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  1. This one goes out to all the incels in the audience.
  2. I don't like the look of the white PS5 controller. The dislike doesn't run deep enough for me to pay 5-10$ more for one that looks cool.


    I'm really glad everyone in my household has quit smoking. A dualsense with nicotine stains could possibly put me off ever touching a controller again.

    1. kindajustin


      Would the average dualsense controller really be around long enough to have nicotine/smoker stains set in deeply? I agree though, that sick stain would be gross on a controller. I'd prefer black or ideally a nice dark gray even. Lots of colors would be preferable

    2. nyarLOLhotep


      A good question. I'd rather not put it to the test though. In a perfect world a dualsense would be around long enough to be stained by each and every one of our favorite vices, no matter how far adrift your morals are.


      These prices however... I'm fighting to no reach for my tinfoil hat.

  3. In my lifetime I've probably put upwards of 100$ in House of the Dead 2 arcade. "No! Don't come!" will never not make me giggle.
  4. They are going to sell a lot of Vivi plush.
  5. I just posted a status update but then I found this, a wall mount for PS5:


    For some reason this tickled me to no end. Wall mounted videogames? Are we living in the future? I kind of want to have one rush delivered. My partner is visiting family and I want to see how long it takes her to notice the big ugly console on the wall and hear what she has to say about the big ugly console... on the wall.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. nyarLOLhotep


      @SnowxSakuraOh no.... is that your gamer cavern? Are you the tyrant forcing people to play Keith Courage on a 400lbs TV? That's the only possible reason you'd defend the aesthetic sensibilities of that game cavern, even in passing...You seem nice enough, but I'm not going to sit on that stool, even if you have the cheats for Bloody Wolf. 

    3. SnowxSakura


      No way I would use a CRT nowadays, gotta have everything hooked up to a 4k tv now 

    4. nyarLOLhotep


      ...the search for the Overlord continues...

  6. I can envision a world where Stranger of Paradise is never released. I don't want to get P.T.ed. I'm never going to chaos this chaos.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. nyarLOLhotep


      That's a relief. This demo has ensorcelled me. I want to see the finished product. There's work to be done, but I think this game could end up being a hoot.

    3. zizimonster


      Squeenix creates chaos so that we feel like in the middle of chaos, but the chaos itself is not real chaos. I don't even understand what I've just said.

    4. nyarLOLhotep


      Lay off the chaos man... it fucks your sleep patterns. You're going to have to chaos to set yourself right again.

  7. Perfect! Thank you! When I'm not playing FPS my resting hand position would put my fingers right where the uncomfortable spot looks. Both of my Dual Shocks are not long for this world so I will try one of these as a replacement.
  8. How are those shoulder buttons? That picture makes them look a little uncomfortable to press.
  9. I usually laugh a lot during the exposition dump/world building/protagonist has amnesia and needs to get caught up to speed parts of JRPGs. A lot of times the lore is so freaking dense and weird or there are tons of weird conceits that exist only to explain game mechanics. Renaming stuff so the game seems more original provides some entertainment from time to time as well. Stack wonky localization on top of it and I've giggled through the first few hours of many a JRPG.
  10. Oops. You don't have to touch his stuff. I remember now. I'm not sure, but you'll have ragnite to spare grinding the other trophies. I leveled him up as an after thought and was finished with him well before I had enough money to do the other trophies. Ragnite sells for so little it's almost not even worth the time it takes to unload it anyway.
  11. So, is it just me or does the "low battery" notification happen a really longtime before the PS5 controller runs out of juice? Maybe I'm just used to how quickly my Dual Shock 4s die after the notification with their old wore out batteries.

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      It seems to be an issue that the controller tells you the power is low when in actuality it has half its juice left. Weird.

    2. nyarLOLhotep


      I thought it seemed off. I wouldn't mind an update pushing back the warning or adding second one. They can change it from bars to percentage while they're at it.


      I almost died in the Bloody Palace because the warning happened so long ago I forgot it happened in the first place.

  12. I found the two keys to the fight were learning how to dodge his three different unblockables and using his boner for the player controlled character against him. When he does Stab! if you dodgeroll into him at the right time you'll roll over him and open up a pressure window. Because of positioning after this dodge this is your best chance to build towards stagger. When he does Evisceration! you can avoid it by dodgerolling away from him twice as soon as the prompt shows up and get that pressure gauge going. When he does the third one if you dodge roll to the side slightly it'll miss and, once again you can build pressure. Knowing the dodges helped me a lot because I could manage my ATB and be ready when it was stagger time. Having ATB for Ray of Judgement and for Tifa to do Tifa things is very satisfying after ducking, dodging and getting juggled in phase 1. @snibe's video is a clinic on stage two. Use his aggressiveness against him. He'll zero on who you're controlling and target them immediately. You can use that to maintain safe distance and pepper him with spells while avoiding having to heal. I personally did it a little different. I put down an Arcane Ward and kept my party close to it. It's a little risky because of the gravity orb thing, but it burns him down quick. Knowing that stuff it'll just take a little practice and you'll beat him before he does his cheap bullshit. EDIT: Having Elemental Material linked with Fire on Cloud and Tifa's weapons is a small thing, but does help in phase 2.
  13. Now that VA and VO talent has gotten better it's time for the people directing that talent to up their game as well. Stop telling your cast to say the ines the same way over and over and over again. 

    1. DaivRules


      Little secret: Those are the same lines recorded over multiple takes and re-used to save on paying the talent. 

    2. nyarLOLhotep


      Perhaps that was vague.

      Talent across projects and across mediums are told to say lines that are similar in a similar way. It would be good if that did not happen. For fuck's sake.

  14. Oops