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  1. That section of the game is just weird. I also had an issue during that part that was also game breaking, but a little different. I too beat the boss animal before the van. When I got the objective to get into the theater none of the gates would open. This bug is a known issue and there are listed solutions for it, but none of them worked for me. (Side entrance was also closed, gate didn't open on restarting the game ect ect ect. I tried all of them.) I ended up having to go way way way back in into the autosaves and play most of the mission again. Seems to me that beating Sasquatch out of order can screw up the game in a number of ways.
  2. This is you saying: Fuck you got mine! How gross. Patches need to be "throughouly tested" too bud. The next time you pay for something that's broken or doesn't work how intended I hope you remember posting this little gem. This worked like a charm! Thanks for posting this. I'm glad I got the game that I paid for to work even though I didn't pay full price.
  3. Oh my... this game sounds.... wonderful. It looks great too, but that sound is a beaut.
  4. I'm only a few minutes into the video and yeah... that looks really fun.
  5. I'm not trying to big dick this at all, but I was pretty good at Rondo. I'm not saying I'm elite or anything (I suck at games) but, let's just say, I have a very particular set of skills... when it comes to this era of 2D platformer at least. Rondo is hard because it's not like current gen, then gen before current gen, the gen before those gens, or a lot of other gens ad on ad infinitum... until the early 90s at least. Retro games, cheap knockoff indies, and revisiting similar games via emulator got me ready to 100% SOTN+Rondo with little or no trouble. It's a different way of attacking bosses, if you aren't used to it, those bosses are going to take your lunch money for awhile... UNTIL YOU GET USED TO IT SON :< The game isn't going to play itself on your terms through, you gotta figure out what it takes to do things the game's way.
  6. @Trans Foxgirl Welcome welcome. I hope being an active member of this place is a net positive for you!
  7. You too! I hope the games find you with minimal damage!
  8. I can't help you with RTS games. They never really clicked with me. I wouldn't be opposed to trying one if I got a good recommendation though
  9. I haven't played Neverwinter Nights yet, but I played a lot of Planescape Torment on PC. It is very very good. I played a lot of both Baldur's Gate games and actually preferred Planescape, but that is my favorite DnD setting so I am biased
  10. It does for PS4. I just found one for 20USD easily. Check and see if Neverwinter Nights or the bundle that has Planescape Torment is gone too. If those aren't gone too it's a real mystery!
  11. I just looked up the Baldur's Gate publishers and there are tons. The licencing is probably really complicated with that many companies having a hand in. Beamdog is what's listed on the NA store right now. Maybe it's an issue with that publisher? Maybe they had a deal with another publisher in Brazil that expired?
  12. Are other games that are affiliated with Wizards of the Coast gone too?
  13. You could be right. When I was looking at DLC trophies I did some googling and saw this was one people talking about. I made it a point to fast travel around anytime I was going to do something in another location or when I was starting a new session. I picked it up on one of those circuits no intentional farming restarts necessary. There's a good chance I just got really lucky.
  14. I thought this was going to be another drama thread until I clicked. I got pretty lucky with mine and got it via the fast travel method pretty quickly. I'll keep this in mind if I ever revisit the game on PS5.