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  1. Did you fix it then...? Edit: no prob I fixed it erasing and downloading saves from the cloud
  2. Some in the comments says it should be a 2/10, others a 7/10, I platted all MotoGP games on PS4, will this be hard if I try to plat it?
  3. Thank you guys
  4. How long is the platinum?
  5. Ok thanks, and another thing: is there a multiplayer matchmaking or it works only with invites?
  6. I've read the guide but didn't understand where downloading the free DLC can benefits the playthrough, also: is the Multiplayer trophy doable? Because I read it has some problems, and for someone it popped and for others it didn't, thanks
  7. (For the achievement "Research & Development"=Max upgrade a MotoGP bike) What are the things that carry over from one class to another? For example if I develop a Moto3 bike at 25%, will I have a Moto2 25% developed bike or not? Or it's just the development credits/datas that carry over to each class? Because in NODE Gamers guide it's specified that it's way better and highly recommended to start doing at least one lap of Free Practice session each weekend so you get some extra components, and it's better if you start doing them from the very 1st race, but this means from the 1st MotoGP race or Moto3 race? This is a copy and paste of what the guide says: "Development begins from the moment you start out the game. You progress towards completing the development is carried through your entire career, so it is best to start out from the very first race. For every race weekend I found the best possible way to earn development credits was to do at least one lap in Free Practice One, rather than just skipping straight to the qualification round. This way you are earning more performance credits. Remember to take a look at what is needed at the particular weekend, as you should be able to knock a couple out within one lap. Continue to move your staff amongst the sections to ensure you have enough credits building up. You can expect to earn this towards the end of your fourth season."
  8. Hi, I had a lot of problem with that shitty trophy too. This game is messed up so bad with trophies I even had to create an account here to ask for help with another bugged trophy: anyway I got the Prolific Gunsmith trophy after upgrading TEN WEAPONS TO MK3!!! A lot of grind but also a lot of satisfaction when the trophy popped
  9. The trophy says "Finish 3 missions in Coop", so I did, but it never popped up, I played a lot with a friend of mine, we bought the game togheter, and he got the tropy, what am I doing wrong? Is it bugged? How do I unbug it? It's the whole day we're trying to get this trophy but nothing happens, it's annoying, and this is not the first bugged trophy I'm trying to get in this messed up game, please help