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  1. But is it cross buy?
  2. Mmh thanks, and is there a way to know when there is the point of no return for example for the Police Station? So I go until the no return point without collectible guide, then I use it to grab all collectibles in Police Station without getting spoilers each time I follow the guide for the 1st time
  3. The guide suggests to play the 1st run and grab all collectibles too, but does the game has a chapter select function? If yes I would like to play the story without getting the story spoilers while following the collectible guide. I would prefer to do everything else and the collectible as last step..and also: do collectibles will give you some bonuses that will help you towards beating the game in hardcore difficulty? Because if yes then I would get them after beating the story the 1st time Thanks
  4. Yeah it counts but you have to cross the line in the last lap by yourself, not with auto drive
  5. Oh no... the chapter I hated the most...
  6. Really?! Damn I saw the ending with the Ice Dagger, it was red tho, but then I think I choose the Silver Dagger after seeing all endings, but the game was saying it was the correct ending (still in red tho). Do you think I have to replay all chapters and get the correct answer? Or I just have to replay this one? (All the other ending were right and green). And another question: can I rush through the chapter to get the minimum amount of evidence to get the right weapon and the right murderer? Or do I have to collect all the evidences of the chapter? Because it is the longest one too 😔
  7. I've just finished the story but didn't get the trophy, but I noticed something strange in the Case #3: For fun I was replaying all the endings and for each ending when I pressed Touchpad the game showed as correct ending the same one I choose and wrote it in red, so I googled the correct ending (Blinkhorn is guilty) and I selected that option. The problem is that yeah, the game showed that option as the correct ending, but showed it in red! And when I ended the 6th case I didn't got the trophy, what should I do now?
  8. Bruh...thanks, understood
  9. And if I'm in lobby with two other friends? Could it be doable? Or it will remain impossible?
  10. Sorry, another question: since All Rounded requires to play in all game modes too, so the boosting session seems unavoidable, right? And so the All Rounded trophy won't pop in my way to level 55 like you said, but it will pop after I play in all game modes after level 55, right..?
  11. I'm cleaning my backlog and here it is Destiny 2 with only one trophy remaining: "Prestige". I stopped playing on September 2019 quite before the "Shadowkeep" dlc release. I'm at power 1350 and I've read that the new trophy is changed in something very more difficult, my question is: would trying to get into a nightfall grandmaster difficulty matchmaking and letting the other 2 people do everything work?
  12. Thanks for the video but since it is boostable alone we will do it each one alone because we are all busy in different times so it's hard to be together
  13. Thanks Do you know which are them? So I will be mentally ready haha
  14. So since we are 4 friends all at level 0 (never touched multiplayer) we can go up to level 55 alone in Wolfpack mode, use each weapon we unlock at each level (still in Wolfpack mode) and then just boost the bodyguard perk. Basically I can use all the abilities and all the weapons in Wolfpack mode and so do all alone beside that Bodyguard perk...right?
  15. Since it's on PS+ and I'm a trophy hunter I would like to try to plat it, also I saw it has a 3/10 difficulty rate. I played FIFA just few times at my friend's house or with my girlfriend at her house, just for a clarification so I'm not that kind of pro player at FIFA 😂