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  1. Just saying, pick a lane 😂

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    2. MidnightDragon


      I don't like the flood of shovelware any more than anyone else, but whining about it is useless and if people want to piss away their money on crap like that, that's their deal. 

    3. DrBloodmoney


      Personally, I go the other way, and have a big old celebratory post whenever I drop 50 places on the UK LB ☺️


      Pretty sure the big 300 is coming up soon! 😎😎

    4. LC-Fraggers


      @DrBloodmoney I saw that one, the sarcasm was a thing of beauty 😂

  2. I am currently sweating through one of the ugliest grinds I've had the displeasure of forcing myself through to regain my 100% completion on Dead by Daylight and it's all to do with this little pisser:

    201S13328d.png Outbreak Breakout | Open the exit gates and escape from Raccoon City Police Department 20 times in public matches.

    This wouldn't really be too bad if there was maybe some kind of event going on that let the RCPD map come up in regular rotation but there isn't and it doesn't. Alongside every other locale, it has a 2 in 34 chance of showing up at random without a map offering. Not a problem if you actually have a map offering but they are only obtainable from character bloodwebs and you will have to pay through the goddamned nose before one shows up.


    I've spent about 25 million bloodpoints this week and netted about 20 offerings. For reference, a match where you utterly play out of your skin for 15 minutes straight will earn you an average of 60 - 80,000BP IF you bring a multiplier offering and IF the game is boosting you with an additional multiplier for playing survivor/killer which it isn't always.

    Once you've finally got an offering, your troubles have only just begun because nobody really seems to like the RCPD map that much. In fact, they dislike so intensely that they will either give up or disconnect from the match within the first few minutes, leaving the rest of the team with basically no chance against a killer who could not give less of a shit that it is no longer a fair game and will hunt you down mercilessly. In the miraculous instance that nobody rage quits, the RCPD map is such a godless hellmaze that nobody can find their objectives anyway... unless they've brought perks that let them see those objectives but of course nobody except me ever does because RCPD is the only map you'd ever need it in and nobody banks on going there because it never fucking comes up in regular map rotationnnajhfayfwfywafb

    Please BHVR, never do this again. There are better ways to force people to play your game if that's what you're trying to do. Threaten my loved ones if you must, just don't make me playing this bloody map anymore.

    TL;DR: bad devs make bad trophy, must escape bad map with bad teammates, bad mood make bad rantings

    1. AJ_Radio


      Having 203 trophies for the PS5 version of this game is disgusting.

    2. LC-Fraggers


      @AJ_Radio I started playing DBD in February last year. Back then, it had around 171 trophies. I don't think they're planning on slowing down anytime soon.

      I have no idea why they did things differently for the PS4 version. At some point, they just started dividing new chapters into an entirely different trophy list. I haven't been around PSN that long, maybe it's a quirk I'm not familiar with.

    3. AJ_Radio


      Driveclub was 128 trophies and Driveclub Bikes was 51 trophies totaling 179 trophies. What made this interesting was back at that time (2014), Sony or whoever was in charge of quality control only allowed a certain limit to how many trophies a game would have. This two games were technically the same game, because you had to open up Driveclub to play Bikes anyway. 

      Funny how times have changed.

  3. If you're a retro FPS fan like me, the Realms Deep showcase just gave us a whole lot to get gooey-eyed over.

    Nightmare Reaper

    Phantom Fury

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin

    Rise of the Triad Remaster
    Cultic which hasn't been confirmed for consoles but fingers crossed as it looks like the closest thing to classic Blood as we'd be likely to get.


    1. zizimonster


      I haven't even played Ion M̶a̶i̶d̶e̶n̶ Fury, now the sequel is almost here. 😤


    Just found my old Xbox 360 profile on TA from like ten years ago. Jeeeeesus, I finished some tough shit back in the day! Super Meat Boy, Devil May Cry 4, MK vs. DC Universe, DJ Hero, Guitar Hero III, Battle Fantasia, Trials HD... I mean, I definitely whored some stuff too but that was back when playing Avatar: The Last Airbender was the worst thing you could do to yourself. 😂

    I think I've had my fun running after leaderboards for a while to be honest. Time to get some ultra rares on my name and reignite the ol' legacy.

