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  1. Thats what i did just casually driving around on a track and then ping. wasnt even going for the trophy neither lol
  2. Hmm Battlefield Bad Company 2 just seems to be full of spawn campers now :-(, not a fun amd enjoyable game anymore... Sad Times

  3. Just to let my pals at psn profiles know that phase two which is for naval strike the password is epic dream worlds Exactly how you see it incuding the spaces :-)
  4. Thanks for the add Parker , Unfortunately im no good at making emblems neither seen some really good and funky ones that people have created, Its a shame that you cant just upload an image instead of using the items they give you tbh.
  5. Ive applyied, Battlelog user AV1D01. Im not the best at the game more so that i can have excellent games as well poor games, i think that may be because im usually switching wepons after i have rully ranked a weapon otherwise whats the point in having all those weapons if your only going to use one . Im usually playing it on PS4 however i can also play on PS3, but may take a little longer to get used to the PS3 considering the controls are a the wrong way round and cant be changed , often find myself throwing a nade insted looking down the barrel of the gun lol.
  6. I accidently opened the game on mine, since it downloaded a dam update and as soon as in installed it it put it to the front of the list thought i clicked to get back onto battlefield until i realised. Really annoys me that companies feel the need to give you bloatware, things that you dont want but they like to shove it in your face for a laugh and make it so you cant delete the thing .
  7. Well i bought this game and i must say im inpressed, when snake runs he runs lol the controls are wierd at 1st however really easy to pick up, the whole mission is sandbox with hardly any restrictions well unless you go off the map zone. The graphics are nice and clear, seriously cant wait for the main game :-). I feel its a shame they havent got the beta for mgo on there as im sure its development, well at least it would iron out the bugs alot better unlike when gta online was released. Other than that one fantastic game imo even if im an mgs fan :-)
  8. Im not sure on that mate sorry :-(
  9. Looks smart tbh However i really did like the original
  10. Not sure if you Amine lovers know but Animax has come to playstation 3 only, for the time being im guessing and then no doubt on ps4. Not sure if this is a full app like netflix or a ps3 browser safe website bookmark link like some of the others. This is a subsription packaged like love film or netflix, not sure how much as i dont watch anime, however as they are celibrating there ps3 app they are giving 50% off for the 1st 3 months. Thought i would let all you anime lovers know about this if you havent heard already :-)
  11. Ill hopefully be picking this up on friday cant wait, totally love mgs, since the 1st one on ps1 thats where my love for the game started ;-)
  12. Not the the correct phone i know but i own the daddy of the z range. The Experia Z. Altho i got it at the wrong time as 3 months later the Z1 was released, however i really didnt fancy waiting, nor did i fancy and iphone. My dispute was between the z or the s4, so went with the Experia Z and i have to say i absoluely love it, even if it is rather big (5 inch screen i think) one of the best phones ive had, besides the destruction free nokia 3210 . The 1st smart phone i got was the experia play, shame that it didnt take off as expected as that was rather cool to use with its slide out controller
  13. tbh i love metal gear and would play it anyway regardless as i have enjoyed the previous games. Considering there isnt a platinum i wounder if the next one will have a trophy for playing this game and if you havent played it then it would be a case of completeing the next game twice like they have in mass effect. Dont get me wrong i try to collect all tophies on games if possible however i buy games because i enjoyed the last one in the series or because i really wish to play the game. Not trying to annoy the hardcore or avarage trophy collector but trophies arent everything, its about the enjoyment that you get out of the game i think imo
  14. tell me about it, the amount of times i killed one of the brothers by relasing the wong button to jump etc etc. Controls were a little hard to grasp however i found it to be a quite good game tbh, puzzled and brought the sad times for me in one hit. Sort and a little annoying but a really enjoyable game compare to other games that are out there tbh.
  15. I think they need to start allowing people to host their own servers so people can play with their friends or have boosting sessions, i have 4 trophies to get woth moh in which is play on hard, complete under par, fire control, and tier 1 weapons ;-(