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  1. Leaderboard climbing and gaming are essentially two separate hobbies at this point. I do both. I'll play stuff I want to play for a few weeks and then I'll spend a day or two smashing out a bunch of garbage to jump up a few hundred places in the rankings. That seems to be an unpopular pastime on this forum but that's not the point. I doubt most of us are playing X Run or holding down R1 to milk a cow ten thousand times because we legitimately think there aren't better games out there. They're a means to an end aimed at a different customer base to the "creative indie titles" that you mention. Nobody looking for a new Metroidvania is going to drop money on ZJ the Ball instead of La Mulana.
  2. I game with my kids most days. They both showed a huge interest in gaming from early on. My son is autistic and it's the only thing that has ever held his attention for prolonged periods of time. My daughter used to wake up in the middle of the night up until she was around 3 or 4 and the only thing that would settle her back to sleep was watching old SNES playthroughs on YouTube. I let them watch me play most stuff that isn't overly sadistic or explicitly gory. My wife wishes they gave a shit about anything besides gaming, board games and theme parks but hey, at least I know they're mine. 😅
  3. I haven't read a confirmation anywhere. I know the Dissidia Arcade servers went down last year but nothing's been said about NT. It's P2P so you'd think it'd be fairly low priority for a shutdown.
  4. I thought "How has nobody mentioned Marvel's Avengers?" until the very last post. 😅 Solo campaign wasn't bad but the postgame grind... jesus christ. The last trophy I needed glitched and popped early for me, saving me another ten hours. Good thing too because I was on the verge of "taking a break" and likely never finding the motivation to pick it up again. I legitimately live in fear of a trophy supported DLC being released for it.
  5. No need to worry about that. When you're playing as killer, your matchmaking rank is individual for each separate killer. If you're an expert with Trapper, you'll play with top tier survivors. If you've never played Sadako before, you'll get low rank survivors. If you know the basics of killer- which you do- you'll easily grab new killer adepts within a few matches. 👍 They're absolutely worth it seeing as you have no DLC already but yes, they'll always be missing stuff- namely the licensed packs (Leatherface, Myers, Nemesis, Pinhead, etc) as they're not allowed to bundle those into anything.
  6. Well, some is better than none. And we were all pretty much resigned to having none until today so I'm sold.
  7. This is difficult but do-able solo. Like everything else, much easier with partners on mic but if you can't get those, here's what to do. There is a brown (common) offering you can buy in the bloodweb called Annotated Blueprint. This will massively increase the chance of spawning the hatch at the killer shack. If you get an indoor map for your match then forget about it because there is no killer shack on indoor maps. Anything else, you're good. The killer shack is a small building with one open window, two doors and one pallet on one door. It will be on every outdoor map. Once you've found it, you'll know exactly where the hatch is going to spawn, whether you run the Left Behind perk or not. More importantly, so does the killer, as everybody sees which offerings are burnt at the start of the match. Now all you need to do is reach the endgame with your key and hide in or near the shack. The hatch will only spawn if you're the last survivor so you need to wait for everybody else to leave the trial. If the killer is halfway competent, they should come looking for you at the shack as they already know that's where the hatch will have spawned. They'll close it and most likely wander back to the exit gate once they see you're not there. Take this as your opportunity to rush in and open the hatch with your key. It can be frustrating to wait for everything to fall into place, I know, especially if you're losing keys to matches you don't even get to the endgame in, but stick with it. Keep us posted. I'll start playing again when the new chapter releases in a couple of weeks or so. If you still haven't got it by then, I'll jump into a match with you and help you out if you like.
  8. The devs have said a few times that Sony stopped them from changing the trophy on Playstation. It was originally 100 for Xbox and PC too but they changed it for being excessive. Personally, I think that's garbage seeing as they literally just changed a whole bunch of trophies when the Stranger Things chapter delisted and when they altered how the hatch worked. Either way, you're stuck with 100.
  9. I don't care if a game has a platinum or not but I have to get the 100% on everything I play. No judgment on those that don't, that's just one of my big personal gaming goals. Do all the things, get all the prizes. Don't care how long it takes me either. I've been working on Crash 4 and Yakuza 0 bit by bit for months now while I play other stuff. I'll get them in the end. 😅
  10. As far as a launch goes, this isn't bad by any stretch. There's a good dozen or so titles on there that I'll definitely play. The PS1/2 catalogue is pretty underwhelming. Still no word on trophy support which is the make or break for that subscription level for me. Otherwise I can emulate them far better than they can stream them.
  11. 😂😂😂 We've all done it. The amount of times I've been losing my mind on a bit of a game and I'm just pressing the wrong button or going the wrong way, man... I wonder how I've lived this long. This is great advice also. Try to get used to keeping your camera on the killer while looping early. You will run into stuff like an idiot while you're learning but it's invaluable. There's add-ons for the key that allow you to see the killer's aura while in chase which you can really use to mess with them. Better still, if you learn even the basics of looping at the killer shack- the small building on all outdoor maps with a pallet, two doors and a window- you can tie them up for a long time if they refuse to drop chase. There used to be some insane infinite loops on specific maps like Haddonfield but I think most of these have been patched out now. While you can get a lot of solid pointers for playing normally, some of these trophies force you to play like a bit of a coward/asshole. You'll probably get some abuse for it (I sure did) because the DBD community can be absolutely awful. Just another good reason to play with your friends.
