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  1. Check out my post for the node building trophies. Also, for building 20 things in one game, you just need to put down the blueprints. You can then deconstruct them again and put them again without actually buidling them. For the 10 revives, you can shoot a teammate and then revive him. You can do this only twice! If you shoot him down a third time, you can't revive him! 100 headshots are easily boostable if you are in a tank on the gunner position. With the zoom function and the MG gun, it's not that hard. Capturing sectors is fairly easy too as you only have to be within an approximate 200 - 250m radius of the sector. Make sure to put HUD on Always ON in the settings, so you can see when you are 'capturing'.
  2. I just posted a topic on the nodes. There is a very easy boostable way to do it, make sure to check it out!
  3. Go to settings and set HUD to Always ON. Then, simply when you see 'CAPTURING' in your screen, it means you are close enough and the capture will count. :-)
  4. Hi all, Just wanted to share a simple boosting glitch about the 100 node building trophies. For this, you require at least two players. What you simply have to do is the following: - Let an engineer set up the blueprint for all three nodes - Let the second player (has to have a hammer), hit all three nodes 2-3 times with the hammer - Second player takes out his gun again and stands ready to deconstruct the nodes. - Engineer player starts building the node and should communicate with the second player when the building is almost finished. - When building is almost finished, second player starts deconstructing the blueprint. - The node will be built by the first player, and within a few seconds be deconstructed again by the second player. The idea is that the player not actually building the node starts deconstruction the blueprint of the node just before the other player finishes building the blueprint. What then happens is that the blueprint will be built and because you both hit the blueprint with the hammer, it will count for both of you. However, the other player is still deconstructing the blueprint. As soon as he finishes the deconstruction, the node will completely disappear. Eventhough it is completely built. The deconstruction of a built node will take forever, however the deconstruction of a blueprint goes quite quickly. WIth this process and a good number of supplies, you can easily built 30-50 nodes of each category per game. Hope this helps for you guys, because if you built each node yourself at 1-2 per game, it will take quite a while. Enjoy the game, and see you on the battlefield!
  5. Yeah I figured it would be something like this. I am at stage 88 now, still trying to get everything to max upgrade. After that I'll see if there is some way to delete the save-file and start a new game because it will be easier in lower levels I guess. I fully upgraded the red car, but I guess you need to upgrade all three cars to the max to unlock the trophy for max upgrades? EDIT: I finally got it. I tried the above mentioned way, but it didn't work for me as at level 24 I did not unlock the red car yet. You have to destroy 100 police cars for that and they would not spawn for me until I defeated at least one boss. After that they would spawn. Therefore I only unlocked the red car around level 39. I tried grinding the red car until I could upgrade it properly, but it was already too difficult at that stage. I could not reach the fourth boss. After this I deleted my save file and tried with the first car. Just don't go past level 0 and keep grinding money. Eventually I had around 20.000 coins for which I upgraded everything expect the magnet, which doesn't add any value in defeating the trophy in my opinion. After this is was still difficult to reach the fourth and fifth boss, but not completely impossible. I died straight after defeating the fifth boss because I got four missiles coming my way and a hole in the ground on the fifth lane. I guess that's the game huh?
  6. I can confirm this is still working. No need to make every put with your own player, but DO make sure to make the LAST PUT OF THE LAST HOLE with your own player!
  7. Anyone else playing this game and having a hard time with this trophy or is it just me?