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    2. LC-Fraggers


      @CelestialRequiem Yeah, I guess it started out innocently enough before seeing how many "games" I could smash out before my 2-year PSN anniversary. I'm kinda bored of it now which I should have seen coming really.

      If nothing else, I guess I can turn my profile into one hell of a redemption story. 😅

    3. Cave Johnson

      Cave Johnson

      Lol I remember renting Avatar: The Last Airbender from Blockbuster just to get the 1000G. It’s funny how there was nothing comparable on Playstation for a long time. Too bad Guitar Hero III never got a trophy list, that likely would’ve been my first platinum if it had one.

    4. LC-Fraggers


      @Cave Johnson I think Avatar might well have been the first "press X to win achievements/trophies" game ever. I think it was B back then but y'know. 😂

  5. April - September 2022 Movie/TV Log

    Haven't posted one of these for a long old time, mainly because I've been back to work over the summer and not had a whole bunch of time to watch stuff.


    Fun fact: Thor: Love & Thunder is the 1,701st movie I've seen in my current lifetime. I can't imagine I saw many in any of my previous ones as according to medium I once met at a pub, I have been- from most recent incarnation to oldest- a blind docks worker, a little girl that was hit by a car, a poodle. and a tortured artist that couldn't afford to eat, let alone pay to go to the cinema. 

    (*) Luz (2018)
    (* ½) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)
    (* *) Son (2021) / Jurassic World Dominion (2022)
    (* * ½) The Vigil (2019) / A Quiet Place Part II (2020) / Beast (2022) / Thor: Love & Thunder (2022)
    (* * *) The Sadness (2021) / X (2022) / Blood Red Sky (2021) / Servant S01 (2019) / Men (2022)
    (* * * ½) The Batman (2022) / Chapelwaite S01 (2021) / Stranger Things S01 (2016)
    (* * * *) The Innocents (2021) / The Black Phone (2021) / The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) 

    1. Slava


      I wanted to watch A Quiet Place 2 because I liked the first one, and Men because I liked Annihilation from the same director. How were they? I see your scores are not very high.

    2. LC-Fraggers


      @Slava I gave Men a 3/4, that's a pretty damn good score for me! I guess whether you think more of it than me is gonna hinge on whether you vibe with the last act. I didn't really.

      Better critics than me have praised A Quiet Place Part II to the moon and back but I found it bang average and pretty damn slow in parts. The opening is absolutely fantastic though. For reference, I really liked the first one too. 

  6. When you come within 40 games of finishing the entire Arcade Archives set, only to find out that four of them have been permanently delisted because China has got the arsehole with Taiwan.

    A very unimpressed owl and 23 more of the best animal photos of the week

    1. HuntingFever


      Which ones were delisted?

    2. LC-Fraggers


      @HuntingFever Super Sidekicks 2 & 3, The Ultimate 11, and Neo Geo Cup '98. I think I can get the last one still in the Taiwan store but the others have just been nuked everywhere for having Taiwanese teams in them presumably. 


      Sucks because they're all SNK games like Baseball Stars Professional and its sequel which were both edited to remove the Taiwanese teams but remain on the storefront. Why they couldn't do that with the ones they delisted I have no idea.

      I mean, it's kinda fucked up that they would do that in the first place and everything but completionism over ethics for me I guess. 😂

  7. They're missing a trick not having this as an alternate skin for Charlotte & Victor.
  8. Untitled

    Jeeeeesus man! Got it on the fourth attempt. Anybody else find themselves getting worse at games as the years go on? I did this first try back when I had an Xbox 360.

    I think part of it's down to complacency to be honest. Even on my winning run, I died by running straight over the top of a ladder that I was staring at for a full five seconds, like my brain suddenly thinks it's too good to bother pressing down. 😂

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    2. LukeTheGooner


      that's a very tough trophy, nice one :) I gave up with it

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      No, i'm just as bad at gaming now as i was decade, or two ago. 

