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  1. It does make sense. the ps4 version cant handle the new speed certain vehicles can go due to faster texture streaming and loading times. otherwise there really would be no point to this rerelease.
  2. did you upload your save beforehand? hopefully they do since some have been notoriously bugged when trying to earn recently... also the fact that its an online mode ive already put the effort in so why should I put that effort in again.
  3. you dont they will autopop on save transfer.
  4. it was more part of their quote but also saying to turn crossplay off doesnt exactly help find lobbies does it? just makes it harder to queue with people to get it done.
  5. thats bad advice. this mode is dead without crossplay. people always wanna say theres cheaters on pc when in majority of cases its simply not true.
  6. well considering you can still earn trophies with infinite ammo on. super easy.
  7. dont leave the helicopter til last. I found that is what has trouble tracking. you have to get the helicopters destroyed before killing the last enemy. what seems to happen aswell is alot of the crocodiles will walk out of the zone so that might explain the percentage. so long as you dont leave helis til last tho and kill a human target at the end it should work fine even if its around 80-90%
  8. it turns out if you play in coop only one person has to own the dlcs and you can still earn trophies joining your coop friend.
  9. dont they have an activateable lever? so logically youd go to that and pull it again.
  10. they wont add more trophies after launch now. they havent done that since they did black ops 4 and that was paid dlc. all the DLC is now free and thus will not have any trophies tied to them so this is the complete list.
  11. for some reason mine says 51 🤔 (52 after loading save to grab 1 other weapon on ps4 version)
  12. I weirdly managed to get this trophy just now having gotten all the basic weapons and only 47 unique weapons only ones i dont have are el rubi and the one ping. But I do also have overcloked weapons "eastern front" (sniper), 1887 (shotgun) and mp5 (smg) which I believe you can get from los bandidos missions so I guess they may count in some capacity.
  13. speaking of cyberpunks trophy that actually saved me on my plat run. 1 area glitched in chinatown and was never accessable again but a save 50 hours back had it fine so I just went back and did the entire area again. as for this game so far honestly just been methodically switching between ps5 and ps4 to pop trophies on both without having to actually play much of the ps4 version. so thankful that with most trophies in this regarding collectables you can just save before the last one you need for trophy pop and transfer to the other version and quick repeat what you did to pop it again. makes for an easier time than the headache of ac where almost everthing autopopped apart from collectables at one point, I believe theyve fixed most of it now but it was still a pain.
  14. ill give it a go. hopefully if it isnt fixed this also lets you play dlc as i got the gold edition.
  15. yes but your save file and access to dlc is not valid with your regions version should you download it once its fixed. meaning you have to essentially start again.