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  1. Not much to choose from but i would go for RE2, fallout 4 or just more final fantasy games. ^^
  2. The sad part is that I already got the reaper randomly but I wasn’t able to beat him. Now I want to force him but he won’t show up.
  3. Yes, not a single gold chest.
  4. Hello there i am trying to spawn the reaper for over 2 hours now and even with recommended setup it won’t work. what is the recommended Setup?: 1. go to yukikos castle 2. open 20 chests in the first floor 3. save the game 4. go to the 5th floor and open both chest 5. if there’s no reaper, load your save game and repeat step 4 I heard that there are some chains rattling after you’ve opened the first chest on the fifth floor. but after endless retries I’ve never heard it once. thought it might be the lousy speakers of my vita. In the Video I saw, i heard the rattling every time even when the reaper encounter doesn’t occur. Soooo what am I missing? help me :3
  5. I would go for the trails of cold steel series. It was fun imo
  6. First off all I really love the character they have created with ezio. Never had such a nice character development in game like him before. I recently finished the ps4 ezio collection and i have to say the more open world Ubisoft goes, the more I got bored more easily. Revelation was especially tedious at the end. Good that there are some OoB glitches for this first person junk. I love open world games but AC kind of lost me with revelations. Still got the platinum for ac3 and this game is, from a Platin perspective, even more worse. now I don’t even feel like starting ac4 onwards. Probably because of more tedious open world junk and not to forget, the online part.
  7. Because unsatisfied people are always the loudest. I know lot of people who like the Game and also some who dislike it. But hey you got me with that headline. Good work!
  8. A command block in survival turned all trophies into a cake walk. Except online/Battle stuff.
  9. Good that borderlands 3 isn’t a „must play“ for me. I’ll just wait and get the whole package for 20 bucks later.
  10. So about a month later and i feel like i am into it again. It´s really the best to look for a character build and start from there. My Sorcerer can now solo any easy content such as dolmen, dungeon and even public dungeons and "almost" all world bosses. I don´t expect to platin it though. Yes i am looking at you Emperor! trophy. However i didn´t had any ultra rare trophies (at all) before and now i got 11 so yay. :3 The story continues^^
  11. Hello there A returning player is looking for some insight. I played this game like crazy in 2015 and i wanted to pick it up again just for some fun and maybe some trophies. Back in 2015 i reached the (now removed) highest veteran rank and started to collect some champion ranks after that and lost interest. Areas were not scaled and so i quested myself through almost all territories. Tamriel Unlimited changed a lot and now i see myself getting my butt kicked in starting areas with gear and skills that were totally fine 5 years ago. Is it normal to lose every encounter with 2+ mobs in a starting area? Group bosses were somewhat killable alone. Is that now impossible? I am really grateful for any kind of advice to hop into this awesome game once again. Some information about my character: High Elf Champion Rank 214 Sorcerer It seems that my gear is for CR 130. Whatever that means in terms of strength. I hope i found the right place to post and feel free to correct me spelling wise as this isn´t my main language.