    4. LC-Fraggers


      @LukeTheGooner thanks man. Yeah, the guide's got it at a 5/10 difficulty somehow. Little Nightmares is rated the same and you can savescum your way through the speedrun on that. This shit really is all subjective 😂

      @ihadalifeb4this that's impressive consistency at least 👍

  9. :platinum: Black Mirror (PS4)

    I had the original of this game on Windows bundled in back in 2004 when I bought my very first gaming rig. I saved up for like six months so I could get a Pentium 4 with a Radeon 9600 and the shop threw The Black Mirror in when I cheekily asked for a game to go with it. I took Doom 3 home with me too because I had a feeling The Black Mirror wasn't exactly going to hit Lucasarts levels of point and click excellence (and by god was I right) but it was still a hundred times better than whatever this janky bag of shite was.

    Boy, I wish I loved anything as much as this game loves crashing. There's not even any rhyme or reason as to WHY it could be crashing sometimes; it's just doing it because it has a burning passion for crashing and it's not going to let you or its parents or the town mayor tell it otherwise. It crashes at the start menu. It crashes at the loading screens. It crashes when you enter a room. Let me tell you, if Black Mirror could crash while it was crashing, it'd be all over that. There are people kept in padded cells and fed on a pole that are more stable than this game.

    The story? Who knows. You mostly stand around watching ghosts fighting each other while attempting to examine them for clues. But don't get too close or you'll die for some inexplicable reason.

    Black Mirror Screenshots for PlayStation 4 - MobyGames

    Anyways. That's completion #900. 100 to go to hit 1000 completions by my account's 2nd birthday on Nov. 19th. ✌️


    1. MidnightDragon
    2. ihadalifeb4this




      CE-34878-0 An error has occurred with the application 

  10. So after finishing Silver Chains tonight and hitting #850, 1000 games played/completed by my account's 2nd birthday on Nov. 19th is starting to look very do-able. Between my backlog and the PS Plus library, I've got no shortage of sub-15hr games to maul through. If I can keep up my current rate of at least one Arcade Archives title a day and one other game, I should finish around a month early in the middle of September.

    That said, to make things a little bit interesting, I'm saving the finales of Crash Bandicoot 4 and Yakuza 0 for my final two games so we'll see if I can break them in time. 😅





    1. tonkie18


      You can do it 💪🏼 You’re a beast. You’re a machine. You’re the king of sub 15 hour shit games 💪🏼 

    2. LC-Fraggers


      @tonkie18 naww 😊

  11. Stop flirting with me, I'm married you weirdo. Anyway, change the system language to Japanese and that apparently fixes the issue for some reason. If a mod could lock this now and maybe ban tonkie forever for being a turd, I'd appreciate it.
  12. You are literally the worst person alive. I have dreams about running you over in the street. 👍
  13. Every time I go to upload a score, I get a message telling me that I'm signed out of PSN and can't upload anything. This is the first time this has happened with any Arcade Archives/ACA NEO GEO game. I've deleted/reinstalled/wiped save data and keep getting the same thing. Anybody else had this problem?
  14. Need some recommendations, chums. What are my options for turn-based tactical RPG/combat/squad games on here in the likeness of the first couple of Fallout games? Preferably with that classic topdown isometric vibe but I'm flexible. I know about Wasteland, XCOM and the new Shadowrun trilogy. Anything else worth checking out?

    Download Fallout 2 |

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Agarest War 1 and Zero

    3. LC-Fraggers


      Huge thank you to everybody who replied so far! I'd heard of a lot of these games but had no idea they were anything like what I was looking for. Never heard of Atom RPG and that looks absolutely perfect.

      I've got a lot of wishlist bulking to do. 😊

    4. gruffiiti


      Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is on my todo list. Haven't actually played it yet but it looks like it might be up your alley.

  15. Trying to stop my hands from blowing my food budget on the sale every Wednesday morning:

    Listen To Me Now GIFs | Tenor