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  1. I searched up the game in all psn stores but nothing to be found, Is it only available as a physical copy, was it removed? Is it in Beta?
  2. Since psvita and ps3 editions were discontinued is it possible to crossplay through the "editions" option on ps4 with ps3 and vita?
  3. The trophy is still buggy. I took your word and tried blackbeard since I have already tried all the other operators but it wouldn't pop. The first time it didn't work and I was disappointed but i tried again and it popped for some reason.
  4. I checked the leaderboards and I have noticed that quite a lot of people have gotten the platinum within just a few seconds which sounds unrealistic. Is there any way this is possible or they are just cheaters?
  5. Definitely winning Last Squad/Worm Standing and "The Lab" levels. Although It can be exhausting, It seems like afking an alternative option, you won't earn as much but since there is no penalty for idle/afking it's a great way to passively get closer to your goal.
  6. Just got the plat in the game, I only encountered one crash in the part with the elevator B1 → B2
  7. I have tha issue too, I've watched plenty of videos about it but everyone seems to bringing it down there with ease, I tried multiple times and followed what they did but it won't work regardless
  8. I know tt sounds disappointing but you can find people through game communities or even use the in-game lobby system.
  9. I started the game today and I wanted to find a trophy guide or even a roadmap since the game has a variety of trophies, I looked up everywhere I could but nothing to be found. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  10. I'm a little confused why but it seems that sometimes the trophy pops as soon as you start the game for the first time
  11. The main reason is because it requires 6 devices at the very least to be achieved, if you don't have a lot of family members or friends it can be extremely difficult for you to get it.