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  1. Handsome Collection came out way before Commander Lilith. When Fight for Sanctuary did come out it was free for a decent while. They released it to hype up BL3's launch and after that was accomplished they didn't feel the need to be nice anymore.
  2. The year is 2021 and I'm looking forward to two hot new releases; Mass Effect and NieR. I'm also keeping an eye on a game that I didn't get as soon as I wanted because my cousin accidentally bought me Shadows Hearts for my birthday instead.

  3. Vault Cards are not fun.

  4. You have to buy it through the store using the interface on PS3.
  5. That one isn't included. Not all the stuff is included in the trilogy.
  6. Getting games as a gifts is pretty cool. Talking to the person who got you the gift when they don't play games much if at all can be really weird. Kind of makes you aware of all the lingo we tend to use and how fluently we speak trope.

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    2. nyarLOLhotep


      Is that the weird unlicensed one? I watched someone play some Cooking Mana once, it looks cute.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Well, not real sure what's going on, but it's on PS4 now. xD 

    4. Dreakon13


      I truly can't remember the last time someone else bought me a game xD

  7. I like the world's strongest videogame podcast: Let's Fight a Boss The Magnus Archives is kind of cute. I also really like the first 3 seasons of Welcome to Nightvale
  8. Sometimes you need to both sad and old at the same time.
  9. Is Frogwares still self-publishing? Kind of a same that all the legal shenanigans likely hurt their output.
  10. 11 days. 12 hours 58 minutes 22 seconds :(

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    2. Bittersweet


      C'mon, SE Store! Ship copies out early, lol~

    3. nyarLOLhotep


      @BittersweetHeh, two years in a row would be something huh?

    4. Bittersweet


      Indeed, it'd be ideal 😊

  11. Signs are pointing to it being a single trophy list. It's by no means a deal breaker for me, but I'm a little bummed about getting a third of my dopamine hits. Although, the trophies for ME1 were kinda brutal, especially given the state of the game on PS3. I'm cautiously optimistic about he re-do of part one and I'm looking forward to seeing how much better it is. I'm also really looking forward to my insanity run on ME3, I had such a great time on those playthroughs.
  12. I think the RE4 remake has the highest probability of ballsing this up. RE2 and RE3 were pretty easy games to remake. RE4, in my opinion, was kind of a lightening in a bottle situation. I seriously doubt Capcom's ability to replicate it. There's not one thing that makes RE4 special, it's a ton of disparate things and some of them were likely totally accidental. There's not no hope though. Some of the campier aspects of RE7 had a very RE4 feel to them, but I'm not optimistic. I think we're looking down the barrel of a super seriously scary RE4 and that's not the RE4 a lot of us want.
  13. Totally tangential, but I had to stop watching Yong due to his CDPR fanboying. He was generally pretty good but whenever CDPR was in the news I cringed so hard my soul nearly left my body.
  14. I love smark vocabulary. It's the best fandom vocabulary. I don't watch wrestling myself anymore but I love to listen to people talk about it out of context.

  15. I didn't experience any full out bugs, but the waypoints were a little fucky and the objective activation was off as well. You probably already tried, but you might want to run around the map a little bit. Try going past the edge of the area waypoint,ect and see if that triggers something. The last map is really bad for making you think the game is bugged out when it isn't, I thought I was bugged out by 3 different things during the last quest.