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  1. Thank you ^^ much appreciated
  2. Yea ok what's the glitch then
  3. I read that if you don't update the game (it remains at ver. 1.00) you can do a glitch where you run near a table and get a lot of souls in a very short time, i couldn't comment so here i am😅
  4. I'm doing this right now, I just: 1) create a league without AI 2) start a short 5 laps race in Japan 3) press Options (so I activate auto-pilot) 4) return to lobby 5) repeat from step 1 But i'm sure I'm doing this right because I started online races doing this trophy and I already got the "complete 10 online races" trophy This trophy is bugged af
  5. I'm asking because when me and my friend complete the first of the five league races, it says: -"23 hours remaining" if I put "scheduled" in league settings; Or -"race starts in 30 minutes" if I don't set "scheduled" in settings, but why do we have to wait 30 minutes? What settings do I have to set to play 5 normal races one after the other, like a championship in offline mode? Thanks
  6. Sorry but I have another question😅 Is this the Multiverse planet I'll have to use? Because it asks some credits to get the access, and also it gives two Platinum Boxes and two GEARS, not skills/abilities; also if it will keep asking me 75000 credits, then I won't be able to play that planet more times because I got only 135000 credits reselling everything I had in my inventary, and I don't think I will have enough things to sell again to re-play the Planet 🤔 Also now I have 140'000 credits, how do you recommend spending them (still in order to get that Cat Call ability)?
  7. Thank you! Np for the english, it's perfect lol. So basically the skills I unlock during the grind remain in my game, increasing the chance to get Cat Call each time, right?
  8. Oh really? Thank you! So I think it will be better do this glitch when I will get all trophies but this, so I played more and unlocked more abilities and the chance of getting the Cat Call ability will be higher, right? Or the abilities you will get remain in your game? Because if so, if all the in game abilities are 120 (it's just a random number for an example), and I have 0 abilities, I will just need to do this trick 120 times, right? Last two questions: 1) Above I read that it's recommended doing this with the Standard game, but I have the Legendary digital edition, and it's updated at its latest version 2) This trick will always give you an ability? Or it can give you other things such as skins, reducing the chance of getting Cat Call?
  9. Doesn't deleting my saves also deletes all my characters, levels, and other things? Because I started more than a year ago but then dropped the plat because of the Catwoman trophy so i'm like halfway to the plat but still didn't reach max level with all characters, so i would be mad if everything will be deleted 😅
  10. I dropped this plat in April 2020, but maybe (a huge maybe), I will try to get it again only if I'll get the Cat Call ability. A year ago I tried to make a save before shopping all possible Boxes (I had 150'000, or 1'500'000 money, I can't remember), no Cat Call ability dropped, so I downloaded the backup again, but nothing, it didn't restore my money...so what's the best option to get that ability? I would guess Multiverse but (i don't remember well) I think it doesn't have an AI gameplay mode or it was extremely hard? But I remember there was a 100% sure way to get it? Or I'm wrong? Thx
  11. Yes thanks but I want that even if someone digits "WhiterWhite00" in the search bar it says the same things if someone search a non-existing user: "PSN ID not found" or something like this, but I think this may not be possible?
  12. I don't want to appear in the search list when someone searches my profile, now I set my privacy on "only I" and when I search my profile it says that it's because of the privacy settings; what I want is that I keep that everyone can see my profile on PS4, but when someone searches me on psnprofiles I don't want that my account pops up, how can I do?
  13. Thx
  14. Or it will cost something