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  1. I suppose people wouldn't bother getting any trophies for the game since it doesn't have a platinum and just left them be. I believe the game is not too hard, just time consuming. I'm planning to make a guide for it soon!
  2. Tokyo and Oceania servers seem to be dead. I mean you could try but you might have trouble finding your other boosting team
  3. Not sure if there's a no VR version in the first place but even if it does we will most likely get the VR only version. I don't have a VR and I don't plan to get one any time soon either. I'll still add it to my library Just in case!
  4. Can someone confirm whether or not trophies are achievable and if possible what's the limit of our progression?
  5. I believe it's amazing that Sony decided to give us a ton of games including a triple A game. I haven't even seen gameplay of it other than the trailer. Keeping it as a surprise for myself. Hopefully it won't disappoint me
  6. Probably likes fighting and indie games based on the "most rarest" trophies since you don't have a trophy cabinet
  7. Psn store "region locks" credit cards. for example if you're from the UK you will be able to use it only in the UK store.The same goes for psn gift cards. If you want to make purchases from other regions you'll have to purchase a region gift card from a trustworthy reseller
  8. Back in the day it was ridiculous as a trophy in the first place, I always considered it an easy plat game as its purpose and I'm glad to finally see it being popped for a lot of people even though I have quit the game a long time ago.
  9. Fall guys, The trophy list includes trophies like "reach level 40" "wear a legendary item in every slot at once" which can take a good while. Regarding the infamous "Infallible" it will be easier with the introduction of "fall guys squads" but it won't be a piece of cake still.
  10. Back in the day I was playing Minecraft with some friends and a lot of trophies started popping, I went over to the trophy list and said "wouldn't be interesting if I get that platinum"? After many hours of working on it for days I got bored of it and moved to rocket league which turned out to be my first platinum. I felt so good popping that platinum and decided to do it to other simple games like goat simulator. After months of grinding I ended up having a handful of platinums and I decided it was high time to go back to Minecraft for that platinum and 100%.
  11. As of March 2021 servers are super dead, that makes it easier for the use of boosting. You can find people who are going for the platinum and help each other. If you're unfortunate enough and still haven't found anyone you can use the "sessions" feature on the site
  12. Yep exactly! you can just add it to your library and it will be yours forever
  13. I highly doubt they'll be any free ps5 upgrades :/
  14. Correct! At the time I wrote this I forgot that we get VR games
  15. Sony actually gives some "rewards" for getting the platinum in some games. Here's the list: Bloodborne Platinum Trophy Theme Horizon Zero Dawn Platinum Trophy Theme and Avatar The Last Guardian Platinum Trophy Theme PaRappa The Rapper Platinum Trophy Avatar Set God of War Platinum Trophy Character Avatar Set Spider-Man Platinum Trophy Avatar Days Gone End of Game Trophy Avatar Days Gone Platinum Trophy Theme Not exactly what you said but it still somewhat "rewarding"