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  1. I really enjoyed the Crew 2 earlier this year. If you’re into casual racing games and nice scenery this game is definitely a good one to pick up
  2. PSN: DylanSoda Region: NA-East Systems: PS5 Language: English Accepts Blank Requests: No choice anymore I guess
  3. Nevermind y’all I found a glitch online I just got both trophies in 5 minutes
  4. I’m missing the two trophies for fully upgrading both the sling and the equipment in order for me to get the platinum. I finished the game and now I’m left with chapter select, but when I go into the chapters the materials I gather won’t carry over for me to upgrade my tools. Do I have to start a brand new save just for me to upgrade equipment or does anyone have any advice for me that might help.
  5. PvZ Garden Warfare was 5 years 11 months between my first trophy and my platinum
  6. I've seen plenty of trailers of "Minecraft RTX" for next-gen consoles, and I know that it is currently being worked on to be better optimized for the PS5. Does anyone here know any timetable for its release?
  7. I was top 500 in the world in Roblox Phantom Forces for about 6 months. Also I held the world record for a short time in a specific race in The Crew 2.