magic as soon as Dart attacks (Easy fix: Dart is healing or defending) The AI will always do the same, if you are doing the same Example Albert - Perfect Gust of Wind Dance Zieg - Magic -> game freeze REWIND Albert - Perfect Gust of Wind Dance Zieg - Magic -> game freeze AGAIN REWIND Albert - Imperfect Gust of Wind Dance (one missed input) Zieg - Single target move on Haschel Continue until Zieg uses magic again and rewind with another attack, heal, defend I hope you get the point. By the way this works for every encounter in the game. The AI changes depended on your actions. Try to use this to bait out attacks. I did it with the Divine Dragon as well. Another Sidenote: If your character misses the target, there is no need for rewind. It won´t work. They will always miss. Sometimes enemies are in a evasion state where they just can´t get hit. Indicator for this is a certain camera position and the fact that they can´t get hit.(...I´ll revisit this in the future, maybe) Use this to heal or defend. This Thread is probably for people who are desperate as me to finish this game and don´t want to wait for a patch. (if there will ever be one) One last thing: If an item states repeatable, it means you can use this once per battle without losing the item. Keep an eye out for these. Wish someone told me that earlier... No, there is no Cross-Save... I really liked the game, characters (except Miranda) and story. Some of the mechanics didn´t age well but i can understand why people call it their favourite. Even if the JRPG scene still feels a bit niche. Guess i´ll replay for the double platin as soon we get a patch or when i am bored enough to start the grind again. Have Fun
  7. that would explain why my counter was so high before i even grinded this trophy. (was my last xd) Sometimes i was so eager to activate my signature but i couldn´t and i didn´t understand why. Good stuff
  8. Sign me up Hopefully it will encourage me to continue after rushing through AC2 to AC3 in 2021 Assassin´s Creed II Assassin´s Creed Brotherhood Assassin´s Creed Revelations Assassin´s Creed Liberation Assassin´s Creed III All on PS4 so there was no extra DLC List
  9. Any Singleplayer game that has multiplayer trophies. Tomb Raider, TLOU, AC Blag Flag to name a few. Also Mp trophies that just look not doable. Like Emperor from The Elder Scrolls Online. Play FF13 though^^
  10. Just tried it and got the last missing trophy. I like that nobody bothers with the conditions of this trophy with the latest patch/DLCs and everyone is using a workaround. Was a bit of a hassle because of my 2TB SSD but CoD games do the trick. They are big AF. FYI: You´ll see when done right in your download section. The Version 1.00 is only 5.3 gigabytes. The latest version is 9.5 gigabytes. Big Thanks
  11. Some late insight. I finished my playthrough and got only the trophy for level 19 after beating it. However, i got "I want more" after beating level 20. (Annoying because i wanted to beat the game first before i start with collectibles and you need the chests from 1 to 19 for level 20) The guide says otherwise but well, better late than never.
  12. So the question is: Is the 100% completion worth 15 bucks? I skipped it. I like platin hunting but it´s not that important for me to 100% everything.
  13. and how do they justify their flag? The investigation to proof anything seem like too much of a hassle. Yes, for the first set it might be provable. This thread just got my attention mainly because i had another game in my mind where they flagged people for modded lobbies/players, which was GTA5. (or so i heard...) But it seems that´s another league then. I want to use the Cross-Save function for convenience so i just wanted to hear some opinions.
  14. I see. They are coded this way. Thx for the insight^^