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  1. I am currently sweating through one of the ugliest grinds I've had the displeasure of forcing myself through to regain my 100% completion on Dead by Daylight and it's all to do with this little pisser:

    201S13328d.png Outbreak Breakout | Open the exit gates and escape from Raccoon City Police Department 20 times in public matches.

    This wouldn't really be too bad if there was maybe some kind of event going on that let the RCPD map come up in regular rotation but there isn't and it doesn't. Alongside every other locale, it has a 2 in 34 chance of showing up at random without a map offering. Not a problem if you actually have a map offering but they are only obtainable from character bloodwebs and you will have to pay through the goddamned nose before one shows up.


    I've spent about 25 million bloodpoints this week and netted about 20 offerings. For reference, a match where you utterly play out of your skin for 15 minutes straight will earn you an average of 60 - 80,000BP IF you bring a multiplier offering and IF the game is boosting you with an additional multiplier for playing survivor/killer which it isn't always.

    Once you've finally got an offering, your troubles have only just begun because nobody really seems to like the RCPD map that much. In fact, they dislike so intensely that they will either give up or disconnect from the match within the first few minutes, leaving the rest of the team with basically no chance against a killer who could not give less of a shit that it is no longer a fair game and will hunt you down mercilessly. In the miraculous instance that nobody rage quits, the RCPD map is such a godless hellmaze that nobody can find their objectives anyway... unless they've brought perks that let them see those objectives but of course nobody except me ever does because RCPD is the only map you'd ever need it in and nobody banks on going there because it never fucking comes up in regular map rotationnnajhfayfwfywafb

    Please BHVR, never do this again. There are better ways to force people to play your game if that's what you're trying to do. Threaten my loved ones if you must, just don't make me playing this bloody map anymore.

    TL;DR: bad devs make bad trophy, must escape bad map with bad teammates, bad mood make bad rantings

    1. AJ_Radio


      Having 203 trophies for the PS5 version of this game is disgusting.

    2. LC-Fraggers


      @AJ_Radio I started playing DBD in February last year. Back then, it had around 171 trophies. I don't think they're planning on slowing down anytime soon.

      I have no idea why they did things differently for the PS4 version. At some point, they just started dividing new chapters into an entirely different trophy list. I haven't been around PSN that long, maybe it's a quirk I'm not familiar with.

    3. AJ_Radio


      Driveclub was 128 trophies and Driveclub Bikes was 51 trophies totaling 179 trophies. What made this interesting was back at that time (2014), Sony or whoever was in charge of quality control only allowed a certain limit to how many trophies a game would have. This two games were technically the same game, because you had to open up Driveclub to play Bikes anyway. 

      Funny how times have changed.