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  1. Hello hello, started my Destiny journey (late I know but all my friends played on xbox till that recent pre-rise of iron sale) about 2 weeks ago and I was wondering on how about getting those juicy trophies and any other tips you might have! I'm currently a warlock as my main (lvl 40, 304 light). Having problems getting light higher than 300, I heard you need to do raids for that but no one can seem to get their butts into gear and find a time to play... Thanks x x x
  2. I have some faith, Square have proven to us they can still make a great game with the Bravely series so since then my confidence has boosted with them... the last FF I connected to was 10 (I'm not counting side games.. if I was I'd count Dirge but I'll get pooped on for liking it.... the story was fun... shoot me lol).... 12 was raved about but I was at that age where I hated everything when it came out.. so the HD I'll give it another chance as I'm older and not stupid anymore. But 15.... well I'm hopeful... and praying.
  3. I got the Arkham Knight one... game was trash but the console is super pretty so I'm glad I got it
  4. I promise I'm NOT addicted to Record Keeper.. nope..

    1. Fastandslow


      Lies complete lies

  5. haha both games it is then! They are pretty cheap near me too.. about £9 - £12 give or take.
  6. Thanks for the input x x
  7. I wish I paid more attention to the trophy list now! haha Also I never finished X-2 i got bored when it came out so that will be a new thing for me lol I had no idea it was harder when it came to trophies! Thanks for the heads up on that one. Oh dear.. are you 100%ing it? cause it can be painful lol all those ingots... all that grind lol I wish you luck on it x x
  8. I'd like to see Fahrenheit, FF12 (I know it's rumored from the HD books Square brought out.. also I hated it when it first came out but I was about 15 or so, so i wanna give it another chance x), Star wars Battlefront 1 and 2 (it will keep the fans happy and make disney more money if they have rights to it.. so everyone wins), Dirge of Cerberus (cause the remake of 7 is coming and i doubt this will be involved in it), A6 train (dont ask.. it was addicting k?), Simpson's Hit and Run (cause why not?)
  9. FF7, got bundled with the game... don't mind if I do lol
  10. I started playing a few months ago and got to the point where you go to Rikku's home and got all the albhed primers up till that point (only recently I decided to plat it) I didn't know about the jecht shot! damnit! lol looks like I'll have to restart or carry on and go back to that on another play through lol.. The length of it I'm fine with.. 13 took me a long time.. the ingot drops were not kind to me..
  11. Thanks for the advice guys! I did know that Rogue was a Templar thing which sounded awesome but the problems with Unity overshadowed it so I heard nothing on it.. Black Flag I loved all the sailing stuff but HATED the land missions and to an unpopular opinion i didn't like Edward.. he was little bland for me. And when Black Flag finished I didnt realise it was over.. the 'boss' battle didn't feel like one lol nothing compared to beating up the pope haha! Maybe I should go off and buy Rogue (cause I saw the list is pretty much easy thanks to no multi) and watch unity then?
  12. Now I adore the series and the story but since black flag (which was fun gameplay but lacked the AC heart) I haven't been an avid fan where I buy the games on release date.. I've played and plat Syndicate cause eh I'm from England so I was curious on the London setting (and as a typical brit i love anything to do with victorians) but I was obviously lost with some modern day stuff like that female assassin which I have no clue who she is! So my point is I haven't played Rogue or Unity.. is it worth it? Or should I just watch it online to get the jist of it?
  13. I've played this game as a teen but obviously I didn't do everything on it cause there is so much and this was before internet haha So is there any tips before starting this anyone can give? thankie x x
  14. When you're currently playing Lego Jurassic World and your teacher tells you the guy who animated the dinos is gonna teach you for the day.. wat!?