  12. If you didn't know already, Hex totems are the ones that are lit up. The others are just called "dull totems". I don't know if you've used any of the Hex perks while you were playing killer but if you cleanse them as a survivor, it essentially deactivates that perk for the rest of the match. Hence, a lot of killers will try and protect them where they can. A good tip for vaulting is that there's actually three speeds you can do it at. The slow vault is the one you do without holding the sprint button. Then while you've got the sprint button held, you get two different vault speeds depending on the angle you try to vault the window or pallet at. If you come at it from an angle, you'll go slower. If you hit it straight on, you'll get over it faster. Perks like Spine Chill and Resilience are common and increase your speed at doing lots of things if you're injured or the killer is chasing you. If you take them both together, they can give you up to an 18% speed boost for vaulting which is crazy helpful.
  13. Yeah, it's as easy as just clicking the three crosses next to your character on the pre-lobby screen and inviting people in. Voice chat in party gives you a massive advantage. When you go for Perfect Escape, just try and keep a tally in your head of what you need to do. If you can complete 3 generators from start to finish, open a chest and then open one of the exit gates, that'll easily give you enough points in Objective. For Altruism, try and unhook and heal at least three survivors. Survival is easy, you just have to escape. Boldness is probably the toughest because it's mostly based on proximity to the killer and escaping chases but cleansing totems also counts towards this for some reason. Dull totems are worth around 600pts each and Hex totems are worth 1000. Hanging around in the basement with the hooks also gives you boldness points, as does hiding in and exiting lockers close to the killer. It sounds tough but as you get more games, you'll find so many of these trophies just pop naturally.
  14. If you press up/down on your D-Pad, you'll get a wave and a point. People usually use it to taunt the killer but it's also good for telling other survivors to go away if they keep blowing up the gen you're on. 😅 Survivor can be super tedious in solo queue. I never really enjoyed it until I found a few people to play with on mic and then it's hilarious. A lot easier to get trophies as well, seeing as you're more co-ordinated and helping each other out. There's a brown offering that spawns the hatch outside the killer shack or the main building on a map. If you can get a team together to help you, you'll have three other people to distract the killer while you escape through the hatch. And thanks, yeah, took me a year and a couple of months maybe? They'll be releasing a new chapter very soon so who knows when it'll be truly 100% done. Love the game though so I don't mind.
  15. If you didn't already know, survivors themselves are basically just skins. Sure, they come with their own perks but those unique- or "teachable" as DBD calls them- perks are unlockable past Lvl. 30 in their respective bloodwebs. Once they're unlocked, they will show up in any other survivor's bloodweb. This is essential for making effective builds. For example, you're worried about the low bloodpoints that you're getting per match. That tells me that you're either being killed off really quickly or that you're concentrating on just one or two aspects of the game. This isn't your fault; the game never really explains the four bloodpoint categories to you or what you have to do to get points in them. It's very easy to say "I'm going to concentrate on generators all match" which seems like the main objective and then walk away with a crappy return off of it. That's because doing gens, opening chests and leaving through the hatch only occupy the Objectives category and you can only earn a set amount of bloodpoints per category before it maxes out in the match. Doing all 5 gens solo would net you the exact amount of BP as doing 3. It caps at around 8K. The other three categories, Altruism, Survival and Boldness, need to get some love in-match too. That means unhooking and healing other survivors where possible, taking hits for them in chase, engaging in and escaping chases, etc. Survival is an automatic 8K if you escape so don't worry too much about that one. To help you with getting a perfect game, I'd recommend an all purpose build that helps to keep you moving towards the next objective. - Detective's Hunch on Detective Tapp is great. Every time a generator is completed, you see an aura spread of all totems, gens and chests over a massive radius so you'll know exactly where to head next. This is amazing for hunting down Hex totems too which are big points. - Empathy on Claudette is an incredible perk. You see the aura of injured survivors over 128 meters which not only helps you locate them for healing but also tells you exactly where the killer is when they're in chase. - Lithe on Feng Min is my favourite escape perk. You get a speed burst on vaulting a window or pallet to make distance and escape a chase. A lot of killers will just give up and drop chase when you do this as it's not worth their while spending the extra time to chase you down. - Windows of Opportunity on Kate Denson will give you tons of value if you're not great at running the killer or "looping". You see the auras of every pallet and vaultable window around you with absolutely no cooldown or restriction. You can also get big stacks of bloodpoints if you switch one of these perks out for David King's We're Gonna Live Forever and, to a lesser extent, Dwight's Prove Thyself, both of which put big multipliers your bloodpoints based on either your survivor unhooks or co-op actions. For getting hatch, Bill's Left Behind will show you its aura when you're within 32 meters of it. Leaving with the key is a real pain in the arse anyway; keys used to be a huge part of DBD until they were nerfed into the ground and the entire hatch system was changed. The trophy for it used to be having four survivors escape through the hatch at the same time- at least it was back when I got it- but now you have to wait for the killer to close the hatch when it spawns, then unlock it with the key and escape. There's definitely some luck involved in this but I will say- and this goes for any other trophies you're after- if you see a friendly killer that's just playing around, take full advantage of the situation. Get them to follow you with gestures, point at the hatch, etc. The smart ones will usually help you out. I did it a ton back when I was grinding for trophies as killer. I 100%ed this on PS5 recently so if there's anything else you need to know, feel free 👍